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February 18th, 2012

I’ve been so focused on Hakuoki (one friend already downloaded it and is playing through it intensely, I love it), I haven’t been doing too much new gaming, though I picked up Uta no Prince-sama again and am finally working through Otoya’s route. I tried to find a PV for the new game coming up, Debut, but couldn’t find any. Oh well! Since I did upcoming PV’s last week, I thought I’d put up some vids that are a little different.

Party games! I’m thinking of putting out my only “party” otome game (now I wish I’d bought the Hakuoki one!) but I’ve never actually played it.

First, Hakuoki Yuugiroku – after the 1.5 minute mark it shows more of the games:

And B’s Log Party, which I have:

Hah, does anyone remember Hanayoi Romanesque Ai to Kanashimi: Sore wa Kimi no Tame no Aria? It was interesting.

I thought Takuyo Mix Box would be good too, but it seems that it’s only an intro of several of their games. Too bad, because their games have some fun mini-games.

Speaking of Hiiro no Kakera (you watched the last vid right?), my friend reminded me of the futuristic Hiiro no Kakera last night. For anyone who’s played Hiiro no Kakera, the seiyuu for #1 and #4 are the same, but they REALLY change their voices (except Sugita, his is similar ^_^). I remembered a vid I saw that actually shows their voices to compare – I wish the clips were a little longer, but it does the job.

Hiiro no Kakera Koe Kurabe

Lastly, did anyone ever watch Rurouni Kenshin? It was one of the first anime I really got into, and I got ALL the fansubs – way back when they were on VHS! Picture my shock when I hear that, after all this time, they’re making a live-action movie for it. And even more shocking, it looks like it might be decent!

Kenshin movie trailer

I also found a bunch of Hakuoki fan vids, I might put some up later, although most require Japanese ability to understand.

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3 Responses to “Weekend videos!”

  1. Aaeru says:

    Btw thank you Lijakaca for the podcast~ I really enjoyed it

    hope more gets made in the future too!

  2. lijakaca says:

    Thanks so much! I had fun making it and would love to do another. Now I just need to find another victim – I mean partner ;D I have a couple in mind already, mwahaha, but it might depend on what people would be interested in hearing about. How about you? Is general otome news more interesting, or would you rather have a podcast on a few in-depth topics?

  3. Aaeru says:

    Hmm It’s tricky topic because I really think it was the uniqueness of hakuoki that brought English potential-fans and the JP-reading fans together. Otherwise we would all be spreadout. Otome-ge news in general always interests me but without images, when I am walking the dog I can’t see for sure why the games being mentioned could be good (cause I’m obsessed with pretty drawings).

    I guess news serves well in blog posts so if I had a choice, I would pick in-depth topics, like a brief run-down on one particular stereotype that keeps on coming back, OR examples of awesome heroines because the I-am-too-sweet generic main chara gets boring. or maybe even reviews. Reviews of the latest games you’ve played

    Also The Second Reproduction is a fully translated otome-ge that is about to come out as a fan release for English audience, maybe that’s a good one to reel in more hakuoki people, sort of like a recommendation to their next dish. For there are oh-so-few…

    Anyway, random thoughts. always paying attention to your blog ty for the awesome work!

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