Quinrose’s Parent Company Bankrupt

October 2nd, 2015

What a shock when I saw this today!

Here’s a very rough translation of an article at Inside by Tsukui Kazuhito aka Sososo:


Female-targeted Game Brand ‘Quinrose”s Art Move Has Announced Bankruptcy – Heart no Kuni no Alice Series etc.

The parent company of game brand ‘Quinrose’, which makes female-targeted love adventure games, has halted operations and handed the business to a lawyer for debt consolidation.

It has become clear that the company stopped operations on Sept 25 and handed the business over to a lawyer. The amount of liabilities outstanding is still under investigation.

The ‘Quinrose’ brand mostly produced such games as Heart no Kuni no Alice and Arabian’s Lost for the PS Vita, PSP, and PC. It also sold related items such as soundtrack and drama CDs.

However, amidst increased competition and large changes in the market such as the upsurge in mobile gaming, sales dropped sharply. The company determined that it could not recover, and so stopped operations.

It is unclear as of 3pm on Oct 2 2015, what will happen to New Edition Majoou and Heart no Kuni no Alice~Wonderful Twin World~, slated for release on the PS Vita on October 22 2015 and October 29 2015 respectively. The ‘Quinrose’ brand portal site and game websites are still online as of today, so it’s possible that some announcement may be made there or on the Sony PS Vita website. For those who were planning on buying these games, or who have preordered, keep an eye out for further information there.

I had no idea this was coming. From what I understand Quinrose was pretty much run by one person, I was kind of amazed at how prolific the company was, even if I had stopped buying all their games. Now I really really wish they’d done a decent job translating the mobile Alice game, because I’m sure they would have gotten at least some buyers for that.

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3 Responses to “Quinrose’s Parent Company Bankrupt”

  1. Hinano says:

    It was run by 1 person who exploited her freelance staff to cut costs which is why they had so many low quality releases. I didn’t know it was coming this soon but I figured it would come sooner or later seeing how most of their releases in the past year were just half assed vita ports with 0 new content.

  2. lijakaca says:

    Yeah, I did some reading on 2chan after I heard, and though it’s still sad that the titles a lot of people love like Alice are orphaned, I’m not surprised. Even I stopped ordering all their releases since I got tired of them releasing half of a game at once, then the other half a few months later.
    I heard (didn’t go deep enough to see it myself) that the owner actually went on 2chan and threatened a staffer (not sure if current or former) who was talking about the awful working conditions with blackmail or something.
    I also heard that Mermaid Gothic, which had a 18+ release for mobile (I never saw it), used badly photoshopped art that the original artist disavowed having worked on.

    All in all, not as surprising as I originally thought, and maybe for the best.

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