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L.G.S. Characters

February 29th, 2012

L.G.S. is the latest classic Chinese novel adaptation, coming this summer from Otomate from the PSP. I’ve translated the character relationship diagram on the website. Enjoy!

Taikoubou – a famous, genius military strategist. He makes excellent decisions on the battlefield to win, but will ruthlessly discard anyone he doesn’t see as useful. He’s arrogant and pushy, and a perfectionist, and strangely also very cheap.

Koutenka – A bright, gentle fellow sennin of Yousen’s. He was a human, but was kidnapped by the sennin. He’s a very hard worker. His demeanour is usually very polite and respectful, but once in a while shows his sharp tongue.

Shinjin – One of the 12 head sennin and Yousen’s master. He doesn’t talk a lot, and never gets emotional. Because of this, people think he’s cold, but he actually has very strong feelings, and considers Yousen very precious. He’s also very unlucky.

Kihatsu – a narcissistic prince who’s very odd, and sometimes confuses Yousen. However, in his base he’s fairly innocent and is the group’s moodmaker.

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Bounty Hunter Grimm

February 28th, 2012

Quinrose’s newest game is about a bounty hunter and the men she gets tangled up with – both the wanted men she hunts, and other bounty hunters. Not too much info right now, but here are the characters.
Heroine: Riza Bernet
Adolf Rooto – An up-and-coming bounty hunter who decides that Riza is his rival, he often shows up to compete with her. He also really looks up to Bremen.
Bremen Marsh – Riza’s mentor and former bounty hunter, now he runs a bar where bounty hunters come for info. He seems very nice, but actually still has underworld connections and is very crafty.
Henzel Nashkatz – A conman and thief who uses traps.
Gretel Nashkatz – With his older brother, also a thief who specializes in traps. Both brothers love sweets.
Jure Rosmond – An assassin who uses both knives and poison. He’s always sleepy and is often late.
Rapunzel Doturm – A master spy and thief, he pulls off really unusual stunts. Apparently the heroine met him in her past.

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March news!

February 23rd, 2012

The goodies this month are soooo goooood, this is why I can’t stop buying these magazines. GS3 PSP decals!!! Can I use right side Seiji, left side Arashi? Yeah, I think so :D
HUGE double-sided UtaPuri poster for Debut and a cute memo pad.
And lots of pretty mini-posters, including one of the to-die-for B’s Log cover (Ruka)

OK, enough of that, on to the news!