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VitaminX EvoPlus interviews

August 27th, 2010

I got the August mags a few days ago, and there are comments from the VitaminX cast about working on the new release. I thought I’d (roughly!) translate their answers for any fans:

1. How was it going back and working on VitX again?
2. What do you think would be fun to do at the VitaminX event?
3. Message to the fans

Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Tsubasa):
Tsubasa has new expressions that weren’t seen in either X or Z
1. “Tsubasa in high school was set on getting his own way no matter what. But four years later, his leadership had developed, and he can take things as they are. This time, going back and playing the high school Tsubasa again, I kept being pulled into the adult Tsubasa, so sweeping that away was my assignment this time.”
2. “It was the first time I was able to attend an event as the lead character with a sense of responsibility, supported by sempai whom I admire, and I’m very grateful for that. For the next event, I’d like to make several different things. If it was on stage, I’d even like to do the same script, but make it even more dazzling. Also…it’s been a while since the B6 were all together, so I’d like to let loose.” (laugh)
3. “To the DS users, I’m sorry! It’s now become a PSP game. And it’s also gotten more voiceovers. It’s a game that anyone can enjoy, so please enjoy it however you want!”

Ono Daisuke (Hajime):
“I was reminded again that Hajime is an important role to me”
1. “When you do things like additional voice lines, you have to bring that character back into you. With Hajime, it feels like that happens very naturally. This time as well, he came back to me smoothly, and it left me with that same impression.”
2. “Memories of the event – it was the first time I’d done an auction, and it was very exciting. The energy level was high. At this year’s event…if it’s a plan for Hajime, I’m ok with anything. The B6 are all good at different things, so it might be interesting for us to try them out. I’m also looking forward to performing with the Z members.”
3. “Having it sold as a portable game mans that more people can experience the work, and they can do so in more ways. It’s fun to play Hajime for all those, and I’m happy to think that with this PSP version, another bond with the user has been created.”

Toriume Kousuke (Shun):
“I think Shun has grown into a great older brother”
1. “In Z, I play Shun as more adult than his actual years. In high school he was pretty impulsive, but in Z, for example, he’s stopped saying, “殺すぞ” (I’ll kill you!). This time, saying that line for the first time in a while, I felt kind of nostalgic. In that way, perhaps Shun has grown up the most of all the B6? In my opinion anyways.”
2. “At the very least, for VitaminX, even if I leave it alone, I’m not worried because someone will do something (laugh). The B6 combination works without saying anything, so I know what each person will act like even without planning together. I trust them a lot. This time as well as a railway worker, I want to accomplish Shun’s role and position.”(laugh) Lijaka: I don’t know what he means here! Maybe it’s a role Shun plays somewhere??
3. “Personally, it was fun playing Shun in VitaminX again after so long, and I’m sure that the PSP version will be the first time some people encounter ‘X’, so I would like them to please enjoy the world of ‘X’. Goodbye.”

Kishio Daisuke (Gorou):

“Gorou is a dangerous character in several ways”
1. “It’s been a while since I played Gorou as a student in drag, and he has quiet scenes, and dramatic scenes, and I had to use my top register, and go to my limit with his tones. Such a tough role is pretty rare, and I thought that this job is pretty hard as I was recording.” (laughs)
2. “For me, the VitaminX event was memorable in several ways. What I’d like to do for it in the future…you know, seriously doing something that brings Gorou’s special features to life. Calling in a professional hair and makeup artist and transforming fans into the B6, maybe having a Vitamin print club.”
3. “I gave 200% effort, and the game is fun enough for the passage of time not to matter at all. The B6 are still doing their best 3 years later! (laugh) I’d like it if this opportunity was used to cheer on Vitamin even more!”

Yoshino Toshiyuki (Kiyoharu):

“Kiyoharu’s ability to wrestle full on with anything in front of him is important to me”
1. “Kiyoharu blasts whatever’s in front of him with all his energy, and that doesn’t change whatever age he is or what he’s in. I think he’ll continue to have that energy his whole life, so I thought that was the important thing as I was performing.”
2. “During VitaminX I wanted to put Kiyoharu’s character out fully, so apart from the free talk, I performed as Kiyoharu as much as possible. In that way, the Vitamin events are special to me. As for ideas, how about making a vitamin drink for it?”
3. “I believe many people played VitaminX on the DS, but for those with a PSP, please try playing VitaminX EvoPlus as well. I think there will be several other extravagant things available as well, so please try those as well.” (laugh)

Suganuma Hisayoshi (Mizuki):
“I was happy to be able to play the beginning Mizuki”
1. “For VitaminX EvoPlus, I was able to keep some naivete and play Mizuki like the first game, which had been a while and that made me happy, it was fun. I might say this is the ‘true’ Mizuki, perhaps?” (laugh)
2. “VitaminX is fun because I never know what is going to happen, but, just as much, the performances have many surprises as well (laugh). Partly because of that, the VitaminX events have left a strong impression on me among all my work. And this time it will be together with ‘Z’, which I’m looking forward to. I really want to have ‘X’ and ‘Z’ compete somehow.”
3. “I think maybe this new PSP version has opened up possibilities for Vitamin. Also, even for fans who have played the game before, this PSP version will scratch that itch, so why don’t you give it a try?”

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Musketeer teaser site open!

August 14th, 2010

Otomate has a new teaser site open, for Musketeer, a new PSP game. Is it a historical? Fantasy? We’ll have to wait and see! The French phrase underneath the title, Le sang des chevaliers, means (roughly) The Blood of Knights.

The art is by the Kanuchi and Death Connection artist, Kiriya Takashi.

All I have to say on the pic is, I love men in uniforms ^_^!

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Love Chief! Ren’ai Banchou

August 13th, 2010

Note:Finally I get a post up on time! The last couple weeks I have been a day or two late, and that is unacceptable! So here is this week’s post, bright and early. Not too much text but a lot of pics! ^_^

This game has been in the works for a while, I believe there was a B’s Log TV show of the same name which started everything.
In this game, there are several ‘banchou’ (banchou is usually what you call the leader of a gang), all specializing in different things. The player is a girl who has never been in love before, and throughout the game is taught how fun and interesting romance can be.

There are the ‘main’ banchou, which includes the pink-outfitted guy and his sidekick that you may have seen before, as well as four others.

Love Banchou
Renai Banchou CV: Morikubo Shoutarou

Renai Banchou-Yasu
Yasu CV: Terajima Takuma

Renai Banchou- Sawayaka Banchou
Sawayaka Banchou CV: Kenn

Renai Banchou-Sexy Banchou
Sexy Banchou CV: Toriumi Kousuke

Renai Banchou-Pretty banchou
Pretty Banchou CV: Kaji Yuuki

Renai Banchou-Tsundere Banchou
Tsundere Banchou CV: Nakamura Yuuichi

Renai Banchou-Mystery Banchou
Mysterious Banchou CV: Ono Daisuke

And here are the ‘rival’ banchou.

Renai Banchou-S and Iyashi Banchou
Do-S Banchou and Iyashi Banchou (Sadistic and Comforting Banchou)
CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa and Suzuki Chihiro
Renai Banchou - Otome Banchou
Otome Banchou CV: Suzuki Yuuto
Renai Banchou-Fuuki Banchou
Fuuki (Rules/Etiquette) Banchou CV: Irino Miyu
Renai Banchou-Data and Koakuma Banchou
Data and Koakuma (Little Devil) Banchou
CV: Kimura Ryouhei and Kakihara Tetsuya

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Ishin Renka Cast

August 9th, 2010

Set for this fall on the PSP, D3 Publisher’s Ishin Renka has a big cast of Bakumatsu characters! Here are the seiyuu, I may add pics if I have time latah…

Sakamoto Ryouma CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki
Past roles: Sephiroth, Hideaki in Gakuen Heaven, Luciano in Death Connection, Wakaouji in Tokimemo GS2, Jin in Bloody Call, Yasuhide in MnS 2

Takasugi Shinsaku CV: Suzumura Kenichi
Past roles: Hikaru in Ouran Host Club, Okita in Gintama, Edward in Crimson Empire, Tsubasa in Starry Sky, Kounoshin in Tokimemo GS2, Kengo in Mizu no Senritsu

Okita Souji CV: Hino Satoshi
Past roles: Sai in Naruto, Kiriya/Reiji in Kiniro no Corda, Johan in Kazeiro Surf, Tooru in Sorayume, Angelica in Lucian Bee’s

(I love the Renka series, but does this pic remind anyone else of things totally unrelated to samurai? Like…1980’s glam rock bands or something?)

Nakaoka Shintarou CV: Hiyama Nobuyuki
Past roles: Chihiro in Last Escort, Hiei in Yu Yu Hakusho, Amaya in Houkago wa gin no Shirabe, Kazuma in Tokimemo GS, Jackal in PoT, Kouyuu in Saiunkoku Monogatari

Kawakami Gensai CV: Nojima Kenji

Past roles: Nachi in VitaminZ, Akira in HnK2, Liidii in Panic Palette, Keisaku in Shakugan no Shana, Tohru in Love Revo, Kazuyuki in TMGS2

Katsura Kogorou CV: Hirakawa Daisuke
Past roles: Bernard in Neo Angelique, Ace in the Alice series, Takashi in Love Revo, Kouichirou in Garnet Cradle, Hayato in Starry Sky, Suguru in HnK

Hijikata Toshizou CV: Maeno Tomoaki
Past roles: Chisato in VitaminZ, Oswell in Kazeiro Surf, Rouichi in STEAL

Itou Shunsuke CV: Kishio Daisuke
Past roles: Yunoki in Corda, Kaname in Vampire Knight, Sena in UtM, Nemu in LovexLoop, Frog Prince in Zettai Meikyuu Grimm

Itou Kashitarou CV: Suzuki Yuuto
Past roles: Shikigami Ichi in Miyako, Kouhei in DC Girl’s Symphony, Otome Banchou in Renai Banchou

Toudou Heisuke CV: Shimino Hiro
Past roles: Reiji in Last Escort 2, Kiyoharu in MnS 2, Tadashi in Special A, Shou in UtaPuri

Date Kojirou CV: Sakaguchi Shuuhei
Past roles: Tsunami Jousuke in Inazuma Eleven, Kyouhei in Saikin Koi Shiteru?, Akira in Kurayami no Hate de Kimi o Matsu

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Clock Zero Cast

August 2nd, 2010

OK, let’s see what kids they got to play the sixth-graders!

Heh, yeah, no, of course it’s all seiyuu we know and love in Otomate’s new game Clock Zero, set to release this November for the PS2.

Clockwise from the top left:
Kanou Riichirou CV: Maeno Tomoaki
Past roles: Chisato in VitaminZ, Oswell in Kazeiro Surf, Rouichi in STEAL

Hanabusa Madoka CV: Toriumi Kousuke
Past roles: Oreldo in Pumpkin Scissors, Shun in VitaminX, Sengoku in Prince of Tennis

Kaidou Takato CV: Namikawa Daisuke
Past roles: Ohtori in Prince of Tennis, Kazahaya in Kimi ni Todoke, Italy in Hetalia, Ayato in Love Revo, Yuuichi in Hiiro no Kakera

Tokita Shuuya CV: Ishida Akira
Past roles: Katsura in Gintama, Yasuaki/Yasutsugu/LizVaan/Ashvin in Harutoki series, Mizuki in PoT, Aslan in Gundam Seed, Sakuya in Tokimemo GS, Rinto in Himehibi, Katsuhiko in HnK2

Hanabusa Nakaba CV: Sudou Shou
Past roles: Kougaiji in SYK, Young England in Hetalia

Saionji Toranosuke CV: Sugiyama Noriaki
Past roles: Sasuke in Naruto, Uryuu in Bleach, Boris in the Alice series, Johan in Last Escort Club Katze, England in Hetalia

The ‘adult’ cast is still a secret. Here are two newish characters, the Dreamland guys, Bishop and Rook.

That’s it! I’ll try and keep an eye out for the rest of the cast being announced. Next up, Ishin Renka!!

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