Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4

June 28th, 2008

Even though I ordered my Harutoki 4 copy a million years ago, I didn’t order any express shipping for it. Since it came out on the 19th, I expected it to be here by this weekend, but I didn’t get the shipping notice till Monday, so I was kind of worried.  And then I got home on Friday and there was no package notice on my mailbox; waah. BUT! When I opened the mail, lo and behold, there was a little bubble package stuffed in my tiny mailbox! And there was much rejoicing and singing…the concierge seemed a little weirded out, but I’m sure he’ll get over it.

I’ve now played it for about 7 hours (getting ready to do another marathon), and here are some thoughts so far:

Music: Still awesome. Neoromance definitely has the edge on good background music in otome games right now.

Voices: Interesting – I already knew that the hachiyou had very different styles this time around, and the two hachiyou who the main character knows from childhood were switched as well. It’s very interesting to hear Miki Shin’ichirou be the smooth-tongued flatterer type, and Inoue Kazuhiko be the dependable protector type. I haven’t even met two of the hachiyou yet, but I can’t wait!

3D: Hmm, well it’s only(?!) been 11 years since Final Fantasy went 3D, so we’re catching up in technology.  And Koei has learned from the last decade so the execution is way better than FFVII – the people are regularly-sized, and their outfits are pretty detailed in the field screen. The battles screen is pretty neat as well.

Battles/Monsters: Since there are no onryou yet, the fights are against ‘aramitama’, or gods (shinto-type gods, not major gods like in Greek mythology) that have become violent. There are some familiar characters here, like youko, and some unfamiliar ones, or at least, ones that look a lot yuckier in 3d than drawn – especially that pink lump that resembles a brain on steroids.

Overall: It’s great so far, I’m enjoying it. I hope the fighting doesn’t get too tedious, although since I’m used to Final Fantasy grinding, I’m pretty sure it won’t bother me. And thankfully, Koei has kept the chapter-style navigation, where you can go back and redo a chapter without redoing the whole game after it, which is possibly the best innovation in otome games EVER.

See you when I next come up for air!

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3 Responses to “Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 4”

  1. usagijen says:

    …I was just about to suggest you use wordpress instead of bearing with the IGN blog (I linked to one of your post but that blog doesn’t seem to support trackbacks), coz wordpress just rocks xD and I can comment now too! weee~

    nice to see another avid otome gamer out here in the English internetz. Adding you to our blogroll ^^

  2. miruki says:

    Hoooo… I think it’s good you’re doing your blog with wordpress now.. :>

    Anyways.. ha, jealousy, I am still waiting for my Treasure Box and I probably won’t get it until early August coz I asked a friend who’s currently in Japan to buy it for me, so yeah.. ;_;

    I hope they’ll release a full voice version someday, since I heard many ppl complain about the lack of voice acting already.. :/

  3. usagijen says:

    could this be another evil plan of Koei, like Neo Angelique? where the full-voice version was released only later on =__=”

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