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News – May 2011

May 26th, 2011

Argh, I’m feeling so lazy lately, I really have to get going on so many games! Anyways, here’s the news from B’s Log and Girl’s Style:

New games:

Release dates:

Other news:

This doesn’t cover the most recent B’s Log released last week, so there may well be even more games coming up soon. I’m having trouble keeping up with all these!

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Friday videos

May 19th, 2011

Well, I’m getting magazines on Saturday and will probably do a post on Sunday with all the news, but for now (and since I uh, kinda missed last week) here is a selection of some of the upcoming otome games’ promo videos!

From Quinrose, Mother Goose’s Secret House (Himitsu no Yakata):

Coming out June 23rd for the PSP!

Another from Quinrose, Iza! Shutsujin Koi Ikusa

Coming out next week!

From Otomate, Musketeer

Scheduled for July 7, I know a lot of people are waiting for this one!

And from Snapdragon, Tsubasa no Oka no Hime [R18]

Already out, but so gorgeous!

And from D3, Storm Lover

The PV for the fandisk, Natsukoi!! isn’t on Youtube, so that’s the original PV. It’s scheduled for August 8.

And finally, a Korean BL R18 game that my Korean friend was nice enough to play and translate for a group of us, Oops! My Prince (I can’t find a link for it unfortunately)

It is hilariously weird, which you can see a bit of in the PV.

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Downloading games legally

May 9th, 2011

A lot of smaller studios start out by making otome games for the PC because it’s much cheaper than making a console game. Unfortunately for fans outside Asia, it’s very hard and more expensive to buy Japanese PC games legally (definitely here in North America, and I’m pretty sure about South America, Europe and Africa as well). If you want to support otome games but still get games cheaply, there is a great way to do it. Many commercial BL and several otome games are available as downloads on the site or (though I’ve only bought from dlsite – you can use a foreign credit card there). Right now the selection is limited, but the games available are actually from smaller, newer studios, so it makes even more sense to pay so that they can afford to make more games.

Souten no Kanata banner
I am finally playing Souten no Kanata after finding it at dlsite. This game will actually be released on PSP by MIO shortly. I’m playing the original PC version, which I found for download at a much better price than if I ordered it! It’s even cheaper than the PSP version will be, although I think the PSP might have extra stuff added in.

One thing to note is that you have to be at least 18 to view the websites, as there are many R18 games. I’d also recommend you use the links I have here (I’m not an affiliate or anything), since the main site is mostly hentai for guys stuff.

Here’s the top site for the commercial games for girls: (the BL games are at the top, scroll down for the otome games).

The current list of commercial otome games available:
Souten no Kanata (I have been dying to play this, and it’s only 4800Y! Much better than almost $100 to order the PC version by mail)
Asaki, Yumemishi
Palais de Reine (I actually ordered this by mail, I cry for the wasted money!)
Palais de Reine fandisk
Ayashi no Miya (got this one by mail too)
Oukyuu Yasoukyoku [R18]
Hush-a-bye, baby

DLsite also has a thriving ‘doujin’ game list. This pretty much means ‘indie games’, and just like casual apps, there is a huge variety in quality, price, and availability. There are many many many BL games available, and a small (but growing) number of otome indie games available. I buy most of those when I see them as well, maybe I’ll do another post on them sometime. The BL and otome main page is

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