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December 7th, 2013

I am not dead, and I’m playing games! November was really busy at my day job and of course with Sparkler too, but I’ve been playing a bunch of games and want to do some posts!

First up will be a review of Exorcism of Maria Complete Edition (Danzai no Maria), but I want to fully complete it before I do a review – it takes a long time! Other posts I want to do:

I hope it will be a post-filled December!

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2 Responses to “Upcoming posts!”

  1. AoTan says:

    Hello! …just wanted you to know there are still people lurking around here :)Thank you for still writing!

    Did you like Norn and Hanasaku Manimani? I thought Hanamani was really good (the best I’d played in a while…there are so many lackluster titles with gorgeous art…oh, but Getten no Hana was pure love <3 and that was recent, wasn't it? Can't wait for the FD! ). I really liked the characters in Norn, too. I'm surprised there isn't talk of a FD…or prequel. I loved the twisty backstory/world/society thing.

    Oh well, back to lurking…


  2. lijakaca says:

    Oh man, I just typed out a big response to this and then hit Cancel by mistake >.>;; Ugh. Well, I liked all those games – I played Norn first, as I tried Hanasaku but the intro is…long. Dare I say it, too long. When I say intro, I mean the part setting up the story and introducing the characters, pretty much until she becomes a kabuki.

    Then I played Norn, and there FEELINGS from right after you change perspective from the boy. So I played a bunch of routes there, and loved them a lot! I still have to finish a couple because some of them are kind of intense, so I want to space them out. I’m still hoping for a fandisk or sequel, I think it did pretty well so…

    Geten no Hana I finished all but one route (the bad guy one) quite a while ago, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but it was really fun! I liked the transformation mechanic, and loved pretty much all the characters – it’s really hard for me to pick a favourite. I have a confession to make: I actually ordered the Treasure Box version of the fandisk because I liked it so much ^_^;; Totally too expensive but I can’t wait!

    And now I’ve finally finished a couple routes in Hanasaku, I tried Waku at first but he’s tough for a beginner, so I did the brothers and really liked both of them. I’m saving Haku and Yoshida-san (not 100% sure that’s the name) for last because I think they’ll be awesome.

    I could write so much more but then I should probably just make a post for them each, heh.

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