Nise no Chigiri

June 1st, 2010

A couple days late, gomen nasai ><;;! Probably the first otome game to be set in the warring states (Sengoku Jidai) period of Japanese history, Nise no Chigiri, set to release July 22 for the PSP, is the story of Mana, a modern high school student who somehow travels through time and encounters Uesugi Masatora, one of the generals. He decides to protect her, while his rival Takeda Shingen targets her. With Mana knowing the outcome of this war, will she change the future?

Uesugi Masatora CV: Endou Daichi: The most powerful leader in the Kanto region (around Tokyo), he’s so good at battle and strategy that his nickname is the Dragon of . The Takeda family is his enemy.

Kojima Yatarou CV: Terasoma Masaki: Masatora’s follower and the leader of the Kachigumi. Since Masatora was little the tall (almost 2m) samurai protected him, and he foresaw that Masatora would lead the . He protects the heroine along with his little sister, Ayahime. He’s very strong but kind.

Tougi Kanehisa CV: Ootsuka Akio
The former leader of the Nokizaru, he now acts as an advisor to Akatsuki.

Takeda Shingen CV: Ichijou Kazuya
The leader of the Takeda clan and a strong army, he’s called the Tiger of Kai. Though many people are unsure if Yamamoto Kansuke is totally loyal, Shingen trusts him a lot.

Yamamoto Kansuke CV: Sakurai Takahiro
Kansuke works for Shingen, but is very mysterious, and his motives are unclear. He takes an interest in Mana after hearing she’s from the future.

Masatora assigns a group of his men, the Nokizarushuu, to guard Mana.

Akatsuki CV: Kondou Takashi
The sub-leader of the Nokizaru and likely to be the next leader, Akatsuki is very straightforward, open, and loyal to Masatora.

Suien CV: Tsuda Kenjirou
Calm and always watchful, Suien seems friendly to Mana.

Rurimaru CV: Hagino Mizuki
He’s younger than Mana, and has a cheerful personality. …He grows to be fond of Mana and treats her like a beloved older sister.

Shuuya CV: Maeno Tomoaki
It’s hard to tell what he’s thinking because he doesn’t say much, but Shuuya is very hardworking and dutiful.

Masato CV: Maeda Takashi
A little older than the other members of Nokizarushuu, Masato is like an older brother to them. However, with Mana he’s not that friendly for some reason, though once in a while he’ll give her advice.

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2 Responses to “Nise no Chigiri”

  1. miruki says:

    OMG! I love Sengoku period settings! About time there was an otome game with that theme… omgomgomg… EXCITED! *___*

    Good thing I’m gonna buy a PSP next month! :D

  2. lijakaca says:

    Only one more month XD I can’t wait! Congrats on getting a PSP, now it seems like more otome games are going that way instead of the DS…it makes sense since PSPs can handle more sound and memory…plus otome games don’t usually need the touchscreen really. There are so many otome PSP games out now, it’s great!

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