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O*G*A Preview

July 31st, 2013

O*G*A has a few drama CDs out already, and Otomate just released a game for PSP, Onigokko Royale, Hunter wa Field de Koi o Suru. The premise is that Onigokko (hide and seek) is now a sport. The heroine enters high school and is recruited to be the OGA team’s manager. OGA stands for Onigokko Grand Athletics.

Characters (this link has all the chara pics, and their names are in English as well so you can see who they are):
Ogaki Ayumu (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) – A first year. He easily melts into the background, so much that it bothers him. Though he’s new to OGA, this talent is serving him well.

Tendou Ran(CV: Morikubo Shoutarou) – A first year in OGA, and a rookie. He’s been watched since he was in middle school, and definitely has skill, but also has a lot of pride and hates to lose.

Kishiro Daichi (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) – A third-year, and the head of the OGA club. He makes decisions coolly but has a strong fighting spirit. He has a habit of seeing what’s in someone’s heart by their smell. He’s also called Oni no Daichi.

Tamabuki Fusanosuke (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa) – A third-year, and vice-head of the OGA club. He’s very stylish and has a lot of female fans, but always goes at his own pace. His nickname is “Kirakira Tamasama”. His favourite drink is “Dorodoro Peach Au Lait”.

Kagami Ginji (CV: Mori Shingo) – A second year who doesn’t talk much. His forte is gathering and analyzing data. His nickname is the “Ningen (Human) Computer”.

Mitsurugi Kanata (CV: Kamakari Kenta) – A second year and moodmaker, he’s always carryinh sweets. Perhaps because he has several younger sisters, he’s very good at looking after his kouhai. He often teams up with Ginji.

Kagami Shidou (CV: Wada Daisuke) – A first year in the news club who’s very curious and lively, he commentates the OGA matches and is called the OGA-DJ. He’s Ginji’s little brother and Ayumu’s best friend, and often visits the OGA club.

During the regular part of the game, you choose where to go twice a day. You can see where the characters are. Along with the regular love events, when you win a match, you get special team event scenes. There’s also a conversation part which uses Live2D, called Heart Hunt. You have to respond to the guy’s comments and his heart gauge will go up or down accordingly.  This part will affect characters’ affection levels so it’s important.

The way you play OGA is you have two teams of three in a field. At each end of the field there’s a Treasure Pole. You get points for touching the pole in the opposing team’s area. If you’re touched by an opposing team member, you have to leave the field for a while.

O*G*A Match System

O*G*A Match System

Before each match you’ll discuss strategy, and then during the game you can tell the team members what to do, such as special attacks. Also, characters who have a high affection level will get increased stats as well.

I just got the game in the mail and haven’t played it yet, but I wanted to get this post out first! Yay for otome games with gameplay!! I hope it’s fun and not too hard…

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Girl’s Style News!

July 30th, 2013

Man, it’s been too long. Now that Sparkler Monthly #1 is launched, I’m determined to do some blogging here! I missed it.

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Old? July news

July 29th, 2013

Hey, I had written this a long time ago but it was offline so I never posted it. Some news from last month! And this month’s will be up this week as well, though first I am finishing the O*G*A post which I started long ago and never finished.


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