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Nadepro – Release Date and Seiyuu!

June 30th, 2009

Gungho Works has announced that Nade Pro ~Kisama mo Seiyuu Yattemiro!~ for the PS2 will be released on October 29 2009. Here’s the limited edition cover and the seiyuu (since this was originally a series of drama CDs, I’m assuming they’re the same, but je ne sais pas):

These seiyuu have been in the drama series, but I haven’t seen any game pics yet, so they might not be in the game:

Looking at that list makes me convinced that they’re the original seiyuu – seems like the names were chosen after the seiyuu were :D

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VitaminZ vs. VitaminX

June 29th, 2009

It’s been a while since I finished MOST of VitaminZ (still haven’t got those bonus events!), and I think I can finally do a kind of final review.

If you haven’t gotten VitaminZ OR X, go out and get one! They are both awesome. The system and story might seem boringly similar if you haven’t played both, so here’s my rundown on the differences:


The characters in both games are totally different. You might think that the student in Z with a certain teacher from X would be similar, but it’s only a surface thing. For example – Both Tenjuurou and Tsubasa are rich heirs to a conglomerate, but Tenjuurou, unlike Tsubasa, has a great family, and doesn’t care at all about “high-class” stuff like Tsubasa did. Their personalities are almost opposite.

I enjoyed all the characters in both X and Z. Even the two characters I wasn’t looking forward to, Yakumo and Arata, had me really liking them in the end. If there’s an overall difference to X, in Z they’re nicer to the heroine in the beginning, though they still don’t really trust her until later. I also liked this heroine better, she’s not as ditzy as X’s heroine.

Depending on who you liked, and what you liked about them, in X, you can probably find someone in Z that has that aspect. If you like Tsubasa’s arrogance mixed with cluelessness, you’ll probably love Kei. If you liked Hajime’s ‘bad boy’ aspect, you might go for Nachi. And of course, if you like cute boys like Gorou, Yakumo will definitely be your pick.

Apart from the A4/P2, there are of course the B6, GTR, and the president & VP. Personally I wish the GTR had had a little more airtime and the B6 a little less, but with the extra ‘ura’ route and the append chapters, if you do a full complete they still have a lot of material. I’m also hoping for an adaptation like VitaminX Evolution to flesh out their stories a bit :D Plus, if you’re a huge fan of one of the B6 then you’ll probably be quite happy. Another thing that I like is that there is no flirting or anything between the B6 and the heroine, they still all like X’s heroine.


The overall goal is the same, but in VitaminZ the school president actually has a sinister motive in picking an inexperienced teacher, and so the overall plot is a little more complex and interesting. The events happen mostly the same way no matter whose route you’re in, but what you actually see as opposed to what goes on behind the scenes, and the details that you’re shown, are always different.

You have the same school events as in X, but in Z there are also assemblies where things happen (mostly in the P2’s routes), and there’s a summer ‘study camp’ (gotta have that kimodameshi doncha know!).


VitaminX was quite easy to play (in terms of saving etc) and VitaminZ is apparently even easier. The setup of tsukkomi/through and month-end quizzes is the same, but in VitaminZ you have to pass a special quiz in Chapter 11 to finish a route, so it might take a couple tries. The character designer’s style evolved since X; though it’s still obviously the same artist, I like the newer designs better (Chisato, マジでかっこいい!!)

Other differences:

I think VitaminZ has a little more romance than X, in that the characters all show in little ways that they like the heroine earlier, and (maybe) a little more obviously than in X. And though each route has some drama in it, I don’t think there’s quite as much angst as in X (not that it was huge there either).

So. If you loved X, I think you’ll love Z too. Which one you like more will probably depend on your favourite character. And if you didn’t like X, because of the gameplay or setup, you may not enjoy this either. And if you haven’t tried either, go check out the characters on the D3 site (Vitamin X / Vitamin Z) and try out whichever appeals to you most! Although, if possible, I’d recommend playing Vitamin X first, just because you’ll then understand the B6 interactions in Z more, and it makes Z even more fun ^_^

Oh, if you choose Vitamin Z, YesAsia, has the Limited Edition on sale for cheaper than the regular version! In addition to the limited edition box, you get a drama CD and a calendar.

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Hiiro no Kakera Day, October 1 2009

June 24th, 2009

OK, let’s lay it all out on the table: The first day of October this year is now officially Hiiro no Kakera Day.

Why? Well, let’s take a look…

  1. The newest installment in the series, Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayorihime Denshou (New Tamayori-hime Legend) is released for the PS2 – 7140¥. One thing I just noticed, the Hiiro no Kakera is in katakana for this game, whereas in the original and #2 it’s kanji/hiragana.
  2. Hiiro no Kakera Aizouban, the original Hiiro no Kakera game and Ano Sora no Shita de, along with the extra scenes and events added to the PSP version, is released for the PS2 – 5040¥.
  3. Shin* Hisui no Shizuku ~Hiiro no Kakera 2~ is released for the PS2 – 6090¥. Several, even most aspects of the game are being improved or simply re-done. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this before: the voices have been re-recorded (with the same seiyuu) and the soundtrack has been re-done as well. Also, there are ‘added special effects'; I have no idea what this would involve, hopefully they’re not too cheesy. There will also be new scenes and CG’s, and while that’s normal for a re-release, the amount sounds like more than usual, and each character will have more ‘action scenes’ in his storyline. A staff member says that the whole story and each route will also be more dramatic, and responding to fan requests, even the characters themselves have been improved.

I’ll be very interested to see what this will turn out like – it was actually Hisui no Shizuku that really got me into the Hiiro no Kakera franchise. For some reason, though I had the original, I didn’t get into it, and really just rushed through one route without really understanding or appreciating the story. I think it might have been timing, and the fact that it was the first long, straight visual novel I played. Hisui no Shizuku, for some reason, was easier for me to get into (knowing the basic plot from HnK helped a lot), and motivated me to go back and play HnK 1 again (though I still need to finish Shinji and Suguru, eheh).

So, with three games from the same franchise coming out ON THE SAME DAY (oh, did I mention the twin pack of HnK Aizouban and Shin HnK 2 coming out as well?), I’m just going to call October 1 Hiiro no Kakera Day.

Now whether I’ll buy these is a good question…I’ll pay close attention to further updates on what the changes to HnK2 will be, maybe I’ll play it again to try and figure out the differences between it and HnK1, which was, and is, so popular – even now, 3 years after it was released, Takuma and Mahiro are STILL in the top 10 characters, and the game currently sits at #2 on B’s Log popularity poll.

I think I’ll probably get the HnK2 remake, and of course I’m planning on buying Shin Tamayori-hime Denshou. But the Aizouban…I dunno. I already have the original and Ano Sora no Shita de…is it worth the 5040¥ for the Christmas event and a few new scenes? If anyone has the portable version, is there enough extra for the money? Hmmmm……

Anyways, just for fun, here are the original promo videos for

Hiiro no Kakera

Edit:the vid has been removed, I could only find the OP for the DS version :(

and Hisui no Shizuku Hiiro no Kakera 2

No vids that I could find yet for Shin Tamayori-hime Denshou!

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New games for fall!

June 24th, 2009

Whee, several more games announced in this month’s B’s Log and Girl’s Style!

Fall 2009

Winter 2009

Lots of news about other, not brand-new games as well, including…a Hiiro no Kakera 2 remake!!! Not a port or adaptation, this is a pure remake…I might do a post on this later. In fact, just look at all those HnK releases – I think I’ll name October 1 Hiiro no Kakera Day!

Other news on release dates and adaptations:

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Seiyuu – Souten no Kanata

June 14th, 2009

The list of voice actors for Souten no Kanata, one of the PC games I’m really looking forward to (I’m a sucker for historicals!) was announced in B’s Log last month.

Ryoyuu: Hosoya Yoshimasa

Kei: Yanai Hitoshi

Shui: Mizushima Takahiro

Ryuurou: Chiba Susumu

Taishin: Kawada Shinji

That’s the main characters, here are the secondary ones (note the guy that looks like Cloud with an eypatch, I wish he had a storyline!)/end FF fangirl wish…

Taito: Maeno Tomoaki

Keimei: Obata Noriko

Reimei: Shimada Rei

Gakuhou: Oohara Takashi

Engyou: Higuchi Tomokazu

Meiran: Sugiura Nahoko

Hakutenson: Nishigaki Yuka

Koujun: Takahashi Kenji

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Blood Call

June 14th, 2009

Blood Call
Brand new from icingCandy (a label from Interchannel), Blood Call for the PC has an interesting setup.

The main character, Futaba, is living a normal life with her mother in the city Glazheim, where humans and hanki, people who look mostly like humans but have superhuman abilities, live together in apparent peace. What Futaba doesn’t know is that her father, whom she thought was dead, was actually the head of a group called “Freikorps”. She comes home one day and her mother has disappeared and her apartment is vandalized. Strange men try to kidnap her, but before they can, two young men show up and save her. They are twins, the older Shirou (CV: Hino Sou), and the younger Reimei (CV: Nakamura Shuuichi), who worked for her father, and have come to fetch her to be the new head of Freikorps.

It turns out the group is in a covert battle against another group Nede, headed by Jin (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki), that is performing experiments on humans and hanki alike, enhancing their abilities even more. There’s also Cain (CV: Namikawa Daisuke), who is a Nede member totally loyal to Jin, though he doesn’t agree with Nede’s experiments, Kugami Kyou (CV: Ishida Akira), Freikorps’ doctor, and Wataru (CV: Suzumura Kenichi), who used used to be a Nede member.

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Survival Suspense Otome Game!

June 11th, 2009

Dengeki Online just announced detailed info on a new otome game from D3 Publisher, and it’s in the survival suspense genre! It’s not a horror survival like Resident Evil (thank God because I don’t think I could play it), but the premise is that the heroine gets stranded in an old school building in the middle of nowhere with several male students, a teacher, and a teaching student, and has to find her way out while a killer calling himself “Kamen no Shinigami” (The Masked God of Death) starts to attack them.
Kurayami no Hate de Kimi o Matsu is slated for a fall release for the Nintendo DS, and seems to have a puzzle component as well. To get out of the old building, you have to solve some puzzles using the touchpad and collecting items with one of the six guys you were stranded with. To make things even more nerve-wracking, the killer is one of the six guys you can choose!
The site has character info, and the Dengeki site has a bunch of screenshots showing the setup.

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Random Tip – Love Revo Ichinose Ren

June 9th, 2009

Someone asked me a while ago about Love Revo (sorry it took so long!), and specifically about Ichinose Ren, whose route is the hardest to finish.  I thought some general strategy might help – now this is from the PS2 version, but AFAIK it still applies:

1. The first month, spend as much time as possible on Research. Get it up to 100, it will make everything you do more effective.
2. Starting the first weekend in May(the second month), start inviting the guy on dates every week. Save and reload as many times as you need for them to agree – it will take several times at the beginning.
3. When it’s time for the guy to ask you to come along on his vacation (July 1), his heart should be green.
4. For Ichinose, you also need to be at least 90-95kg by that time.
5. Buy the CD of soothing music 『 ヒーリングミュージック集 』 ASAP – when you’re getting hungry, you can use it to reduce hunger without snacking. The sauna suit 『 頑丈なサウナスーツ 』 is also very effective – I think you can only buy it on the weekend.

Hope this helps!

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New games!

June 7th, 2009

Yikes, I thought I wrote about the several new games in the June mags, I guess I just updated the calendar.

Well, there are several:

PC games
Dare ni Demo Ura ga Aru – from Amedeo, this (all-ages) game has two sisters as the heroines, a perfectionist teacher and her little high school student sister.

Bloody Call - from icingCandy (a label from Interchannel), a supernatural game set in a world where humans live alongside hanki, similar to humans but with superhuman abilities. More on this later, since my description started to take up several paragraphs!

PS2 games
Death Connection – the newest title from Otomate, with the artist from Kanuchi. This title is in a totally new direction, it’s set in 1960’s Italy, and…most of the characters are dead – but more on that later. the main character Amelia is an orphan that was brought up by a priest with Joshua, who is like her big brother. One day, she gets thrown in the middle of a Mafia war, and the priest is killed. Joshua and she run away, and Joshua gives her a jewel and tells her to use it to summon a spirit to protect her. The four spirits she summons are Vicious, Luciano, Gloria, and Nicole (who is a transvestite). Unfortunately, the summoning wasn’t perfect, and the spirits can only protect her by doing the same kind of sin that led to each of their deaths (if I read correctly).

That’s it for now, I’m working on scanning some pics and going more in-depth on these and all those other upcoming games I’ve been ignoring for too long!

Vitamin Z status: Done everyone, working on perfect and zapping :D
Little Anchor: Done everyone except Violet, who will come after VitaminZ!

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Almost done VitaminZ!

June 3rd, 2009

Well, I’m almost done at least the normal routes of everyone. That means that I can finally finish the ‘ura’ or back route that involves the GTR, Bear-6, Kamijou, and the president guy. Each time you finish a character you can see one chapter of that story, and I’m near the end of Yakumo!

Who knows how long it will take me to really finish, since there’s so much extras – I’ll probably finish everyone’s dream and perfect routes soon, but getting all the extra scenes (especially the ones you get with perfect test scores) may never happen – I haven’t even finished all of them from VitaminX still…

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