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LOVE.101 Teaser Short Story!

December 31st, 2011

Happy New Year a day early (or right on time for anyone over the date line)! The prequel for Ivan is up on the LOVE.101 site! This is the first of a series, one for each guy, and the next one will be in January for Raj. I hope it gives you an idea of what each guy is like. If you have comments, you can leave them here or feel free to email me! (lijakaca at yahoo dot com).

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Gekka Review

December 30th, 2011

I’ve now finished all the routes (there are four each) for three characters – Fuji-sensei, Aoi, and Wabisuke in Gekka Ryouran Romance. The four endings are decided by two stats, kindan no koi (forbidden love) and junai (innocent love). Each of these stats is further split into Hard and Normal endings, so for each character, there’s Kindan Hard, Kindan Normal, Junai Hard, and Junai Normal. The Kindan endings are totally different from Junai, and even Hard and Normal can be really different, so it’s worth doing them all. If you use the La Primavera guide, you can do up to chapter 5 for each character and then get each separate route in chapter 6, as long as you get the Blackouts – a minigame at the end of each chapter which is fairly simple. You roll the joystick as fast as possible to reveal a picture underneath, and if you succeed, each one will give you 5 extra points in both junai and kindan.

Fuji Sensei

Each character has their own major issues – and so far they’re fairly serious. Fuji (CV: Hirata Hiroaki) has a lot of baggage from an abusive relationship from his past (to not spoil things too much), Aoi (CV: Terajima Takuma) has a really good reason for not caring about the future (and no, he doesn’t have a terminal illness), and Wabisuke (CV: Hino Satoshi) has an obsessive sister complex. Wabisuke actually was a big part of one (two?) of Fuji’s endings, that’s why I got interested in him.


This game is, as advertised, pretty dark. In each route, the other characters seem fairly normal, but when you get into their routes, they`re all pretty messed up by one thing or another. I`ve enjoyed the stories, they`re all very different, although I still don`t really get why they focus on Nazuna so much (except Wabisuke, he has history with her). They all say things like she seems really pure, and they want some of her innocence, but whenver I see things like that I wonder that they couldn`t find any other normal girls at their school – Nazuna is principled but not usually a martyr, and at least one of her classmates seems just as nice as her. But this is something that you sometimes have to just accept in an otome game, and as long as you can suspend disbelief about that, most parts of the story make internal sense, even when it`s twisted sense.
There`s also sex! Of course it`s off-screen, but it`s fairly plainly laid out (it`s usually in the kindan hard route), and I found that very believable, because let`s be honest, angsty teenagers in love usually don`t stay chaste. Lastly, something I really liked was the monologues at the end of each chapter by the guy you went on a date with – it gives an idea of what they’re thinking and some foreshdowing, without taking all the suspense away.


As I described in the first thoughts post, the production values are very high in this game – the menus and dialogue boxes are very nice, and the art is beautiful. The characters are differentiated mostly by face and hair colour, they mostly have the same body type (tall and skinny), but they`re all quite attractive (still not sure about Seri though, he just LOOKS so young even though he`s not). The music is well chosen too, there are some creepy atmospheric tracks that enhance the feeling of wrongness in the stories when really bad things are revealed.

Overall, I`d recommend this for people who enjoy angst and real drama, as long as you can handle some heavy topics like abuse, mental instability, suicide attempts. etc. This is not the game you want to play when you want cheering up, but the characters are all fascinating in their own way and I do want to finish the rest of the routes. I think I’d even buy a fandisk, because there are three teachers who are fairly involved in the stories, but you don’t get to really know them well, and they’re all really good seiyuu as well, so I’m hoping that the fandisk will include scenes/routes for them (and considering one of them got 3rd place in the character popularity contest, there’s a good chance!). There is a drama CD and fanbook coming out in January as well.

So all in all, Gekka = thumbs up! And don’t forget to check the LOVE.101 site tomorrow for a short story!

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New Year’s Post LOVE.101

December 29th, 2011

Just an update, on December 31 (this Saturday) the LOVE.101 site will be updated with a short story. This is the first of monthly short stories to introduce the guys, so please check it out!

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December 27th, 2011

No posts until Friday! Off doing holiday stuff, but I am also playing through some more Gekka and Angelique. The Friday post will probably be a Gekka review.

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B’s Log December!

December 24th, 2011

I have to add some pics to the other news post, but for now, B’s Log had some announcements!

Apart from the new character in Tokimemo 3 GS PSP, Hasumi Tatsuya: