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Recent game mini-reviews

May 23rd, 2010

I thought I had a fairly long entry saved about voices, seems to be lost in the computing ether, so who cares! Here are some thoughts on the new games I’ve tried recently:

Detective Campus Steelwood
: Hm, the mystery parts are ok and kind of fun (saying this as a non-mystery novel reader), but the romance…barely there. I’ve only done one route so others may be different, but the one I did had a pretty good story of getting closer to someone, not so much about getting close enough to love someone.

Hiiro no Kakera #3: Well, if you’ve played the original a lot, you kind of have to take a step back and pretend that you didn’t get an ending with anybody. It’s fine, just a little hard if you really got into one particular storyline. The story in this one is quite good, just like the original, although (of course) it uses most of the same backgrounds and designs.

~Motto Sweet~ Gakuensai no Ouji-sama
: If you don’t have the original PS2 version, I’d say definitely get this. Without even knowing the characters (though now I do, having watched many…many hours of Prince of Tennis) it was fun. Not very dramatic, and not sweetly romantic (whatever the title says), this is a pretty fun game for otome game fans. Considering the number of characters, the value of the game is good pretty much any way you slice it. 43 characters, about 50 dollars…yeah, there’s no way this isn’t a good deal. You could argue that there’s not much of a storyline, but that’s not the point – the fun part is getting to know ( or know more, for devotees of the comic or anime) more about the characters, and seeing their interactions.

Last Escort ~Club Katze~: The only one that’s not portable! I’ve finished two routes so far, and I’d say if you liked the previous entries in the Last Escort series, you’ll like this one – still good character writing, and ok storylines (though the guy hiring you as an advisor seems a bit random after a while?) I like how you can only make one thing per day off, and I don’t miss the whole auction feature which was in #2. The art is definitely different, but I was quite fine with it after accepting the fact that all the guys had hips the same width as their shoulders – what can I say, I’m quite shallow and usually I prefer the inverse triangle type…

I think those are the most recent games I’ve gotten – I’ve pre-ordered Desert Kingdom and am quite excited about that; other than that, I’m most excited for Xechs and Nise no chigiri (I’m not totally sure why, maybe I’m just a sucker for historicals?).

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Character page up!

May 21st, 2010

Happy Friday!

As miruki recommended, I pretty much just stopped trying to use fancy Dreamweaver stuff – I still edit them in it, but I mostly go back and forth editing the source code and seeing how it looks ^_^ Basic but effective!

I’m going to do a ‘real’ post on other otome games today as well, but wanted to announce the page opening right away!

PS: Any other blog owners finding spam harder and harder to sift through? The typical linkspam-full comments are easy (though tedious) to purge, but the ones that pretend to have actually read the blog are getting more and more realistic – it can be tough to figure out which ones are real and which are fake. Usually if they just compliment my blog without mentioning the post topic, I treat it like spam. I only wish my posts were as good as these spam comments say, lol! Sometime maybe I’ll post a few of the stranger or more funny ones just for kicks.

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I have the characters ready!

May 17th, 2010

But Dreamweaver is annoying me so much I’m contemplating just re-doing the site in Flash, or writing the code myself. SOO clunky. I’ll post as soon as I get it working the way I want it!

Of course I have non-LOVE.101 related posts ready too, I might post one in the interim…

But till then, some videos!

Who doesn’t love HnK? I just got #3 for the PSP, here’s the OP, which as usual is an amazing song, Unmei no Hito (Soulmate) by Fujita Maiko

And I also just ordered ~Motto!~ Gakuensai no Ouji-sama, which is the DS adaptation of the Prince of Tennis otome game, with the guys from Shitenhouji added! I somehow found this awesome fan video of PoT featuring Rikkai, which I believe parodies some other anime song.

And this one I’m just in awe of (3:20 to 4:10 is my favourite segment)!

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May 8th, 2010

B’s Log has news of several new games this month:

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Xechs’ Game System

May 1st, 2010

So, more about the Scarred Rider Xechs‘ game system!

Girl’s Style lays the game path out using the first chapter as an example. In all there are 13 chapters, and they’re presented like an anime, with a little song and ‘preview’ of the next chapter at the end.

In the beginning there’s an adventure part, where you enjoy the noncombat life on the LAG base, develop relationships with the Xechs guys, and perhaps even see them play live as Odd I’s. Depending on what you choose, you raise either their ‘love’ gauge or their ‘death’ gauge (focusing on battle). After the adventure part is done Commander mode starts, and the guys ‘resonate’ with their Substance. Their Resonance personalities become more like their Substances the higher the death gauge is (their voices also change!), but apparently depending too much on the death gauge can lead to negative consequences…

Looking closer at the Commander mode, it starts when a red alert comes up during the adventure mode. A Vox (some type of vehicle?) brings all of you from wherever you are on campus to where the alert is.

Once there, you get a briefing on the situation, and choose which Rider to use in battle. The Rider resonates with his Substance, and the mission begins.

After the battle you see what the result is, and depending on your choices, the story will branch off.

The website has lots of videos, mostly just snippets of character dialogue, but they just put up a game intro video that’s pretty good at showing how it works.

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