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New games and updated info!

November 27th, 2010

You may have heard that Quinrose is adapting a game for the PSP, it’s called Iza Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa and the art is quite pretty! It was originally a cell phone game (you know, I complain about not getting these games, but maybe it’s good, I’d probably get fired for playing on my cellphone at work or something), and it’s set in the Sengoku period! \(^o^)/ Banzai, more Sengoku love! Akechi Mitsuhide, Hattori Hanzo, and Oda Nobunaga are all main characters – Oda Nobunaga has never been more bishounen ;) No release date yet but it’s supposed to be in 2011 sometime. Apparently they’ve doubled the length of the stories, and updated all the art, as well as adding character art for some sub-characters that didn’t appear before. Hopefully Quinrose will do a good job adapting it!

Brothers Conflict – a new game from Otomate based on a comic in the manga mag Sylph, which runs some otome game-based comics like Hakuouki. It seems to be a contemporary game, with at least 10 guys (though they may not all have routes).

Are You Alice? – another one from Otomate with just a pic up, cute art (what is that one guy doing with the makeup under his eyes?)
Edit: I just got the new B’s Log, and I think you’re right, Rita – it says the player plays as Alice, who is a guy, and there doesn’t seem to be any romance in it. It does say ‘otome game’, but I think this one is more of a straight adventure. Looks neat though!

And I was sleeping when they put this up, Death Connection is being released for the PSP on Feb 3 2011. Yay! I missed it on PS2.

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Absentminded (games for sale)

November 19th, 2010

So, I was surprised to get not one, but TWO notices that Ren’ai Banchou was being shipped to me this week. Once again (yes this has happened before), I mistakenly ordered twice from YesAsia…which totally sucks from a money perspective.

SO, I am offering my extra version up for sale for $50USD, $15 off the YesAsia price. Anyone that’s interested, I have a Paypal account to send the money to, and I’ll ship it free since it’s so light. It may come with a pre-order drama CD, I’ll update this post if it does.

Hmm, I also have a bunch of otome magazine furoku, so if you have a certain game or series you like, let me know and I’ll throw a couple in as well. They’re mostly things like shitajiki, small clearfiles, posters, etc. I was going to make a list for sale of those anyhow, maybe I will do that tonight and link to it!

Anyhow, sorry for the non-content post, I’ve only been playing HnK 3 a bit (trying to get through Oomi’s route and I’m BORED!), but I’ll probably be ordering mags soon (skipped a month to try and save money, it was hard!) so news will be up soon!

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Mini-reviews and downloads

November 5th, 2010

It’s year-end for me at work and that means not much quality gaming time, boohoo! But I’ve been doing a little on my PSP, trying to finish a couple games. And waiting for one of the new games that I want to play; as I feared, my Sengoku Lovers order was cancelled saying they couldn’t find it :( On the bright side, that saves me money – I also reaaaalllly wanted to get the new Nise no Chigiri visual fanbook that came out on Monday, but I’m resisting…barely. I don’t remember if I reviewed Nise no Chigiri, but I fell in love with the characters, even though the story (and the CG selection) was…spotty. Well, the plotlines were good, but it could have been fleshed out WAY more, especially the endings. I’m hoping strongly for a fandisk for that game, it could be sooo good – on 2chan people want a ‘perfect’ edition, but I’d be happy with anything! I’m skipping the new Hakuouki game – I still haven’t finished the original! And plus, Reimeiroku has no romance, so…I can wait :D Next one coming up is Ren’ai Banchou!

So right now, I’m on Grimm and Steelwood. I love Grimm, I think it’s a great game with really fun, interesting characters, good music (I love the intro song, it’s perfect for the atmosphere), and stories that are a little dark but not too heavy on the angst.  However, it is pure visual novel, with no minigames, and the stories are pretty long, so it requires a good chunk of time and concentration. It also has a voiced heroine (with a voice I actually like!).

Steelwood, on the other hand,  is almost the opposite – the background story isn’t that important, it’s focused a lot on solving cases and tests/quizzes, and each route isn’t that involved. Honestly, it’s not my preferred type of game, especially the mystery part – I come from a family who read mystery novels a lot, but I was never  interested in them. However, it’s nice to have a mystery game in the otome genre, and if you like puzzles, this might appeal to you. It’s also nice that the semester-ending tests have random questions, so you can get different ones each time you do them (the cases are always the same though).

Now, for anyone who missed the Otomate Hallowe’en downloads, here they are! They’re in zip format.

Screensavers – one each for Edel Blume and Will o’ Wisp

Wallpapers – 4 wallpapers, one each for Edel Blume and Will o’ Wisp, one with both and a Hallowe’en theme, and one Hallowe’en one with characters I don’t know.

And apparently Idea Factory had a record year for profit, so they have some more wallpapers for download. Sounds good to me! :D

That’s about all I’m up for today in terms of game reviews, I’ve been working too much :P But I have found a couple interesting things, like YesAsia’s clearance sale!

VitaminX Evo Plus Limited Edition for the PSP – $66.99!

S.Y.K. Renshouden (Japan Version) for the PS2 – $29.99 – verrry tempting…

ARIA 2010 October -$13 this is the manga magazine that is running the Nise no Chigiri manga, and this edition comes with a CD featuring Masato and Suien in a little drama.

Seiza Kareshi Series : Starry Sky – in Winter – Hoshiteki Daisouji Romantan (Japan Version) $23.49

La Corda d’oro 3 – School Series 3 Jinnan – (Japan Version) – $13.49

Haruka naru toki no naka de 3 – Kurenai no Tsuki Limited Edition (DVD) (First Press Limited Edition) (Japan Version) DVD  – $81.99 (is that a good price? I dunno if I’d pay it, but it’s on sale, so…)

I’ll leave you with the Grimm OP because it’s so awesomely quirky, I love the combination of the two illustration artstyles. Did anyone get the Sengoku Lovers game? I still want it, I guess I’ll have to try and search it out some other way.

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