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New games announced!

March 27th, 2010

I don’t like having my scanner broken! But I promise, if you want to see the pretty art for the games I talk about, the links have them!

anyhoo, there are a couple new games announced this week from Otomate and D3P.

The first, Natsuzora no Monologue, is set for the PS2, seems somewhat like a light novel, in the example screens the text covers most of the space available. This makes me less interested in it, as I’m not a fan of light novels, although I guess this has voice and character pics too so it’s not like a regular light novel.

It’s based on a time loop, and set in a town near the sea. The heroine’s name is Ogawa Aoi, and she has amnesia. She joined the chemistry club at school, but it’s being cancelled.
July 29 is the day before it’s supposed to be disbanded, but on that day, she hears sound from a 30-year-old skyscraper in town called ‘Tree’ (the description says the building sings), and the time loop begins. One major decision is that you can choose to escape the time loop, or stay in it.

This setup reminds me of Sorayume’s final route, it will be interesting to see how they treat it.

D3’s new title, Ishin Renka Ryouma Gaiden seems like it might be an alternate history from its Bakumatsu Renka titles, which were great but (since they followed known history closely) could be somewhat…depressing (yes, I cried sometimes, it was sad!!). It seems the story is based on Sakamoto Ryouma. The platform and dates are still a mystery.

C’est tout for tonight! I’ve been busy with other stuff, but I have some posts in draft about the new Moujuutsukai game, and I think I should edit and re-publish what I wrote a million years ago about Mizu no Senritsu 2….

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Desert Kingdom

March 20th, 2010

Another new PS2 game from Otomate, Desert Kingdom is scheduled for May.
In this game, you are the majin princess Aspashia. She lives in the magic kingdom of EVUU, but one day suddenly her magic disappears. Her father, the king, says it must be because her mother was human. Aspashia is shocked, and to get her magic back, goes down to earth and eventually ends up in the desert country Kingdom (yup, that’s its name!). Aspashia finds that to get her magic back, she has to grant the wishes of humans. She slowly gets it back by granting small wishes, but to get a large amount back, she must grant the true, large wishes of someone. However people keep these secret, so it takes a long time for her to figure them out, time that she can’t use to grant small wishes. Aspashia only has a limited amount of time to get all her magic back, or she’ll have to remain on earth as a human for the rest of her life. It seems that to finish the game you have to pick one guy whose wish you’ll grant and get to know him enough to know his wish.

Djinn Unparapappa CV: Terajima Takuma
Sharon CV: Matsukaze Masaya
Sera CV: Kenn
Vii CV: Nomiya Isshin
Rejetta CV: Ichiki Mitsuhiro
Ishmal CV: Tsuda Kentarou

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Scared Rider Xechs

March 13th, 2010

First things first. I *think* it’s supposed to be Scarred not Scared, which makes a little more sense (if anyone knows for sure let me know!).This is the first otome game from Reds Entertainment, scheduled for release this summer on the PS2. The “Scared Riders” is a military team, based in Okinawa, formed to protect Earth from a mysterious group of alien beings from Mars called Night Fly Onoto. The Scared seem to refer to Night Flys that are helping the humans. In battle, the Riders transform with their Substance  Night Flys and become Scared Riders. Fighting has been so intense that five teams have been destroyed already.
The new sixth unit is called IS (pronounced eyes), or the Scared Rider Xechs. The heroine is the advisor to this team, and the player will direct them in battle, and protect the Earth.

After all this fighting, as IS was getting ready to fight, the enemy Night Flys disappeared. While waiting for them to make an appearance, the members of IS formed a band called Odd-I’s – of course, what else would they do? ;)


Asagi Akira: The genius heroine, she graduated high school at 10 and university at 15. Perhaps because she sped through school, she has no friends, and is a little naive and very serious. The very unserious members of IS often tease her.

Komae Christoph Yosuke CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa

Hobby: Cooking
Noise Render: Vicious (a sword shaped like a guitar)
Band Position: Backup Guitar
Codename: Z.2 Zahl zwei
He’s half German, and his parents are dead. He’s cool, calm and very skilled. His guitar playing is pro level as well, but he doesn’t like it that much.
He also knows martial arts, and had top marks at the LAG acadedemny.

Substance: Fernandes CV: Takemoto Eiji
The classic impulsive, hotheaded hero type.

Kirisawa Takt   CV: Miyano Mamoru
Hobby: none
Noise Render: Paige (Guitar-shaped spear)
Band Position: Vocal/Main Guitar
Codename: Z.1 Zahl eins
Acts as IS’s leader. Serious and a perfectionist, he’s always trying to fix things, which sometimes causes conflict with the others.
He’s very proud, and has absolute confidence in himself.

Substance:  Lespouri   CV: Namikawa Daisuke
A childish type that loves pranks, he can also be quite coldhearted. Takuto often scolds him like a parent.

Tsuga Yuji   CV: Kondou Riku
Hobby: Soccer
Noise Blender: Bacchus (a bass-shaped axe)
Band Position: Bass
Codename: Z.3 Zahl drei
The oldest member of IS who acts as the ‘older brother’ of the team, he’s easygoing but shrewd. He also ends up being the mediator in team conflicts.

Substance: Deviser   CV: Koyama Rikiya
Extremely proud and arrogant, he thinks of the world as his oyster, but values his comrades highly.

Kurama Hiro  CV: Shimono Hiroo
Hobby: Reading (especially Japanese culture and philosophy)
Noise Blender: Campbell (drum-shaped weapon that makes energy waved)
Band position: Drums
Codename: Z.4 Zahl vier
The youngest member of IS, Hiro is meek and bashful. Because he’s so socially inept, he often says things that sound harsh unintentionally.

Substance: Duesenberg   CV: Takahashi Naozumi
He is male but his heart, actions, and speech patterns are feminine. He loves beautiful things, and loves that IS’s members are bishounen.

Suzuki Kazuki   CV: Takahashi Hiroki
Hobby: PC
Noise Blender: Gureko (a gunlike long-range weapon)
Band Position: Keyboards
Codename: Z.5 Zahl funf
Kind of a narcissist, he often does and says strange things, and his teammates have a hard time understanding him.
He’s very straightforward in what he likes. He calls himself an artist, and is very serious about the band. He also thinks of himself as a hero, and takes his role in IS seriously. He writes lyrics and songs for the band, but has no talent for lyrics.

Substance: RickenBacker  CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko
For some reason (maybe he can’t remember the words), he’s never been to converse with anyone. He mostly only has outbursts of snickering or other sounds. However, apparently he and the other Substances and he and Kazuki can talk.

Mutsuki Hijiri  CV: Kenn
Hobby: Gambling
Noise Blender: Casino (a mic-shaped bladed weapon)
Band Position: None
Codename: Z.6 Zahl Xechs
The most recent member of IS. He’s friendly with a stray cat Ochzuke. He is a playboy and not very serious, and sometimes will go ff somewhere without warning. He has also been suspected of being a spy for the Night Fly.

Substance: Epiphone  CV: Fujiwara Yuuki
Apparently he was the first Night Fly to come to Earth. He doesn’t speak much and is often alone. He is very cool in battle. Only recently did he choose to become Hijiri’s Substance.

The character art is very long and lean, and on the (heavy Flash)site there are a few mini-movies to watch that are mostly little teasers, but fun. No info yet on gameplay, but the idea of having the guys’ ‘mecha’ actually be characters as well is quite cool!

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Corda 3 First Play!

March 9th, 2010

:D I got Corda 3 yesterday and have been busily playing through it. I love having all new characters!
The gameplay is pretty similar to previous Corda games, but there is an added minigame during performances that demands some hand-eye coordination (not too much on easy mode thankfully).
At the beginning I couldn’t help giggling, the first scene is so!dramatic! and Fukuyama Jun is being very!angsty! but it gets over that pretty quickly, and it makes sense for his character (kind of immature). And in fact, Corda 3’s plot does seem more dramatic overall, I’ve already agonized over one contest (I don’t think I cried though…). I’m actually interested to see how this works if you are going for a guy from a different school – in the beginning you have very limited interaction with non-Seisou students. According to the manual I still have semi-finals and the final to go, as well as a violin final – since I’ve already beaten one rival school, I wonder how that works if I’m trying to do their routes.
Oh, another thing that made me laugh is that they’re going a little Prince of Tennis on us(with all their crazy ‘tennis’ moves), and making the performances less realistic. You know how when you were really good in Corda 1-2 it would show effects and lights and stuff? Well now that effect is supposedly real, and is called a Maestro Field. Supposedly when you’re really good you can make the audience see/hear/feel the landscape of the music (mmmhmmm suuuuurrre).

Anyways, so far it’s lots of fun! No fairies so far, but lots of exciting!drama! plus a couple appearances by Hihara and Kiriya (I avoided spoilers so have no idea if anyone else shows up). And of course the characters and their voices are totally different, especially Morita Masakazu!
Now I’m off to train for the semi-final, wish me luck!

Edit: Tags aren’t working . I’ll figure that out later!

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Storm Lover Characters!

March 6th, 2010

Just a little cast, character and story summary to tide you over. I was hoping to get Corda 3 today but no luck :( Should be here on Monday though! Since all my recent posts got erased, I’ll be doing some updates on games that I may have already mentioned (not that I can remember because my memory is like a sieve!)

Storm Lover
Scheduled for Summer 2010 release on the PSP by D3P
Set at St. Louis High School, the heroine transfers here because of her father’s work. The school is pretty liberal, and perhaps because of this, she meets lots of people with very individual styles and some quirky personalities.

Uzuki Yuuto CV: Hatano Wataru
The confident, charismatic student president. He’s a bit arrogant, and tends to view anyone who stands out or is more popular than him as a rival. His family is rich, so he doesn’t really understand regular folk.

Mikoshiba Kyousuke CV: Terajima Takuma
Though he’s hot-tempered, Kyousuke has the top grades in the heroine’s class, and can’t leave people in trouble without helping them. He hangs out with Yuuto a lot and their nickname is the KY Combi, though he dislikes it.

Toratani Rikka CV: Kaji Yuuki
A younger student who uses his innocent looks to get away with pranks and teasing. However, he doesn’t deal well with being teased himself. He’s popular but hasn’t dated anyone, apparently he’s quite shy about the topic of girls.

Mishiro Takumi CV: Miura Hiroaki
A classmate who is repeating the grade. He’s hard to figure out, and seems to enjoy confusing people. He’s rumoured to be involved with a bad crowd.

Tatsuhara Souya CV: Miyano Mamoru
Dedicated to music, Souya is alive. He loves surfing and biking. Not great at school, but his open personality makes him popular with everyone. He sings for a popular indie band.

Ikawa Mio CV: Namikawa Daisuke
Even more puzzling than Takumi. He talks at his own pace, and is often told that people can’t understand him. He sometimes forgets to eat, but when he does start, it’s impossible to stop him. He uses polite language with everyone but doesn’t like it being used with him.

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