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Merry Christmas News!

December 25th, 2008

I was very disappointed that my mags didn’t come in time for me to bring them to my parent’s house for Christmas. BUT, I am going home tomorrow, and they will definitely (probably) be there, so get ready for some news!  I already saw a couple things on Famitsu, namely that Will o’ Wisp is being ported to both DS and the PSP, and will include the Easter no Kiseki content.  Boo to making me buy another format, but yay for whomever hasn’t bought it on PS2 yet and can get both games at once!

Also, the next title from Idea Factory has been announced, with the artist from Will o’ Wisp – Wand of Fortune, scheduled to be released in June for the PS2. More info soon!

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Real Rode after a few days

December 22nd, 2008

Well, I’ve been furiously playing Real Rode and have gotten through…4 stories!! Only 4, yes. But I’ve done enough to do a pros and cons list, which I’m making short because I want to get back to playing – next I’m trying out True Fortune so I can’t wait!



Overall, I’m actually enjoying it a fair bit – the first time through was pretty tough, but by now things are going really quickly.

Other thoughts – The gameplay, other than the battles, reminds me a lot of Otometeki Koikakumei Love Revo, which makes sense since it’s the same developer and the same artist. Even the training is a bit similar to the weekly diet plan, though I wish we were still able to plan for a whole week at a time like you could there. The stories are just as diverse, but it seems a bit easier to me to get everyone’s events – no worrying about fatigue for one thing. So if you’ve played that game, you might have a good idea about whether you’d enjoy this one – apart from the genre being different.

OK, back to gaming!

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My new games…two new and one oldie!

December 9th, 2008

RR banner
My Real Rode should be here any day now, squee! I’m very very excited for this game, not just because I’m an RPG geek, but because this looks like it could actually be a well-done RPG otome game, and those are way too rare. In fact, the only ones I can think of are Harutoki 3 and 4 (do 1 and 2 count? hmm…) Some games have RPG elements (like stat-raising through fighting a la Mizu no Senritsu 2) but not enough that I’d consider them RPGs. Koiyuuki tried hard…but wasn’t successful.

And also, I’m FINALLY, after several *years*, getting Little Aid! I was looking back at my old B’s Log from last year, and found a guide to Panic Palette, which I had mostly done but not totally, and I got the two characters which I wanted but missed the first time, Nainagi and Nuinuma. They’re the sempai guys who are friends with Sawato (the dancing sailor fuku guy from Little Aid), and a lot of their events include Sawato. They also talk about a lot of people from Little Aid as well, so it’s good timing that I’m finally getting it and can see who all these people are. I should get it in time to bring it home for Christmas holidays (it’s on PSP).

And lastly, I ordered True Fortune from Enterbrain. It’s been out a few months, and seems to be popular so I thought I’d give it a try. Another school romance! Real Rode will be a nice change between playing Panic Palette, Little Aid and True Fortune.

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Kanuchi Part II – Black!

December 7th, 2008

I am done everyone’s route except the emperor’s in Kanuchi, and can’t WAIT for Part II, Kunachi ~Kuroki Tsubasa~ to come out…sometime in the spring >.< Each route in White shows you, or strongly references, the complementary character on the Black side. And the most recent B's Log had pics of the characters, so let's enjoy, shall we? Clato's twin, Akuto:
An assassin/spy working for the king of Yasuna, he’s kind of a tsundere who is bitter at Clato and acts very cold. He showed up in Kanuchi White quite a bit, and I like him even better than Clato ^_^

Mitoshi’s childhood ‘friend’, Hinoka:

He’s the futoma (sp?) for Yasuna’s king, a fortuneteller who can actually cause what he foretells to happen. They’re very rare, usually only one being alive at a time, and usually they die early. He wasn’t directly in Kanuchi White, but Mitoshi’s route talked about him a lot.

Kasuga, Shin’s best friend:

He was a leader in Yasuna’s army in Kanuchi White. I can’t say more without revealing Shin’s secret, but they are childhood friends. For some reason, Kasuga says he can’t leave Yasuna. He’s very ‘tennen’, pretty much the opposite of Shin, and their conversations are quite cute.

Teo, related to Ouba:

We don’t know much about him, though if he’s Ouba’s son he ran away very young (around 7 if my estimates are right!!) a while after Ouba’s wife died. He’s living with a relative in Yasuna.

Sanato, Ukitsu’s cousin:

A magic-user who holds the other half of a ‘key’ that Ukitsu has. He shows up a lot in White in spirit form trying to make Ukitsu give it to him, and seems like all he cares about is fulfilling his destiny at the Time of Judgement (Shinpan no Toki). He works directly for the king of Yasuna and shows up in other routes as well giving orders to the others.

Kotohira, Yasuna’s ruler:

I have no idea what he’s like yet, since I haven’t played Kugami’s route :D Apparently he is ruthless in increasing his country’s power, and has no interest in anything else. He has the white wings of the ruling family of Yasuna, but he doesn’t like them.

Even though some of the characters were in Kanuchi White, the Otomate site doesn’t have voice actors up yet ^^;; I’ll add them as soon as I find them (maybe I can get them from the White credits??)

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New Otomate Title for Spring!

December 4th, 2008

I found this on Famitsu today: A new title from Otomate in May 2009 for the PS2: Alco Bareno (not sure of the romanization there).

The main character Yuuna is training to be an Italian chef when one day she encounters the same pescatore that first inspired her to learn cooking. She decides to apprentice with the chef of the restaurant Alco Bareno, Haruto.

The game will include mini-games of Yuuna cooking to gain respect and be allowed to join the restaurant team and follow her path to chefdom, as well as (of course) developing relationships with the chefs and staff at the restaurant.

Looks like fun!

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