Beyond the Future – Intro

January 2nd, 2012

I got Beyond the Future -Fix the Time Arrows today, which I was really excited about, partially because it’s on the PS3 and I hoped it might be an RPG. I was wrong about that (oh well), but I thought I’d tell the story of the intro so far. I’ve played about 6 hours now, and still am missing two characters from my party, so I consider the intro pretty long.

Beyond the Future is about the gods of a certain world. Adonis (not that one) created the world, and his first wife whose name I can’t remember sacrificed her body to make the continent. Then each of their six children became the patron god of each major area.

The heroine Lilith is a novice at a temple for the first wife god, the goddess of love, and her fairy friend Camyu (CV: Suzuki Yuuto) has been with her her whole life. One morning her temple is attacked by a strange magical beast. An evil angel with black wings appears and tries to kill her, but a swordsman she just met, Kirite (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) saves her. While they’re fighting, a knight named Nayuta (CV: Fujiwara Yuuki) shows up as well. They manage to drive the black-winged man away, and Lilith receives a mysterious sceptre in the process from a strange voice that only she hears. Right after, a strange atmosphere envelops Lilith and Kirite, and Camyu realizes that someone is trying to teleport them somewhere. He and Nayuta follow them, and they all end up in a field far far away.

When discussing everything that’s happened, Nayuta says that as the captain of the White Lily Knights who works for the head priestess of Ingrid, one of the six cities, he’s been sent to bring Lilith to Ingrid because the head priestess had a vision that Lilith was going to destroy the world. Kirite says that he also got an assignment from Ingrid to bring Lilith, but adds that when they asked him (he’s a mercenary), they said Lilith didn’t have to be brought in alive.

Although Lilith has no idea what they’re talking about, she agrees to go with them and clear up whatever misunderstanding this is. So the group of four head to Ingrid, stopping in another major city Danis, on the way. The sceptre gets stolen, and in chasing the thief, Lilith is helped out by a confident young man named Sou (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki). Later they discover that he’s a fighter who’s in way too much debt for gambling, and it works out that he helps them get the sceptre back while they get him out of debt. He also decides to join them on their journey to Ingrid.

Finally they get to Ingrid and Nayuta and Lilith visit the main temple. Nayuta argues on Lilith’s behalf but the head priestess is sure that her vision and the voice she heard was from Ingrid, and that Lilith is a witch who must be killed to save the world.

Lilith is locked up, and Nayuta lets her out the night before she’s supposed to be killed by fire, but he refuses to come with her, saying he must take his punishment. When Lilith rejoins the others, they figure that he will probably be killed as an example for his disobedience, and Lilith decides that they should save him. Getting into the temple isn’t too hard, but when they get to Nayuta, he refuses to come with them, saying that he doesn’t know what to believe, and that he wants to die a knight of Ingrid. Then suddenly a voice calls to Nayuta, saying that it’s Ingrid, and that Nayuta should kill Lilith right then. Nayuta is even more conflicted, and Lilith calls the voice out, saying that if the voice really is a god, it should kill her itself and not try to make Nayuta and the head priestess to kill her without any proof of her being a witch. In arguing, the voice shows its true form, a black-winged person similar to the one who attacked Lilith’s temple. They all fight him off, and after it disappears, Nayuta vows loyalty to Lilith.

After escaping the temple, the group is trying to plan how they’re going to get out of the city when Lilith hears a faint voice. When they follow the voice, they mysteriously meet no guards and safely get out of the city, and when they finally get to the source, they find that it’s three demi-gods who are there to help them. They say they aren’t as powerful as the city-gods, but can do more direct, small interventions in the world. They tell Lilith that the evil black-winged person who attacked her temple used to be a god, but got angry at people and was erased from mankind’s memory. The world has fallen into a sickness of unbelief, antagonism and has lost some of its love. They ask Lilith to try and save mankind from this sickness, as well as the black-winged god. The demigods also tell Kirite, Nayuta, and Sou that they’re the chosen guardians of their respective city-gods for Lilith, and urge them to find the other three.

So now, we’re on the way to Midvan, and though two other major characters have shown up as shadowy figures, they haven’t encountered our party directly yet.

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