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Harutoki 5 demo w/ Harutoki 4 PSP!

September 27th, 2010

Yup, I just saw on Dengeki Online that Harutoki 4 PSP will have a trial version of Harutoki 5…Damn you Koei, how do you know how to tempt me to spend all my money!!! AND apparently there are 20 scenes added to Harutoki 4 (including the new epilogues) YAY!

B’s Log also had mini posters of all the H5 hachiyou as furoku *dies*. They’re pretty much the same pics as in the DOL article here. As well as a 20-PAGE ad – mainly showing the characters again, and a couple scenes. The first looks like the inside of a huge ruined building in a Western style, with a long silver-haired guy taking the hand of a girl in a high school-looking uniform on a half-gone staircase, and text which says,
“Choose. Which world will be destroyed?”
“Will he be the one to disappear…or will you?”
Then all the hachiyou have their own 2-page spreads, with a line of dialogue and a short description.
And then another scene where the girl in the foreground watches as a firebird erupts from a row of houses, and a group of people in Bakumatsu period clothes stare. The text here says “Time, long sleeping, is moving.”

So excited! XD

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Beastmaster and Prince Review

September 27th, 2010

Sorry for posting this half-done earlier! Here’s the full review.

After finishing all of Beastmaster and Prince, or 猛獣使いと王子さま, from Otomate, I’m honestly not sure whether to recommend it or not. I enjoyed it, but it’s definitely on the fluffy side. So if you prefer deep gameplay, or a very drawn-out story arc (like Hakuouki), this game probably won’t satisfy you. HOWEVER. On the other side, you have:
1) Extremely cute art and animals (I’m a sucker for them).
2) Midorikawa Hikaru as Matheus and Toriumi Kousuke as Alfred – need I say more? Especially Mateus, who is a natural-born lady killer. And the other characters are good too – I couldn’t wait to do Silvio’s route.

I think the artist for this game, whoever it is (yeah I’ll add it later), really found their niche with this game. They also did the art for Petit Fours and Arco Baleno, and while those games were fun enough, the characters’ stories weren’t that deep, and the plot was pretty shallow as well, so the games overall felt thin.

Beastmaster isn’t extremely deep either in terms of having a long drawn-out plot, but the central story definitely has more action, and there are a couple twists in each route that keep your attention enough to play through several times. Also, the fantasy setting is great – the art is perfectly suited to the game, with rich colours and costumes, and of course the very cute animals.

Having completed the game, I don’t know what my favourite route is. I liked all of them, even though I didn’t expect to like Lucia or Eric that much, which was a nice surprise. And I would have liked to have more story for several characters, not only because it would have made the game longer but because I was interested in learning more about them. I’d actually consider buying a fandisk for this, or (I think this would be better) getting a PSP edition if they added more scenes. Hopefully they will!

So overall, I really enjoyed Beastmaster and Prince(s). Hopefully it will be adapted for the PSP, and then I think I’d recommend it for anyone who’s interested and is satisfied with just a small minigame (the mofu mofu game ^_^). For a full-priced PS2 game, I think it’s still a little overpriced, but if you love the animal transformation aspect, it might be worth it even so.

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Harutoki 5!

September 19th, 2010

Harutoki 4 Perfect Edition for the PSP and Harutoki 5!!!!!! for the PSP have been announced at the Tokyo Game Show! Harutoki 5 is scheduled for next spring. Aagh, I might just have to buy Harutoki 4 PSP, I loved the PS2 version but wanted more, and apparently they’re adding stuff – hopefully new scenes (or voices!!) in the new edition.

It’s set in the Bakumatsu!! I really don’t know how to feel about that, there have been so many games set there I’m almost tired of it :P But since Harutoki has been heavily fantasy-based, I’ll hope that they bring a fresh look at the period (some of the characters are the usual suspects, Sakamoto Ryouma and Okita Souji, but there are some I don’t immediately recognize. AND! They are finally changing the seiyuu!! Very mixed feelings about this too. After playing several games with the same cast I can see why they’d want change, but man, it will be weird not hearing the normal hachiyou. On the other hand, Suwabe Junichi in Harutoki? I’m down with that :D Other seiyuu announced are Suzumura Kenichi, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Tachibana Shinnosuke, and Yasumoto Hiroki.

They also have the following names up, I’m not 100% sure if they’re hachiyou or what:
Terajima Takuma
– Kirio Shun

Abe Atsushi
– Chinami

That’s all I have time for, this weekend was so busy I just saw the news now on Nari Nari!
There are pics up at Dengeki Online and Famitsu.
Oh, and Venuseclipse from Unbroken Hours let me know that my comments are broken, so I will try and fix that ASAP! And here I was sad that no one was commenting :(

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Frozen Essence – A great English otome game- and free!

September 10th, 2010

Have you heard of Frozen Essence? It’s an indie English visual novel from Unbroken Hours, which is totally FREE and, I think, amazing quality for a free game. It doesn’t have voices, which I think is totally reasonable for a free VN. I’ll try to explain the plot without giving away too much, but there are spoilers here for a first playthrough.

The story is really good, it’s fantasy and set in another world where elemental orbs keep the balance of nature. Each orb has Guardians to protect them, but there is one orb, the Death Orb, that has been inactive for a thousand years but has just been reactivated. Many people have forgotten about the Death Orb, and there’s a group, the White Order, that is trying to seal the Death Orb because of its harmful power.

After a prologue where the heroine escapes imprisonment after waking up without memories, she’s brought to a castle by the Oracle.


The heroine in this game is related to the Death Orb, which is interesting because there’s this tension between the balance of the orbs, and how the Death Orb really does bring sickness and death to places around it. So it’s not a clear-cut story about you being on the good side and beating evil at all.


The characters are quite good and all have their own motivations and personalities:

Rune – one of the heroine’s guards, he seems to only want to hide from the world, and is very protective of Mina.

Aysel – another guard who was brought in by Rune, she’s nice and is devoted to Rune.

Caius – quite a jerk, he taunts the heroine a lot and doesn’t seem to care about anyone, in fact he talks about hurting people with enjoyment.

Oracle – the mysterious hooded figure who rescued Mina.

Varian – someone Mina meets outside when he saves her from the cold, but he’s very abrupt.

Aurelius – an outgoing ‘celebrity’ orb Guardian who meets Mina and takes a liking to her. He has a bit of a white knight complex.

Those are the most important characters, though several others are key to the story.

I was most impressed by the story of Frozen Essence; the plot is well thought-out, and each character has their own important backstory that’s related to the main plot. I would actually love for the stories to be more fleshed out, just to enjoy them for longer.

The art is good, much better than I thought of when I heard it was an indie VN, and the music is also quite good. This is a free game so understandably had a very limited (nonexistent??) budget, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the backgrounds and art in general. And there are a lot of CGs, more than I expected.

The game doesn’t take too long once you’ve played through once, I’d estimate the main story to be an hour or two (depending on how fast you read of course), and then 30 min- 1 hour for the different routes.

One last thing that I appreciated a lot was the effects and transitions. Probably more because now that I’m working on LOVE.101 (yes I swear I am!!) I know how much work goes into each scene and all the special effects, movement etc.

Though it’s free, Frozen Essence has a donation button through Paypal, that I strongly encourage you to use if you play and enjoy it! It will help the creator, VenusEclipse, make more games, and I really think this is worth it. Unbroken Hours is also looking for artists and other talented folk for its next game, so if you’re interested, check it out!

If you know of other good indie otome games, please let me know in the comments – I stumbled on this one but I’m sure there are more.

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Vampire Sweetie – Sugar Beans

September 4th, 2010

Sugar Beans has opened a site for its newest R18 title, Vampire Sweetie. It will be full-voiced including the heroine, and is scheduled for F2010 right now (probably no earlier than November). I’m kind of looking forward to this, the main character Yuuri doesn’t look like a doormat the way whatsherface from Ijiwaru My Master did, hopefully she will actually have a personality and not just be an annoying victim! Yuuri is taking care of a summer home that her family owns, including four renters staying there. The four renters also happen to be brothers and high-ranking vampires!

The cast is:
Faust: Sakiware Spoon : The oldest brother, he likes drinking and is quite old (vampire and all that)
Mikhail: Sakura Hiroshi : The second oldest, the element of darkness is very strong in him, so he’s weak against light. He doesn’t show much emotion.
Yuuri: Toomi Haruka : She’s cheerful and takes care of people, and has a strong heart.
Aron Valente: Kijima Uta : The third brother, he’s strong with light, so often spends time outside.
Joshua Valente: Yuuki Takuto : The spoiled youngest brother. He can talk to animals.

Of course, these names are R18-specific names, if you want to know who they really are you’ll have to search a bit ^_^ But some hints: Sakiware Spoon was Asou in Jingi Naki Otome, and Kijima Uta was Yuki in Sumire no Tsubomi. I actually don’t know the other two at all, so if anyone knows, please leave info in the comments!

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Tokimemo GS3 -Clothes and Date spots

September 3rd, 2010

For my new friend Lianne, here are some more tips for Tokimemo GS3! :D

Each guy has a clothes style, colour, and date spots he likes. Asking him to these spots will be more successful, and you’ll get tokimeki points for wearing the right clothes (you also get them for wearing what’s in fashion according to the computer report).

Colour – Aqua blue
Clothes – Natural
Places – Game centre, castle (天守閣), aquarium (dolphin show)

Colour – Orange
Clothes – Vivid
Places – Bowling, museum (vintage bike exhibit), Rinkai Park (煉瓦道)

Colour – Blue
Clothes – Active
Places – Skating, zoo (alpacas), castle (天守閣), farm

Colour – Pink
Clothes – Sexy
Places – Game centre, zoo (dog&cat), amusement park (merry go-round)

Colour – Green
Clothes – Cute
Places – Skiing, sea (winter walk), event hall (comedy show)

Colour – Purple
Clothes – Chic
Places – Mt. Habataki (fall), planetarium, aquarium

Let me know if this is useful, because I could do a whole series of little posts just on GS3 tips! ^_^

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