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Juuzaengi and Strobe Mania – new games

July 21st, 2011

Juuzaengi – Only a teaser site up right now from Otomate/Red, nice art though! And catpeople!
Anyone know what the title means? 十三支演技?Thirteen supporting commentaries/adaptations?

Strobe Mania, from D3, has a story and characters up.

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Wingfield – My favourite R18 game

July 7th, 2011

Was that upfront enough to warn people away? If not, let me make this clear – this is a review of an adult otome game, with graphic sex in it. If you aren’t interested in those games, don’t read this.There’s also some profanity in this review, so be warned if that bothers you.

Alright, now on to the fun part. I was able to play Tsubasa no Oka no Hime (Princess of Wingfield) recently, and it is BY FAR the best R18 game I’ve ever played. I adore this game, I want there to be a fandisk just so I can support it more.

I’ve played quite a few R18 otome games (yes, they’re still otome even if they have sex in them), and some I enjoyed quite a bit, so what makes this one so different? The characters. I don’t know about you guys, but I am so used to Japanese standards of gender roles and sexism by now that I don’t bat an eye when a male character insults the heroine, especially in adult games where often the insults are while they’re having sex – calling the heroine a whore, ignoring her requests to stop, just generally being a total asshole. Even in the games I mostly liked (like Jingi Naki Otome, about a heroine unwillingly becoming the head of a gangster family), have a lot of problematic stuff in them – the aforementioned insults, questionable consent, and just general dickishness. It doesn’t make me give up on the game, but it can get pretty grating when it’s bad, and even when it’s not as obvious, it’s still annoying.

In contrast to all those games, there is the Princess of Wingfield. (Watch out, small spoilers ahead)

The heroine, Vivian, owns an area of land somewhere in Britain (probably Britain), including a village, rules over it intelligently, and every 19 years, has an epic battle with her nemesis and is reborn. She has done this 99 times, and thus has been around for almost 2000 years. She remembers everything, and because of this is extremely knowledgeable and capable. She also has a healthy libido, which she feels no shame about dealing with with whomever she finds attractive (and vice versa). The servants at the manor as well as the villagers not only accept this but still respect her and are fond of her! In most other games, she’d by typecast as the evil villainess/witch, trying to steal away the hero from the innocent heroine. Or she’d be used by the men and hated by the women until some hero comes along and makes an honest woman of her/accepts her horrible past in return for her being penitent/some other stupid crap.

Depending on your choices, you’ll see different aspects of her personality, but in all routes she not only enjoys sex, but is also assertive and enjoys teasing people. Because of her circumstances, she’s the more experienced one in all the loves scenes, yet at no time – NEVER – does anyone call her a whore, slut, or any other sexist insult. Well, actually there is one character who does, but he’s the Bad Guy so I can accept it as an example of his horrible personality.

So what I love about this game is the characters, and I think the story is quite interesting too. It’s fairly involved, as I found when I was trying to explain to people on the fly while playing it last week, so you won’t get the full story on your first playthrough.

Actually, on the first playthrough, you have to go through the novice butler Christopher’s route. It’s not hard, mostly just choosing who to talk to. The story is standard: innocent falls in love with rake/gets toyed with but eventually wins them over type of thing, but the sexes are reversed and Vivian is the rake, Christopher is the innocent. Amazing how something so simple can be so innovative, because I don’t know of any other otome R18 game that does this.

However, there is very little gameplay to speak of. This is a pure visual novel, so if you are looking for minigames or stat building, this isn’t for you. Most of the choices are simply deciding who to talk to, and then some in-scene dialogue choices that affect the endings.

Other things I like about the game – the art is gorgeous, the music is nice, and the seiyuu are excellent. It’s fully voiced, including the heroine, and I like her voice as well – even during the sex scenes I didn’t find her voice to be too high pitched, and unlike many games, both/all characters are obviously enjoying the action – one of my pet peeves is during sex scenes when the female character has way more lines and is way more…uh…vocal than the guys, who are often totally calm and sometimes even seem bored (even during blowjob scenes, I mean how likely is it that the woman is having a better time than the guys there?!). Not here.

SO anyways, if you haven’t tried this game, or have been disappointed with the over-the-top slut-shaming of other R18 games, you MUST try this. I recommend Tees as my favourite character and storyline, though they’re all pretty good (I haven’t finished Dyse yet).

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Renai Banchou sequel! and other news

July 5th, 2011

I missed a couple things in the mag update.

Renai Banchou 2 is coming out, where the story is about the ura-banchou, the ‘bad’ team of banchou from the first game (who aren’t really bad, they just try and steal away the regular banchou’s customers).  It’s called Renai Banchou 2 Midnight Lesson, and in addition to the 6 ura banchou seen in the first title, there are two new characters, Host Banchou and Yankee Banchou (does anyone not know what yankee means? It doesn’t refer to anything US-related, it’s kind of a style (like the guys who are in motorcycle gangs…). Their seiyuu haven’t been announced yet.

PersonA is a new R18 title from Mirai, based on the Phantom of the Opera. No seiyuu for this one yet either.

PS: Oh, Starry Sky has perfume now. Yes, that’s right – PERFUME. I wonder what they smell like –  Taurus could smell like gentleness and performance anxiety! What do you think each of the scents will be?

Oh, and here are the pics from Atelier Elkrone, sorry they’re not great.

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Hakuouki is coming in English!

July 2nd, 2011

Yes, Rita just let me know that Aksys announced it at Anime Expo today, as hinted at on their webpage. They’re translating the PSP version. I’m not sure what the other one is, Rita if you hear give us a shout, and thanks very much for the scoop!!


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July 2011 news – Ozmafia!

July 1st, 2011

A few new games this month!

On the first page of the new B’s Log, there’s an announcement of a new game from Poni Pachet, the theme of which is…the mafia and magicians in the land of Oz! What this game, Ozmafia, will be like, I have NO clue, but the art is very nice. There’ll be more info in the next B’s Log.

Otomate is working with Gust on a new Atelier title! If you’re not familiar with the Atelier series, it’s a series of games where you’re a young alchemist, and have to build up your abilities while making new items through alchemy . The Otomate Atelier title, Atelier Elkrone, will include romance along with the alchemy sim elements.

A new R18 game was announced, Kimi ga Tame, Koishi Midareshi Tsuki no Hana, for the PC. The main character is a female ninja (a kunoichi), and it’s set in the Edo era.

Exorcism of Maria, from Karin, is going to be re-released for the PSP.

A date is set for releasing Angelique -Maren no Rokukishi-. It will come out for the PSP on November 11.

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