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Nise no Chigiri fandisk!!!

January 22nd, 2011

Yay, I knew it was going to happen! Though it didn’t get as much publicity as it could, Nise no Chigiri was, I think, more popular than Otomate expected. Its character poll got more votes than any before (though probably if Hakuouki was done now it would get the most), and I think the response to the fanbook and comic adaptation in Aria was good as well. Before the holidays a drama CD was announced, and hints were dropped on the staff blog about another announcement in the new year. And finally, on yesterday’s Nise no Chigiri update, it was announced!

The fandisk is set for summer, and is called Nise no Chigiri Omoide no Saki e (二世の契り 想い出の先へ). It will be on the PSP as the original was. Apparently the new B’s Log has info on it, but my shipment is delayed (booo!!). The blog says that there are two parts to it, additions to the original story (yesss, the game so needed some more in it!) and a story after the end of the game. And they say that for the in-game additions, they’re adding as much romance as they can, given the nature of the original. AWESOME – this is exactly what fans were asking for. More two-shot CGs, less CGs of Yatarou bending a metal bar!!

I may add some pics from B’s Log later if I can, but in the meantime, I am soo happy about this!

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Blog post schedule

January 11th, 2011

Hey, I have no time to post right now as I’m studying for an exam and can’t play games, but I might be able to post this Friday on Starry Sky, which I’m finally playing for reals! I’m going through Summer Portable.

Also, probably next week after my exam I’ll be doing a 2010 roundup post, and then a Harutoki 5 post with the system and everything, once I have time to look through all the mags and stuff on it.

Sorry this is such a nothing post!

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