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Sep 2011 Otome News

August 30th, 2011

I got the latest magazines, and B’s Log came with a Starry Sky bag! It’s so cute!

Anyways, lots of news, some I’m not sure if I’ve said before, so here it all goes:

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Musketeer done!

August 23rd, 2011

So I’ve totally finished Musketeer, and Rita, like you said, I loved it!

There’s actually a LOT of this game that you don’t see the first time through, and even up to the third time and maybe the fourth route I was getting new mini scenes between characters who I barely even saw the first time around. It also takes a few times to really understand what side each person is on, and who is “good” and “bad”. Several of the characters are neither, which really makes the characters interesting.

I can’t say too much about the plot because it’s too easy to spoil things, but I will say I like all of the routes you can get, even the school president! Several of them are bittersweet, especially that of the whole story’s ‘ringmaster’, but I never felt cheated at the end.

As for my favourite route, that’s tough – I still like Porthos just because he’s my type (and his little…problem cracks me up). I like Athos’ route, though he’s still a little bland in other people’s storylines. And I really enjoyed the ‘hidden’ character, whose route opens up after all the six regular characters are finished once. I think each route is well-done, so your favourite might depend on what character or plotline you like best (if you like bittersweet, go for the older guys).

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August 4th, 2011

My copy of Musketeer FINALLY arrived, thank you Canada Post for the lockout which delayed packages (I had FIVE games in the mail) by weeks! *grumble grumble* Anyhow, now that I have it I’m playing it like mad, so I have a summary of the intro and some early thoughts to share!

Intro: It starts off a bit slowly, with the heroine D’Artagnan living with her father in a small cottage, apparently a bit far away from the nearest village. The setting is kind of AU 19th century France – there’s a mention in history class about the start of the French Revolution, so it’s after 1789, but they’re still only using candles etc., there’s no electricity or steam technology. It also seems to be inspired by Rose of Versailles in terms of outfits, hairstyles, etc., and of course the idea of a female swordsman!

At the beginning of the game, D’Artagnan is living a happy, simple life with her father, who enjoys looking at the stars. One night she wakes up after having a strange, forboding dream, and her father explains to her a very rare occurrence that will occur this year – the alignment of the sun, the moon, and Venus. She comments that it must be very lucky for such a thing to happen, and goes back to sleep. Her father doesn’t tell her, but thinks that actually it’s an extremely bad omen.
The next day D’Artagnan heads out to the village to bring some books back to the library. She gets a bad feeling and rushes back home to find her father being attacked by some kind of black monster! He kills her father, and is about to attack her, when she’s saved by a man with red eyes. He tells her he came to warn her father, but was too late. He knew her father and studied under him at the Chevalier Academy years ago. D’Artagnan is shocked, as she had no idea her father was a teacher, and is even more surprised when the man, Trevile, says the attack was likely an attempt to get something back which her father took from the school when he left. Trevile invites her to join the school, where she might find out why her father was killed and by whom. D’Artagnan accepts.

Some time later, D’Artagnan arrives at the school. The driver of her public coach asks her to delivery a letter to Athos, and says he’s well-known so she should have no trouble finding him. Walking through the halls, she drops the letter and it’s picked up by a beautiful young man with long blond hair and blue eyes. He thinks she did it on purpose, but she corrects him and goes looking for Athos. After finding out which room is his, D’Artagnan knocks on his door and opens it when there’s no response. She finds another young man inside, and assuming him to be Athos, tries to give him the letter. He says he’s not Athos, and she leaves to go searching again, finally finding him in the library. After going to so much trouble, she’s a little annoyed when he doesn’t even thank her, but says she could have just left it on his desk.
The next day, she’s surprised to find out that all three guys she met are the Musketeers, which is like the school’s Student Council. They’re very important, have a lot of power and influence, and are admired by the other students.
Discussing with Trevile how best to find out who killed her father, Trevile says that the best way would be to get the Musketeers’ help. However, they’re unlikely to care if D’Artagnan just asks point-blank, so Trevile suggests that if she can beat them in duels, they will have to swear loyalty to her (a tradition at the school), and will then help her. The hitch is that they’re the best swordsmen in school (a school famous for having elite students from the country’s aristocracy and talented scholarship students). So D’Artagnan starts to train, first with Trevile, and when he’s not available, Constantine, a young man who thinks she’s cute.

That’s the beginning 15 minutes or so.

Characters: I didn’t think I’d be interested in Aramis (the blondie) but he’s actually charming me. Not as much as my first interest, Porthos, who is just the type that I usually go for in otome games. Athos is fine, but hasn’t really shown much personality so far, just been the commanding, strong, quiet type. I really like D’Artagnan, she’s quite interesting. The guys have a discussion early on wondering why she’s so unemotional, and she is. It makes total sense considering that she just saw her father die violently, and is trying to find his murderer. Most of the characters are pretty well done, even the side characters like the students. I haven’t seen much of the school head Richelieu.

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