Beyond the Future: Fix the Time Arrows

September 25th, 2011

Beyond the Future
That’s the name of the newest game from 5pb and Rejet, announced for release December 1 on the PSP AND PS3!

The heroine Lilith is training to be a priest in the small northern town of Dordorn. Raised in the temple, she’s a little naive, but bright, honest and hard-working. She uses a staff called the i-scepter.

One day she encounters Nayuta and Kirite, and she starts out on a new path. Not too much is clear about the plot except that it’s about saving the world.
Krite Asturias (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) A cool samurai who uses a longsword that’s the same height as him, and he’s from Savilla. He doesn’t show emotion much and doesn’t like socializing much, but meeting Lilith causes him to change.

Nayuta Roen (CV: Fujiwara Yuuki)

Born and raised in Ingrid, he’s the straightforward Captain of the White Lily Knights, protecting the temples and law of the city. In addition to being an expert at the spear, he’s also good at using healing and protective magic. Seeing Lilith, who’s still learning, he tends to be a little harsh with her.

Soo Majiku (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki)

A skilled fighter from Dainus who loves freedom. He hates feeling restricted and isn’t very good at social niceties, so he’s often scolded by Nayuta.

Nate Suruya (CV: Masuda Toshiki)

A werewolf thief who uses a bow from the woods near Midvan, he looks young but is actually the oldest of the whole group.

Nico Velvetnein (CV: Kishio Daisuke)

A magician born in Melrond who calls himself a sage. He’s willing to do almost anything for knowledge, and joins Lilith’s party because he’s interested in ‘saving the world’.

Camus Tetra Porte (CV: Suzuki Yuuto)
A small fairy who’s been Lilith’s best friend since she was small. Usually he’s bright and cheerful, but he sometimes shows a perspective that has many years of experience behind it. He’s very protective of Lilith. He can use nature spirits.

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4 Responses to “Beyond the Future: Fix the Time Arrows”

  1. Rita says:

    I remember seeing this on Silconera. I can’t say the premise is mindblowing, but it seems like it has the potential to be a good game.

  2. lijakaca says:

    Haha I know, the title is really interesting but so far it seems kind of standard fantasy? We’re so jaded :D But it’s pretty, and I can easily be won over by a really good story, really good characters, or really good gameplay – 1 of the 3 will have me liking the game, and 2 will have me loving it – 3 is really rare. I’ll be interested to find out if the plot has anything to do with the title…time travel would be cool.

  3. miruki says:

    I’m hoping for really good gameplay. This is such a classical RPG premise, it would be a pity if there wouldn’t be at least a little more gameplay than just standard AVG “gameplay”.

  4. Shiina says:

    it looks interesting. The basic fantasy, harem otome game style as usual, but has good art and seemingly good gameplay.

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