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More info on Love Loop!

January 29th, 2009

Famitsu has some screencaps up and the basic storyline for Otomate’s newest title for Playstation 2.

Though it looks like a fantasy, apparently it starts in the future, where (this reminds me of the Terminator movies) robots and humans are at war or something. The heroine was living quietly with her sister and childhood friend, but one day she’s out and finds a robot. When she runs to her house to tell everyone, her sister has disappeared. She has to go back in time and try to improve the future (maybe using the robot somehow?).

Heh, sorry this isn’t very clear, it’s late and I need to go to bed. But checking out the screenshots, the art looks nice!

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!!?? Another new game from Otomate??

January 27th, 2009

I just saw this over on Otomate’s site:a teaser site for a game called L2 Love x Loop, and Otomate’s front page says June 4th…that means that Otomate is releasing FOUR new games within 2 months! Arco Baleno in May, Ore wa Omae o Mamoru in May, Wand of Fortune in June, and now this! Craziness. But as long as the stories are good, I ain’t complaining! I hope they really are good though…well, the art for this one looks nice anyway.

And still no official release date for Kanuchi Black?? *sob* I’m praying for March…

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January 26th, 2009

Yup, so while I wait (and wait, and wait) for either my March mags or my new games, I’m finishing off a few old games!

I just finished True Fortune, which was very good, and Sorayume as well. Sorayume has some really interesting storylines, I wish some of them had been explored further – there are several paranormal plots interweaving which are intriguing. Also, Kyou-nii…I REALLY want to know what he does now. His ending almost seemed like a lead-in to a different game…

Now I’m doing Orange Honey, which I dipped into a while ago but totally forgot when something else came along because it’s kind of a low-key game. While je ne comprends pas why all the cute guys here are in love with the main character, it’s fun and the designs are nice. I’m only on my second trip through, so we’ll see how the stories are.

And I tried BOTH Fushigi Yuugi games! I didn’t get very far in Suzaku Ibun, even without the main character being Miaka I was getting annoyed – I think it’s residual trauma from watching the anime oh so long ago. In Kagami no Miko, I finished Takumi’s route, it was alright but felt very much like a sidestory to a main story (which I suppose it is). I haven’t read much of the manga for Genbu, so maybe I would have gotten more out of it if I had? I dunno, I don’t like reading manga for otome games (like Corda or Angelique) because then I start to like one character and don’t want the main character to choose anyone else.

I may finish Orange Honey, and if I do, I’m going to go do Last Escort 2 I think. Maybe it’s because I’m old myself (not THAT old!!), but I find games where the characters are beyond high school (chronologically and in terms of maturity) appeal to me.

One of these days I’ll make a list of all the games I’ve finished and rank them or something…hmm…yeah I’m bored XD

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Dumb Amazon

January 22nd, 2009

I thought I would be all smart and order my B’s Log early from, but I think it actually makes my order take longer – it’s not supposed to ship out until Feb 7, when usually it ships within a day or two of my ordering it. Sucks that pre-ordering actually takes longer than just waiting for it to be available…next month I’m definitely waiting till they say they have some in stock.

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My first real PS3 game!

January 21st, 2009

I got a PS3 over the Christmas holiday, partly because I thought it might be on sale (I got an extra with it, but now I hear it will go down $100 by April, to ho ho…) and partly because I had been saving up for it and wanted to just get it. I got it for watching movies and for a few games, though mostly FFXIII which is still TBD for release date.

Soon after I was at Staples and they had some bargain bin PS3 titles for $10 each – I figured they would probably be mediocre but I may as well get a couple and admire the graphics. But yesterday I finally ordered my first ‘real’ game – one that I think will be very cool and will hopefully blow my mind with what the PS3 can do! It’s called White Knight Story, and I have high hopes for it!

Yeah, this post wasn’t about otome games at all, but once in a while it’s ok, right? Oh well, I also ordered Monochrome Factor and e’tude prologue (can you say wayback playback?), so that should slow down my order! :P

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New offshoot brand from Otomate – and the first otome action game?

January 20th, 2009

Idea Factory, the company behind Otomate, has announced (via Dengeki Online) that they’re creating a new female-targeted brand called Otomate forte to reach an even broader base than their regular otome game users.

The first game on Otomate f’s plate is called “Ore ga Omae o Mamoru“, and is an action game for the DS, scheduled for release on May 21. The main character is a guy who fights monsters while going through a dungeon and the story proceeds along with him. Character designs are by Kazu Kiyone (of Hiiro no Kakera and Hakuouki fame) and according to Dengeki Online, the game mechanics will be carefully designed “so that even women who don’t usually play action games can enjoy it”. There will also be well-known seiyuu as the characters.

Now this brings up some interesting questions. Will the action part be just a watered down version of a game like Devil May Cry? Will it be clunky, or too easy? How much talking will the game actually involve? Will the main character shown in the screenshots be the only ‘capturable’ guy?

More generally, does this show a new trend in otome games? I’m happy that they are branching out into new genres, although maybe a little disappointed that the fighting character still has to be a man. Wouldn’t it be neat if the game was about female warrior fighting her way through a dungeon, rescuing several guys on the way and then having to choose one when she wins the game? OK, maybe that will be their next title :P

Anyways, what do you think? Do you play action games already? Are you planning to buy this one? I’ll admit, I like action games but I don’t have the patience (or fine motor skills, perhaps?) to acquire enough skill to beat the games.

Note: The Otomate links don’t seem to be working right now, maybe they’re updating for the pages?

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Tokimemo 1 – Full Voice!

January 19th, 2009

Is coming to the Nintendo DS!
Famitsu announced today that Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st Love Plus will be released March 12. It will also include the ‘Album Mode’ that was in the PS2 version, where you can look at memories ‘with the character’ and listen to their comments.

Haha, I should really play that again, right now I’ve only gotten one character…I am too easily distracted…

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Golden?? oldie – Kirakiss XXX

January 18th, 2009

I had an urge to try some games I had left unfinished the other day, so I stuck in one that I got way back called Soshite Kono Uchuu ni Kirameku Kimi no Uta XXX. It’s actually a fandisc of a game of the same name (without the XXX), but after finishing about half of it, I doubt I’ll be looking for the original game. I can forgive a  fandisc for having not much volume in it, but there are a lot of other problems with this that I think would be even worse in the real game.

First, the story itself could be interesting, but in all the routes I’ve done there was almost no action, and most of it was just boring with some strange twist thrown in at the end for shock value. Also,there are only about 3 CGs for each character, and with a game that’s almost full price (about $10 less than a full game), that’s just not gonna cut it. Finally, and worst of all in my book (along with the bad stories), the endings are not that happy. There are two endings for each character, a “Good” and a “Bad”, but really several of the Goods are just as depressing as the bad ones. Plus, there’s no final CG like you often get, and no epilogue – in one route I’m not even sure they survived! In another one, the guy died – and that was the good ending, in the bad one they both died. >.>

And looking at the Amazon reviews for the original just confirms my intention to stay away – the original game only got two stars, while the fandisc got 2.5!!  People complain that the story sounded interesting (which I agree with) but that it wasn’t executed well, the CGs are bad (in the fandisc they’re okay, but nothing great), and there are very few dialogue choices (in the fandisc there are about 5). Oh, and apparently in the first game, most of the guys you only meet two or three times before the ending.

Sigh…well it does have two (kinda boring) minigames that you can play as well…in short, if you have this on your to-buy list, you can probably find something else more worthwhile. If not, you can safely forget about this one – this won’t be showing up in any “Best of” lists for otome games.

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Update on Harutoki 3 figures

January 16th, 2009

A few months ago, I found these made-to-order figures of most of the hachiyou from Harutoki 3. And recently they finally came out with the last pair, Atsumori, and RizVaan.
They are very nice, but I think if I was getting one, I’d get either Atsumori or Hinoe. I lurve RizVaan, but like Kurou, his hair is kind of too big for his face. Plus his face…doesn’t quite look like him. I am being very picky though.
Riz Vaan
There’s a pre-order period for these but also an ‘on sale’ date, so I’m not sure if you *have to* pre-order to get them or not.
It’s times like these when I actually wish I lived in a bigger place!

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Souten no Kanata

January 15th, 2009

The first thing I thought when I saw the article for this new PC game from Mio was “ZOMG pretty!” And the guy in the above pic reminded me of Izark from Kanata Kara, one of my favourite manga series, which helped :)

The setting is medieval east Asia, in a country called Kou. The main character, Airei, is an orphan who was mostly raised by her father until he died several years ago. She’s just trying to make a living in a city called Anto while the country is in a state of unrest because the current emperor has fallen ill. One day she discovers the legendary beast Uto, who declares that she will be the one to lead the country to peace, and enters her as a spirit. So somehow, Airei is judged to have the power to ‘decide’ who will be next emperor…


From left to right:

Ryoyuu: Airei’s childhood friend who’s a military officer. He’s responsible and serious, and worries about Airei.

Kei: A mysterious man whose name might not even be real, all Airei knows is that he’s very nimble and doesn’t talk much.

Ryuurou: A civil official from an aristocratic family, his gentle exterior hides a cynical personality. He usually appears calm but is hard to read – sometimes he smiles even when he’s angry.

Shui: A 16-year-old who longs to rise in the military ranks, he trains as a soldier. Maybe because he comes from a humble farming family, he puts a lot of importance on birth and sometimes prejudges people by their status.

Taishin: The quick-witted merchant who knows how to work a crowd. His father was from Kou while his mother was foreign, and he brings exotic goods from abroad to sell.

I believe this will be a visual novel, and it’s expected to be released next summer. It’s from the same company, Mio, that did Asaki, Yumemishi, which I haven’t played, but have heard mixed reviews of. Has anyone here played it?
I’m hoping that Souten no Kanata will live up to my expectations – it already seems to have a good story and interesting characters. No seiyuu news yet, but I’ll post that when I find out!


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