Love Root

November 19th, 2008

I can’t believe I forgot about this game! Love Root Zero ~kiss kiss labyrinth~ is set for Spring 2009, for the Playstation 2 from Dimple. It’s originally a cell phone game (don’t you wish we could get those here??) and when I finally read the story, I thought it was really interesting.

The main character Yaeko is in high school, and there’s a school legend that if you confess to someone when the shadows of two trees (at least I think that’s what it refers to) make a cross, it will be successful. One day her classmate Kazuya (top right in the pic) confesses to her, but she says no, and an earthquake occurs, sending them to another world in the middle of a labyrinth.

It doesn’t say anything about how she actually feels for Kazuya (I guess you can choose that in the game), but she actually has a boyfriend already, her childhood friend Kouichi (bottom left) whom she’s been dating ever since he got hurt protecting her a year ago.

I really like the idea of a love triangle existing from the very beginning, but of course there’s more than two candidates for Yaeko’s heart. There are two fairies that appear before Kazuya and Yaeko, Chocolat (grey haired) and Candy (blonde) in the labyrinth, and two other people from school that show up in the labyrinth. Terumasa is the biology teacher at school, and Sui is his nephew and a freshman.

The gameplay supposedly consists of two parts, going around a map and fighting monsters, and an intriguing system of the guys fighting with a ‘root zero’ that will make them show the dark side of their personalities instead of the light, which they usually show. It sounds like you can perhaps get endings with both the light and dark side of each guy.

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3 Responses to “Love Root”

  1. miruki says:

    ohh, the gameplay sounds rather intriguing… I like the story too, love triangle, yay~! :> Reminds me a little of Real Rode. Mhh.. the dark / light side stuff sounds interesting too.. and I like that grumpy looking teacher (does he really have a light side? lol).

    Hopefully they’ll soon be some pics of the battle sys and stuff!

  2. LockVII says:

    Seems intense! So sad i won’t be able to play it thou, since my ps2 doesn’t play jap games
    Just wondering, whose the grey-haired bishie in the top left corner?

  3. admin says:

    AI, sorry it took me so longto respond! The grey-haired guy is kind of the ‘master’ of the labyrinth, his name is Aphrodite (yup like the Greek goddess :P) and he commands Candy to do something for mysterious reasons.

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