New game from Otomate! – S.Y.K.

March 23rd, 2009

Otomate is on FIRE this year, they’ve just announced another otome game called S.Y.K ~Shinsetsu Saiyuuki~. It’s based on the legend of Saiyuuki that’s been made into several novels, anime, and manga, but this time with a female lead character named Genjou. She’s described as a ‘very serious student-council type’, and she has the huge job of leading her companions, Gokuu, Hakkai, Gojou, and Gyokuryu, who are described as all being ‘problem kids’.

The art, by Nagaoka, looks very nice, here are some scans from B’s Log:
Genjou, the main character
Les boys: Gojou, Gokuu, Gyokuryuu, and Hakkai

Jiroushin, an inhabitant of the heavenly plane

In the game, like the legend, the group is trying to reach Tenjiku, and they have to help people along the way in order to get there.

There are two main stats that you have to build up, one is called ‘toku’ (something like fondness), which you get when deciding who will help you out in each case. If you choose well according to each person’s abilities, you’ll get more. You need a certain amount of toku to continue on your journey and get to Tenjiku.

The other is the love stat, which changes depending on choices you make throughout the journey as well as who you choose for each case.

Looks like it could be a lot of fun! It’s currently scheduled for release on the PS2 on August 13.

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3 Responses to “New game from Otomate! – S.Y.K.”

  1. plumvs says:

    Ah, that art does look pretty~ looks like Japan isn’t done exploiting Journey to the west yet. :D

    Speaking of which, Koei also recently released their design of the female version of “Genjou”.

  2. Chihori says:

    It’s a bit odd to see a ‘manlier’ version of Goku. I think the cute and bubbly image of Gensoumaden Saiyuki’s Goku has been deeply ingrained in my head. xD

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