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PSP 2014 Games Part 2

February 15th, 2015

Oh man, I could do so much more game playing before posting this, but it’s already late, so here you go!

Black Code

Unfortunately I forgot to buy this one from Quinrose, so I haven’t played it.  すみません>.>;;

Regular Edition                                    Limited Edition

Koezaru wa Akai Hana – Taiga wa Mirai wo Tsumugu

Regular Edition

The R18 version of this was really good, and though the explicit scenes were important to the character routes, I think they could replace them with non R-18 scenes fairly easily to show similar developments. I’m not including it in the judgement though, since it’s an adaptation.

Chou no Doku, Hana no Kusari: Taishou Irokoi Ibun PSP

Regular Edition                                    Limited edition

Another R18 game (really good) adapated to PSP and PS Vita. I also haven’t played this version, so I can’t comment on it much. The art in the game is so much nicer than the original character designs, I think the artist developed a lot of on it. And Kondou Takashi is amazing in it!

Satomi Hakkenden Hachitama no Ki

Regular Edition                                    Limited Edition

From Quinrose, another game I haven’t played.

Prince Pia Carrot

Regular Edition

This female-targeted version of a harem game series (Pia Carrot) took a while to come out, and it’s a fairly basic love sim. You’re a high school girl who ends up being the only girl working at a popular family restaurant well-known for its cute waiters, most of whom also go to your high school. There are common archetypes used for the characters, and at first I wasn’t expecting much, but the stories are pretty well-written. However, though I tried to get the best endings, for at least the youngest guy, his plot felt unfinished.  I couldn’t find a guide so I’m not sure if I missed anything. Overall, it was better than I expected, but not amazing.

Gakuen K

Regular Edition                                    Limited Edition

I didn’t pay attention to this at all in the magazines, so I had almost no idea what it was about. The heroine transfers into a very modern high school with superpowered students attending classes alongside regular kids. It has regular clubs, and clubs based around superpowers which take colours for their names (the ones shown in the game are Blue, Red, and Silver). The heroine has some sort of power which caused her trouble at her old school, but she doesn’t know much about it. When she first arrives, all the super-clubs fight over inviting her to join them, and depending where you choose, you have different possible routes.

Considering I wasn’t interested in it at all, I enjoyed it a lot. However, I think it has two major problems – each route is pretty short (I finished four routes in the time I’d expect to finish two) and…there is no plot. Since the story is about kids with superpowers, I thought they would be used for something important, but nope – in each route the heroine finds out about her own power (which seems to be different in each route), but it’s not really used, and there’s no real conflict. I was also disappointed at how little romance there was in two of the four routes I did. Literally, in two of them the guy never says he likes you.  Without a plot to take its place, it felt like something was missing. There’s a ‘hidden’ character who seems like he connects some threads, but since I can’t tell anything after doing four routes I don’t think it’s an overarching theme.

Minus 8

Regular Edition                                    Limited Edition

This game is probably the most difficult to sell – I didn’t finish any routes for months after I started.  It’s quirky, and fun, but I had to work at it to get to where I could enjoy it. The art is very childish, and the characters are extremely odd – if you think of how Bakudan Handan/Sweet Fuse’s characters were a lot different than regular otome characters, these guys are even more so. The theme of the game is ‘unfortunate’, as in guys that would be attractive except for one major flaw, a heroine that has a knack for pulling the short straw in everything, and situations that would be fun or cool except for one major thing that goes wrong. You also have to let go of commonsense to enjoy it – the school is going bankrupt and somehow the only way it can succeed is to have a certain number of students become couples during the school year, so all school events and grades are based on throwing boys and girls together, resulting in some unbelievable setups.

It’s hard to get into. It took me a long time, and even now, out of the 8 guys, there are a couple I’m really not interested in at all. However, when I let go of commonsense and expectations (partly based on all my other otome gaming and romance reading experience, hah) I actually had a fun time playing it. And really, it’s refreshing in a way to get an otome game that’s so different in many ways.


 Mermaid Gothic

Regular Edition                                    Limited Edition

Look at that cover, pretty gorgeous right? I really looked forward to playing this game from Quinrose about a mermaid. Unluckily for me, I can’t find my game disc!! I’m afraid I might have left it at my parents’ house over Christmas :( I have to leave this out since I haven’t been able to play it at all. It’s really annoying being able to see the pretty package on my shelf and not be able to play it!


Shinobi Koi, Utsutsu


Regular Edition                                    Limited Edition

Here it is – this was my favorite PSP game this year. Let me state right now that I have a strong bias towards the character artist (Nakamura Ryuutoku), I love his style and find all the designs really appealing. However, I also like the setup, the heroine, Kaede, and the writing here too. Ninja school around the 18th century (I think, this is alternate Japanese history where ninja school is a thing), with a genki heroine who accidentally uses her family’s secret technique causing the opposite sex to go crazy over her for a very short time. It’s kind of hilarious and kind of scary how it affects each character in different ways, revealing more about them than they want. All the characters had interesting personalities and quirks, and I even enjoyed the semi-shota character route (he’s technically the oldest student but looks the youngest). But really, what made this game the best for me was the heroine – she’s pretty focused on improving her ninja skills and becoming a full-fledged ninja, and doesn’t let the usual crap from jealous classmates bother her. If you played Musketeer and appreciated the goal-oriented heroine, you’ll probably like Kaede.

I wish this would get a fandisk really badly – but the Vita version is coming out in a few months with more scenes and new characters, so I guess that will be like the fandisk.

I just realized that though I wrote a review months ago, I never finished it up and posted it (I really failed at blogging last year!), so I’ll post that soon after this.


I haven’t played most of these, so not all of them have comments. Lots of fandisks/sequels this year (I still haven’t decided whether the Quinrose games are fandisks, since it’s obvious they plan them as two games from the start).

Romeo and Juliet

Regular Edition                                    Limited Edition

Arabians Doubt

Regular Edition                                    Limited Edition

Geten no Hana FD Yume no Akari

Regular Edition                                    Treasure Box

I splurged and got the treasure box for this one (yolo right? and yeah I totally named it wrong on my tumblr) and it was really nice. I enjoyed the original game way more than I expected (full voice helped a lot) and was very satisfied with this as well. The premise is that you finished out the original game with the normal (i.e. no romance) good ending, and everyone’s back in town temporarily. The gameplay is very similar to the first game and there’s a clear plot. Really great revisiting all the characters, and I liked the new ones too – Kanbee is super hot, I’ll just say that now. The romances were really cute. I think this is my favourite fandisk of the year.

Iza, Shutsujin! Koisaku Dai Ni Makukai hen

Regular Edition 1                                    Regular Edition 2             Limited Edition 1            Limited Edition 2

Satomi Hakkenden 2/FD Hamaji Hime no Ki

Regular Edition                                    Limited Edition
Quinrose – I actually got confused as to what was fandisk and what wasn’t here – I haven’t played the original game so if I’m mistakenly putting the original game here please let me know.

Kin’iro no Corda 3 Another Sky various

These games might sound like a cheap way for Koei to produce more games, but I don’t think so – they have to make new backgrounds, use new music, write new stories and record new dialogue. The game engine and sprites are pretty much reuseable, but honestly I figure they deserve to get some more use out of it, considering how much more gameplay there is in these games than most of the otome genre. And personally, I really enjoyed the chance to develop relationships with the guys in their own schools.

Jinnan Regular Edition                  Jinnan Treasure Box

Shiseikan Regular Edition             Shiseikan Treasure Box

Amane Regular Edition                  Amane Treasure Box

Heart no Kuni no Alice Wonderful Twin World

Is this a fandisk? Its hard to tell now with all the Alice games. I didn’t play this one, if anyone wants to comment how it compares to the other Alice games I’d love to know.

Regular Edition                                    Limited Edition

Jyuuzaengi Engetsu Sangokuden 2

Regular Edition                                    Limited Edition

Taisho no Kitan FD: Koto no Hazakura

Regular Edition                                    Limited Edition

Urakata Hakuoki FD: Akatsuki no Shirabe

Regular Edition                                    Limited Edition

I’ve only played one route here, and it took quite a while – I only finished one route in the original game too, so I really have to do some work on this one. The route was good, pretty intense, not as fluffy as many fandisks are (you can decide whether you like that or not).

Snow Black FD: Snow Magic

Regular Edition                                    Limited Edition

Haven’t played yet.

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