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Game journal – Aug 16

August 18th, 2015

Since Vamwolf Cross was pushed back three weeks, I had to wait for my June games for what felt like forever. In the meantime, I ended up installing and playing FFXIV, Square-Enix’s rebooted MMORPG. It just got an expansion, named Heavensward, so I picked up both on Steam not realizing that Heavensward is useless before you get to level 50, lol.

FFXI was my first MMORPG way back in the day before I (re)started playing console games, and though I didn’t get that far (highest level was 37 I think?), it took over my life enough that I had to quit cold turkey. It was pretty unforgiving, and I was really afraid that FFXIV would be similar. I have enough to do without a third job on top of my day job and Chromatic!

Anyways, it seems Square-Enix really learned a lot from being marginalized by WoW and other MMOs, and FFXIV, at least in the early stages, is pretty easy to pick up and play at your own pace, and the story, while a little bland in the beginning, seems to get better and better. I haven’t had any bad run-ins with other players yet, though reading some reddit threads scares me a bit about dungeons. I’ve done a few which have been ok, but it seems people don’t like newbies watching the cutscenes while they have to wait? Seems kind of ridiculous to me. Anyways, just like other MMORPGs, it requires some grouping, so you have to have certain level of don’t give-a-fuck or it’s too stressful when you have jerks in a group or make a mistake.

There are tons of callbacks to previous FFs, from the classes and jobs to monsters, and there’s even a Gold Saucer casino with chocobo racing. It’s pretty great for FF fans just for nostalgia, but I’m enjoying it even apart from that. Right now I’m lost in the fun of gathering and crafting. One thing I love about FFXIV (FFXI had this too), is that one character/avatar can be any job. You start off in one of three main cities depending on which class you pick first, and all you have to do to get another class is visit that guild. They’re spread out among the three starter cities.

I’ve had no problem with having enough money since I’m leveling all my crafter/gatherer classes together. And one of the annoying things about FFXI, travel, is pretty much fixed here too. Towns and cities have a crystal which, once you attune yourself to them once, you can travel to them from anywhere just paying some money. SO MUCH better than FFXI where you had to beg or pay a mage to teleport you, or run out to the middle of a zone somewhere. It also makes crafting/gathering much easier, because zones each have their own crops which are fairly limited.

Overall, I recommend FFXIV for fans of FF who are thinking of an MMORPG. There’s a 30-day trial period which I’m still in myself, so you’d have to re-evaluate after that whether it’s worth subscribing for ~$15 monthly. I don’t know if I’ll continue, since I have just a few otome games waiting for me, but in the meantime it definitely scratches an RPG itch really well.

And speaking of otome games…I got both my June and July shipment-yay!! Now I’m drowning in new games, and it’s glorious. Can I brag and list all the games?? Since this is my blog, I’m gonna go ahead and do that.

June shipment:

July shipment:


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