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e’tude prologue! Way old but fun

April 29th, 2009

Yeah, so I’m taking a break on VitaminZ for a little while (it has SO much content!), and have started e’tude prologue portable – since it’s on the PSP I play it in bed :P The graphics are the same (same backgrounds and, for common characters, same designs) as Little Aid. The game itself is one of the few boy-or-girl lead character games that came out in the 90’s. You pick which one you want to be, and if you’re a girl, you can go for the guy characters, and vice versa if you’re the guy.
The two title characters, Hitomi and Tatsuya, have a history together – they dated for a while before the game’s timeframe. You can choose to ‘still like’ the other one and try to get back together, or go for one of the other 4 or 5 prospects. When picking Hitomi, you get a little prologue of how she was the tennis team’s ace, but got beaten by someone and quit the team. Now she’s studying to get into a really hard university and wondering if it’s the right choice.
There’s a lot of dialogue in the game, and frankly some of it is pretty boring. Since there are all the possible female love interests as well as the male ones around, you get introduced and can have scenes with them a lot. However, after the long intro (which you can skip after the first time), you really only have to play through two weeks to Valentine’s Day.
There are a few minigames, including a blackjack one and an ‘identify that book’ one where you get the title and have to work out where a certain book is in the library, but honestly I have no idea what they do. I only did them when the guy I was interested in wasn’t on the map (you choose where to go and can see character icons of who’s in that scene). I really don’t know how it affects the outcome – same with how you choose to do an activity at your part-time job – I have no idea how this affects things either.

I’ve only finished one route so far but it was pretty simple to complete. It’s obvious that this is an early game – the epilogue is about three sentences long, and during the whole route I think I got about 3 CG’s. However, the seiyuu are definitely recognizable (Ono Daisuke is, of course, the be-fuku’ed Sawatou-kun) and it’s enjoyable. I wouldn’t exactly recommend this, but if you really like the characters in Little Aid you might want to play this and see their earlier years.

Now I’ll try to go and finish some more of VitaminZ…I dunno why I feel like I can’t write a review of that till I finish almost everything, but I write about this after playing only one route, heh.

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Small selection of otome games on sale

April 28th, 2009

Yes, it’s spring, and with spring come spring cleaning sales. Not too much in Yesasia, but if anyone is interested in the below, you can use the coupon code SPRING09YA and save $5 USD on your order.

The only otome games I saw were (in $CAD because that’s what they show me):

PS2 – VitaminZ Limited Edition $97 from $121
DS – Ouran Koukou Host Club Limited Edition $85 from $127

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Love Root Zero Delay

April 23rd, 2009

Yup, I got the message from YesAsia yesterday, it’s delayed until the end of August! Aww…but on the bright side, there are still tons of games lined up for spring – including Kanuchi Black and Little Anchor coming out tomorrow! Yay! And then there’s Arco Baleno and Kazeiro Surf in May and Love x Loop and Himehibi 2 in June, not even mentioning all the adaptations and not-quite-otome games like Ore ga Omae o Mamoru and Skip Beat!

Considering I’m not even half done Vitamin Z, I don’t mind too much :P

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News tidbits and VitaminZ blabber

April 14th, 2009

There’s a Hakuouki PSP adaptation in the works, as well as another PS2 title called Hakuouki Zuisouroku (roughly translated as Notes on Hakuouki).

Also, the mysterious project from HuneX and 5pb is being slowly revealed. The title is Lucian Bee’s, and the tagline translates into something like, “Project Start: Global Makeover of Totally Hopeless Guys”. Sounds like fun!

Now back to Vitamin Z – I’ve been slow the past few days (trying to get all four endings takes time!), but I’m partially through Houjou Kei’s story, and have one of Fuwa’s endings as well (just the normal one). I usually do the normal ending first, since it means I don’t have to try too hard about getting all the tsukkomi/throughs, but it is definitely not as fun as the other endings! Plus, I haven’t found a guide yet for it, so it’s all trial and error! I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of how you HAVE to pass the last quiz (in Chapter 11) to continue – and I think you need 7/10 as well! Sometimes that takes a few tries. On the other hand, you can redo just the quiz, so it’s not horrible.

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I was wrong

April 2nd, 2009

about the quizzes being easier. That was after doing one. The next three I averaged 40%. -.-;;

They are different though. There’s more general knowledge and trivia, even trivia about recent manga, anime, and movies, so if you’re up on your Japanese pop culture, you might find it easier.

And I got my other order in! Now I have to decide whether to keep playing VitaminZ or try Shirokishi Monogatari…ok I know already, I’m going to play Shirokishi for about 15 minutes then continue with VitaminZ :D

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