animate Shibuya and Shinjuku

October 21st, 2011

I decided to get both animates finished in one day. Turned out that was a good choice, since I didn’t get much at them anyways.
bslog and cool b
At one I just got the new B’s Log, which came with a Tokimemo 3 clearfile, and old Cool-B. and at the other, I didn’t get anything! They didn’t have any great extras for games, and not much choice for other stuff in otome games, so I headed over to the nearby Traders and bought a few games there.
Games Shinjuku
Both Peter Pan and Mother Goose from Quinrose, as well as Amnesia, which was one of the games I couldn’t get at Book Off, as well as Kaerubatake and Hetalia. Hetalia I bought mostly on a whim.

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2 Responses to “animate Shibuya and Shinjuku”

  1. Rita says:

    KAERUBATAKE! You haven’t played that yet? I definitely recommend it first. A warning about Mother Goose though, it’s not a really good game. I can barely qualify it as an otome game period. I’m actually pretty disappointed in a lot of Quinrose’s recent games.

    That being said, Peter Pan seems to be getting better reviews *hasn’t played it yet*

  2. lijakaca says:

    Yeah, I tried Mother Goose and it…sucks. I’ll try it again with ‘cheating’ and hopefully can get some actualy scenese, but the gameplay is just plain bad.

    Peter Pan is pretty fun, it’s standard visual novel with choosing where to go. And Quinrose always has good characters, though they’re almost/just as sociopathic as the Alice ones (but maybe that’s why we love them?)

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