Lijaka is a huge otome game fan and has been watching fansubs (on VHS!), reading manga, and playing video games for a looong time. She also has a thing for shoujo manga, Final Fantasy, historical and paranormal romances, soccer, and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, please contact me, I love talking about otome games , if you couldn’t tell by my huge posts :)

FAQ for otome games:

1. What are they? Otome games are romance videogames, targeted to women, and featuring mostly heterosexual monogamous relationships. They range from a visual novel style, where the gameplay is mostly about making dialogue or action choices that affect the story, to puzzle gameplay, to simulation where you build up stats, to full out RPG style gameplay.

2. Where can I find them? Right now most otome games are made in Japanese. Only a couple commercial games have been translated to English – Princess Debut for the Nintendo DS and Yo-Jin-Bo (currently out of print) for the PC. You can order Japanese games at YesAsia.com (except PC games) and Play-Asia.com. There are also some original independent English games coming out, you can find some at Ren’py.

3. What does (CV) and seiyuu mean?
CV is short form for Character Voice, and seiyuu means voice actor(s).

Good posts for new otome fans:
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If you have any questions to add, please let me know in the comments or email me!

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