Tokimemo GS3 -Clothes and Date spots

September 3rd, 2010

For my new friend Lianne, here are some more tips for Tokimemo GS3! :D

Each guy has a clothes style, colour, and date spots he likes. Asking him to these spots will be more successful, and you’ll get tokimeki points for wearing the right clothes (you also get them for wearing what’s in fashion according to the computer report).

Colour – Aqua blue
Clothes – Natural
Places – Game centre, castle (天守閣), aquarium (dolphin show)

Colour – Orange
Clothes – Vivid
Places – Bowling, museum (vintage bike exhibit), Rinkai Park (煉瓦道)

Colour – Blue
Clothes – Active
Places – Skating, zoo (alpacas), castle (天守閣), farm

Colour – Pink
Clothes – Sexy
Places – Game centre, zoo (dog&cat), amusement park (merry go-round)

Colour – Green
Clothes – Cute
Places – Skiing, sea (winter walk), event hall (comedy show)

Colour – Purple
Clothes – Chic
Places – Mt. Habataki (fall), planetarium, aquarium

Let me know if this is useful, because I could do a whole series of little posts just on GS3 tips! ^_^

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2 Responses to “Tokimemo GS3 -Clothes and Date spots”

  1. Lianne says:

    Ha ha! I didn’t notice this post until now. Thank you! I was a complete idiot and didn’t realize calling the girls gets you info on the boys until, like, the third play-through (DUR), so I figured out the clothes and colors through them, but your recommended places are really helpful! I’m trying for a THIRD time to get Seiji-senpai to love me (so…picky…URGH!) so I should probably lock him in the planetarium until he discovers how wonderful I am.

    OMG, is it just me, or is the main plot around the two brothers to die for? When the police showed up I lost my sh*t. NOOOOOO! I must give them healing loooooove!

  2. lijakaca says:

    Ah, I haven’t done Ruka yet, only Kouichi, so I don’t know the full story yet! I’m probably the only person who went for Kouichi first, heh.

    Seiji is great :D It takes him SO LONG to get from to like, his heart was way bigger than Miyo’s and she was already at like, then all of a sudden he went straight from to suki pretty much. And I never got his CGs in the cafe, I only asked to walk home with him because he’s so tsundere lol.

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