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Otome game videos – English language edition!

April 29th, 2015

Here are some videos for games that are being localized to English, or (this is a copout) that I think should be! Usually I do these posts for the weekend, but…I really want it to be Friday, so this is going out early. Plus I just heard about the latest on the list and can’t restrain my joy!

I actually put this in BEFORE the recent Aksys announcement that they were localizing it – I’m so happy Code: Realize is coming to English fans! I recently finished it (full comp except for bad endings!) and I really liked it. All the stories were really good, several were bittersweet (which means I really want a fandisk), the graphics were beautiful, and I recommend it strongly. Look at this OP, isn’t it pretty? I love the costume design (separate from the character design, which I also like). Steampunk alternate history Victorian London with Arsène Lupin and Van Helsing! You can’t go wrong – well, you can, but Code: Realize did it right.

Amnesia V! I believe this is the version coming to English gamers from Idea Factory International, unfortunately only in digital copies (but honestly I’ll take what I can get).

Ozmafia! I was incredibly happy when this was announced as being translated by Mangagamer , and I think it will be great – lots of routes and a truly interesting story when you play everything. Also, that fairly addictive OP is by a boy band, Article One, from Ontario! Crazy.

Sweet Fuse At Your Side – this is old but it’s still great, and still one of the few otome games available in English commercially.

Nameless – available on Steam right now by Cheritz and Crobi, this creepy and cute otome game is fully-voiced in Korean. I’m doing a review of it soon, but for now check out the video!

And finally, the fandisk I’m most looking forward to this year, Shinobi Koi Utsutsu Yuzuki Hana Koi Emaki for the Vita. Coming this June! Maybe if Code: Realize does well…

Also, there are TONS of indie otome games being made in English, I’m going to post about them soon (after the Nameless review). If you know of one please let me know in the comments or on twitter or anywhere! I’m sure I only know a small portion of what’s out there.

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