Zomg – Kimi ni Todoke game??

August 14th, 2009

OK, this is not an otome game, but I just found a site that says Kimi ni Todoke, the extremely sweet manga from Bessatsu Friend, is being made into a DS game and released this October.

Details? All I could find is that it’s from Namco Bandai – I couldn’t find a site for it :(

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3 Responses to “Zomg – Kimi ni Todoke game??”

  1. litewolf says:

    All there is, it’s in the site for the anime http://www.ntv.co.jp/kiminitodoke/goods/index.html

  2. Chronicle says:

    The game’s website though nothing is in it yet

  3. Aria says:

    Siliconera covered it.

    Course its out now, so you can probably find all the info you’d like online. :D


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