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May 4th, 2013

It’s the weekend!!! This has been a long week, so to help relax I found some videos of upcoming otome games. These are my favourite type of posts (and the fastest to write!).

Tiny x Machine Gun coming out May 30! Set in NYC and with a voiced heroine who’s a young police officer with Vaneast (which always makes me think of Vancouver), Tiny Mc(Mac?)Daniel (CV: Tamura Yukari). It was a long time in development but I can’t wait to play it. The website is also very cool for a Flash site.

Princess Arthur

Yeah, it’s out already, I’ve finished it, but I loved it, so here it is! The music is great and I loved the characters.


Toki no Kizuna Fandisk

Toki no Kizuna Hanayui Tsuzuri comes out July 25, and like the original looks to have gorgeous art. I didn’t think the romance was done that well, but it’s very dramatic and the characters themselves were pretty good (I’ve only done two routes so far.)



Coming out very soon, May 23, there’s lots of excitement about this one! The overarching plot is still mysterious (to me anyways), I hope the story is good. Norn9 also has three voiced heroines!


Shiratsuyu no Kai

Kind of horror, kind of supernatural? The heroine is taken to an overnight ‘kimodameshi’ at a remote shrine by the guys, planning on telling ghost stories until the sun rises. But they find something really old and terrible through a hidden door to the underground, and though they leave, it leaves a mark on the heroine, bringing the guys back, pulled by their ‘destinies’. Interesting to see something where the atmosphere is this creepy; the only other otoge I can remember trying this psychological horror is Kurayami de Kimi o Matsu (which btw, I think would be right up Aksys’ alley if they wanted another game to adapt.) I think I’ll play this one during the daytime only.


Urakata Hakuoki

Finally a totally new Hakuoki! New characters, new heroine (YAYYYYY!), new artstyle. Comes out May 30; that reminds me, I need to order it!


Getsuei no Kusari

This is the first new game from Takuyo in almost a year, the art is really interesting. I got the game (actually I mistakenly ordered two copies…anyone interested in buying it from me?) but haven’t played it yet.



I think this one is fairly straightforward; a game to enjoy the purity and innocence of your first boyfriend (or what you nostalgically remember as purity and innocence perhaps, lol)


0 ji no Cinderella

I’ve been anticipating this one since October when I finished 24ji. I like all the sisters, and Elise seems to have hidden depths. I’m having a hard time deciding who to go for first though – would Halloween ruin me for other routes?? Would Ralph be too straightforward? I might do Elmer or Astin just to see what the game is like, then enjoy my two favourites at leisure :D These games are fairly short so I don’t think I’ll have a problem finishing them.



Yes, it was pushed back to June 28, but just look at how cute those character designs are! I am going to play this ALL THE TIME as soon as I get it. There’s a demo available for download now, just click the pink button!


Dot Kareshi

Mostly a situation CD series with a little game added on (I’m not sure how it will be sold), it’s about old-school RPG characters that ‘went wrong’ after you played the game – from being neglected or just from falling in love, I’m not sure. I hope the game is at least medium-sized, the idea is just awesome. It would be amazing to play an old-school-type Final Fantasy where the characters interact with you between fights and while you wander and stuff (but still using the 8-bit world map etc.!)


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