Otome Road: Preview

October 22nd, 2011

I wanted to do some reconaissance for when we move to Ikebukuro tomorrow, so we went there and I did my first bit of Otome Road shopping.

First I had to find it, which was harder than I thought. Strangely enough, there are no big signs saying “OTOME ROAD THIS WAY!!!” and even though I had the shopping guide, I picked one landmark that was wrong and went kinda far before finding the right way.

However, I soon realized my mistake (the turning point was when I was following people because I figured they would be going towards the station, and it turned out they were going towards a college of some kind) and started paying attention to addresses (you know Japan does addresses by blocks, not streets, right?) and eventually found my way to the entrance. Which, by the way, also does not scream out, “Here is Otome Road! You have found the Mecca of otome games!!”, but at least the animate has its sign fairly high up and large so it’s hard to miss.

Since I have to move all my stuff tomorrow, I wasn’t fussed about buying a lot, more scoping out what’s available, so I just went to the animate and the Mandarake. The animate was good but had almost no extra thingies left for games, which I guess makes sense if it’s the popular place to order otome games from. I did get Crimson Empire finally, and it came with both the preorder special and the animate special, so 2 cds and a washcloth, yay! And I bought a couple clearfiles, because they’re cheap and I haven’t seen much Desert Kingdom or Renai Banchou merchandise. Of course there was tons of merch for Hakuouki and Starry Sky, but that’s always the case.
Otome Road games
The mandarake was great, and I again bought a bunch of CDs, and some doujinshi, as well as a few games (yay Bloody Call! I hadn’t seen it yet) they also had several of those huge boxes for the special Neoromance games (like the Treasure Box etc.), but without prices, so I was almost afraid to ask about them.
Otome Road CDs

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  1. Amal S says:

    Soo *.* ooh I want lol xDD I would love to if it’s cheaper to buy in Japan then over seas??? :3

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