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September 23rd, 2012

For a request! I love doing these posts, it’s a change from my long texty rambles.

24ji no Cinderella
I’m hoping to get this this week, yay!

The VitaminZ fandisk, Graduation! Mostly a mashup of them in their new outfits.

Here are a couple of teaser movies (not the OP and not a promo, so not as much material) for some of the newest announced games,

Princess Arthur:

and Norn9.

School Wars
I love that the heroine is holding a big AK47 in the beginning – though I don’t think I’ve seen any CGs with it.

Hyakki Yakou



I don’t really like the slow pace of the PV, so here’s the OP as well (as one commenter says, it’s reminiscent of the anime themes from the 90’s).

Confidential Money – I’m not really interested in this, but I like the video – it’s different than the usual montage, and shows what the characters roles are in the team pretty well.

Diabolik Lovers
This one’s gonna be a hit. I’m not getting it right away though.

And Koezaru wa Akai Hana, the newest R18 game which I’m waiting for now (we’ll see how long Customs holds it up). I like the music and the art is pretty cute, and I’m hoping it’s good.

Tokimemo 1&2 are being released very cheaply in a double pack this year (4500Y for both).
Here’s OP1 – I didn’t know B’z did the song, they’re pretty huge

and OP2

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4 Responses to “Upcoming Game Vids”

  1. Tinuviel says:

    Yay videos! I’m looking forward to your review of 24ji no Cinderella! I also liked the trailers for Diabolik Lovers and Koezaru wa Akai Hana.

  2. Raine says:

    Can’t wait for the review on Koezaru wa Akai Hana!
    24ji no Cinderella looks really good! Also Princess Arthur and Norn9.
    I don’t know why but I got turned off a bit on Diabolik Lovers after I listened to the drama CDs….everyone seems to like them though. ^^”

  3. lijakaca says:

    I got both Cinderella and Koezaru the last couple days, yay! So I’m playing them both (going back and forth, eheh.

    Yeah the drama CDs for DiaLovers sounded really…dark, so I was turned off the game too. But my tastes usually run to the happy end of the drama spectrum.

  4. Raine says:

    Nice… I would love to read your review (if you have time to write them, of course) :D.
    I listened to Raito’s 24hr CD, it’s actually better than the first ones. Lucky, lol.

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