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Harutoki 5 Fandisk

May 31st, 2012

Even though Harutoki 5 tied last year in an unofficial poll for the worst otome game of the year, I liked it enough to get the fandisk, and I’m playing it now. However, the problems with the first game have only partially been fixed.

One of the main problems was fixed, or at least it seems like it – I’m not going to explain fully because it’s a spoiler, but in the main game when you save the world, almost always a few particular people are sacrificed, there’s no way around it. And this problem is totally glossed over in the epilogues, which makes the heroine seem pretty jerky (unless you have magic disbelief-suspension abilities like me, or just assume that the writers screwed up and forgive the heroine). In the fandisk, it seems like the main plot is about how to prevent this, which actually makes me like the original game better as well.

But some of the other problems remain, not least of which is Neoromance’s continual refusal to provide full-voice, or even voiced scenes when it’s important. I can’t believe all the character-specific scenes aren’t voiced, it’s just ridiculous at this point. It makes me not want to buy their games. If they’d just provide more voices, I would be so much more willing to buy the overpriced special editions; instead I always buy the regular editions.

And my other problem with this Harutoki in particular is that in the CG’s, the heroine often looks emotionless, or non-human. Part of it is Mizuno Tooko’s artstyle – the huge eyes without pupils that she always gives heroines tend to look blank, but I swear she did better in #3 and #4.

Anyways, I’m just finishing up (hopefully) Ryouma’s route, then I’m going to stop in order to start either Brothers Conflict or Jyuzaengi, both of which I recently got. High school contemporary or Three Kingdoms catboys, hmmm…

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Short update on Anime North

May 26th, 2012

Just got back from the first day, things started slowly as they do, but got up to speed and I met some very cool people, including some fellow otome game fans and rem! Her art is so gorgeous. Tomorrow I’m bringing a ton of stuff to the otome/yaoi gaming panel, mags, extras, CDs/DVDs, and games. Because if I run out things to say, I can always wave pretty things around to get everyone’s attention again :D

May post tomorrow, or on Sunday if I’m too tired.

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June news!

May 24th, 2012

I put up some pics on my tumblr of the June otome magazine stuff.

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Anime North!

May 21st, 2012

For anyone who hasn’t read my back entries, I’m from Toronto. And once a year I help out at Anime North, one of the biggest anime conventions in North America. It’s on this weekend, May 25-27.

This year I’ll also be on the Otome & Yaoi Gaming Panel, which will be in the Sheraton Hotel at 6pm, in Collingwood Yaoi North (on the Anime North map it’s called Sheridan, but really it’s the Sheraton). I would LOVE it if anyone that reads the blog comes! Not only will we get to talk a whole lot about otome and yaoi games, but I’m going to be bringing a lot of fun things like otome gaming magazines, a bunch of otome PSP games, and other stuff if you’re interested in checking them out (I may have some goodies to give out if any of my readers are actually there too, I’m not above bribing people…)

There’s also the Tokyo Demons panel, which is 10AM11AM Saturday in the Doubletree Hotel. Also a great panel to check out, and the artist rem will be there too! Is anyone else going to Anime North?

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Genroh – Seiyuu announcements!

May 19th, 2012

I’m already excited for Genroh, especially now that the seiyuu have been revealed! There’s no release date yet, but I’m going to guess September or October. It’s set in the Heian era, 1179, the exact same timeframe as Harutoki 3, with some of the same characters.

Going from right to left: Heroine, Yoshitsune, Benkei, Kotarou, Tsugunobu, Tadanobu

Minamoto no Yoshitsune (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke) – The son of the Minamoto clan. His deepest desire is to beat the Taira clan, and he fully believes in his older brother Yoritomo in Kamakura. His mother gave him a flute which he keeps with him at all times, and he watches over the heroine.

Musashibou Benkei (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou) A former monk of Mt. Hiei who now works for Yoshitsune. He’s intimidating without even trying to be, so he often scares people. He likes to cook and seeing people enjoy food makes him happy. Though he doesn’t show much emotion, he’s actually good at looking after people. (I am totally doing his route first. I knew I would like him, and I love his voice actor too!)

Kotarou (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) – A quick, nimble young man who’s good at talking to people, he has his own reasons for working for Yoshitsune. He has a complex about being short and is determined to become even bigger than Benkei one day. He can’t seem to help being mean to the heroine.

Satou Tsugunobu (CV: Miki Shinichirou) – Yoshitsune’s comrade who lives with him in Hiraizumi. He’s very loyal, and is almost too straightforward in his moral code. He also loves swords so much, he does some blacksmithing. He sees the heroine as a younger sister.

Satou Tadanobu (CV: Suzuki Yuuto) – Tsugunobu’s younger brother who’s an archery expert, and is seen as a bit of a womanizer. He likes to tease the heroine and watch her reactions.

Mikage (CV: Koyasu Takehito) – Yoshitsune’s mysterious teacher, he actually tries to kidnap the heroine.

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Midweek vids

May 16th, 2012

Because I’m tired! And I’ve been meaning to post PVs for the last couple weeks and I keep forgetting…

Brothers Conflict is finally out, I might get it next week.

Toki no Kizuna!! Not a PV just the opening, but it’s the first vid I’ve seen for it. It’s SO PRETTY. And the heroine has a hawk! Can’t wait.

A gameplay vid of Black Wolves Saga. Rejet has a bunch up. I’m afraid to play this…

Hana Awase!! It says near the end that there will be three volumes at only 1470Y each, for Mizuchi (the eyepatch guy), Himeutsugi, and Karekurenagi/Utsutsu. Does this mean that Iroha (guy with the blue background) doesn’t have a route??

And a very well-drawn fanvid for TMGS3 (Seiji), no words:

Man, there are so many Tokimemo videos, I could do a whole post on them. Good time-wasting.

Jyuzaengi. The first 45 seconds are just announcing the seiyuu, so skip over that to get to the real PV (although honestly it seems like they’re mostly making really sure we see that the CGs have flowing hair and blinking eyes). I dunno about Ishida Akira’s character, his little kid voice here sounds pretty annoying.

And finally, Bakudan Handan:

Which I’m definitely getting, although I have a feeling I’ll end up only doing about half the routes.

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May 14th, 2012

I still haven’t finished even one route in Elkrone, though I swear I’ve been playing it quite a bit. I’m sure now that there is no gathering of materials except in the most visual novel way – you go to places during a scene and are told that you gather materials. No actual choice involved.

The alchemy is also foolproof – whenever you make something it’s for a specific purpose, and the ‘correct’ combination is the only one that you can do.

I’m disappointed that the alchemy is so shallow, but as a visual novel it’s not bad. You do get to choose what tasks to do each day and it’s impossible to do them all. Right now I’m just doing the ones involving my target (Ralph) and then after that, either random tasks or I choose to skip out on them altogether and just mind the store. The tasks are separated into four sections; one for the three major festivals that occur during spring, and then one for Other (which seems to be related to the fairy Popotte maybe, or possibly a past Alchemist?).

C’est tout for today, I should finish Ralph tomorrow.

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Yandere Heaven

May 11th, 2012

I’ve heard of this but didn’t pay much attention – there are lots of drama CD series around. But Yandere Heaven is coming to the PC this year, so we can all get stalked and potentially killed by the guys who love us just.that.much.

But hey, since I haven’t read up on it, I could be wrong – it could be an exaggeration. So let’s take a look – there’s still only a teaser for the game (which the pic is from), but there are some drama CDs.

So I went to the site, and did some sample listening. The first one features your little stepbrother Kakeru, and your sempai Atsushi.

When you listen to the samples, they seem to be more about getting rid of the other guy rather than blowing up at you.

Because this was the first edition, released two years ago, I thought I should check out a more recent one.

This one is about a girl, her fiancé, and her butler. This one also seems to focus more on the rivalry, although they do sound kinda crazy when insisting that she only care about them.

Although the characters definitely go into creep mode, in a fictional setting it doesn’t seem so bad.
Yandere Heaven
However, the teaser pic for the game…suggests even more serious craziness. I’ll have to see more about the plot before deciding whether to get this or not.

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R-18 otome games are bad

May 7th, 2012

I just finished reading hinano’s post on R18 otome games, and I agree so hard with about 90% of it. I’m going to talk about sex and some pretty unpleasant things, so please be warned.
Read the rest of this entry »

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Atelier Elkrone First Play

May 4th, 2012

I got a bunch of games last night:

After not too much debate, I started up Elkrone first. One, I really want to see if there’s a good alchemy minigame, because I love collecting and making things in-game (yeah I am that annoying crafter in MMORPGs that wants all the recipes). And Otomate has done it before – Kanuchi had a crafting system that I really liked. And two, I’ve played Xechs and Harutoki 5 so the FDs can wait, and Bloody Nightmare…I need to work myself up to it, I hear it’s really dark. If it’s anything like Gekka Ryouran it’s gonna be intense. Vampire Sweetie I’ll probably play in fits and starts.

So far in Elkrone, I’ve only made one thing, but it seems really simple. You need three ingredients, and from my understanding you already have one or two of them (they’re more like catalysts and they don’t get used up) that you get from your fairy friend Popotto. Doesn’t seem very complicated, as you can tell when you have a match. I haven’t gone collecting yet though, so maybe that is more involved.

As for l’amour, I’m pretty sure I’ll go for Ralph (the main guy) first. I’m not even out of the intro, I’ve only met him, Johanne the adventurer, and the old weapon shop guy (voiced by none other than Madao! Gintama’s ruined me for this guy’s voice, good thing he’s not catchable). Ralph is a former classmate and classic tsundere, really obvious and pretty cute.

That’s it for now! Once I have more idea of the story (no idea if there’s an overarching plot but there are some hints) I’ll post again. And tomorrow or Sunday will be video time!

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