All my games!

July 19th, 2009

For some reason, I felt like making a list of all my games XD So now it’s here. Huh. That’s kind of a lot. And there’s only more coming :)

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10 Responses to “All my games!”

  1. chemistry says:

    You’ve got a really long list of games!
    How’s Arco Baleno? I’m kind of interested in how the gameplay is, and how similar it is to Kimagure Strawberry Cafe.

  2. Yamialexa says:

    Really, that’s quite a list of games, I’m impressed. Which reminds me, I always wanted to make a list of my games too (not only otome ones). *goes off to create one*

  3. admin says:

    It was fun, I got to go through my shelves :D But all my PC boxes are stuck in the closet, so the ones I can’t remember won’t be up for awhile.

  4. Aria says:

    Just wanted to let you know about the dsiware novel!\

  5. admin says:

    Kyaa, thank you for the link!! It SOO sucks that it’s not region-free though….*sob* I swear, do they want to make us all buy Japanese and NA DSi’s???

    If that works…maybe I will…that game looks very fun…

  6. Yamialexa says:

    If you get that game to work somehow, please make a post about how you did it. It looks nice, I’d like to try it too, but I have no clue as to what I should to… To be honest up until I read this here, I didn’t even know about dsi’s… :oops: Haven’t been focussing on nintendo stuff for quite a while, I suppose…

  7. Kei says:

    8O Whoa! I would be broke if I bought all those games. And since my Japanese is bad (XP my dad never taught me…) I spend a lot more time trying to understand just 50% of it. XD

  8. lijakaca says:

    Oh yeah, Arco Baleno! I did play it a little, and after I finish Ken in Himehibi 2, I think I’ll go back and finish…the main guy whose name I can’t remember. Haruka?? I’ll do a post about it. So far it is much more like Petit Fours than Kimagure (did you actuallly finish that?? it was too involved for me…).

    I saw some headline about the DSi, but I have no idea what it is really – if it’s not region-free then it sounds like they’re regressing! I’ll let you know if I can get that game though.

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  10. Eri says:

    wow. just wow. I have a loooong way to go before I reach such a long list, even including my normal games!

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