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O*G*A Mini-review

August 7th, 2013

I’ve played through O*G*A a couple times now, finishing one route. Overall I’d say it’s fun, but definitely on the short side.

The time period of the game only really covers a few days at school where the heroine is recruited as manager, and then a week of training camp on an island (hence the game’s name, The Hunter Falls in Love on an Island.) When you’re on the island, there’s another school team of three guys who your team has already beaten (in one of the drama CDs I think), who are there to help you train, as well as a mysterious pair of twins who don’t belong on an official team but are obviously very good, and a top player from a pro team.

The love system is pretty unforgiving – because I made one wrong choice near the end, I got a generic ending the first time. Though to be fair, there’s often one crucial decision near the end of a route, I also didn’t have full affection because of only one other decision I made wrong earlier. It’s made harder because you should win all of your games (except one near the beginning that’s a forced lose) to get the best ending.

The minigame of oni-gokko is not too difficult once you get the hang of it, although sometimes you get bad luck. You pick three players (one site recommends using the same team throughout for some reason related to extras), and your target should always be on your team (since he gets stronger as his affection goes up, it makes sense anyways). You first choose the players, then four strategies that can be switched between during the game using the right keypad. You can customize these, but don’t forget to have at least one where the players are resting (otherwise their energy never refills and they get really slow). The four actions that can be done are attack(red), defend(green), support(purple), and rest (blue). Oh, and a match is called a “Hunt”, and all the players are Hunters.

Every day you choose where to go and who to talk to, have an event with them where you usually have a Live2D chat with them which can increase your affection level, then meet up with everyone and play a game. If you win that game, you get an evening event with the whole group.

The last game of the camp is against the twins and the pro. I won it pretty easily the first time but lost the second time – but then got some extra dialogue which basically had me win anyways. I’m not sure if I would get anything extra if I won fair and square.

There’s no epilogue back at school or anything, so the end feels a bit abrupt. You do get some extra scenes by doing challenges in the ‘Special’ section – I haven’t played any yet.

Since I’ve only done one route I won’t comment on the characters. I will say that the Live2D for the one guy I finished, Ougaki, was a bit creepy – but I think it’s because of his character design. He’s the one with huge eyes and bags, which are emphasized even more in Live2D.

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B’s Log News

August 4th, 2013

For whatever reason all the news was pushed back past page 90 of this month’s B’s Log but hey, whatever!

Shinobi Koi Utsutsu Situation CD Cover

Shinobi Koi Utsutsu Situation CD Cover

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Sweet Princess News!

August 2nd, 2013

Usually Sweet Princess doesn’t have much new stuff, but this month it did!

Sanzen Sekai Yuugi Multiverse Myself, the 18+ PC sci-fi game from girls dynamics, is coming August 30! That seems fast, especially since the scenes they show are just line art…

The other news in Sweet Princess is that there’s a new 18+ label, As’Ring, and they’re making a game called Onedari Sharemate. It’s tentatively scheduled for next spring. The heroine, Ayumi, is a 25-year-old teacher who wants to be like the inspiring teachers in dramas (I hope she wants to be like Kumiko!) and has almost no experience with boys because in school she was plain. She had an older sister who died in an accident, and Ayumi’s first love was this sister’s fiancé, Kai Shintarou. She moves out from her parents’ house into a boarding house owned by Shintarou and is dismayed to find it’s all guys.

The characters are:

The creators say they want to make various types of relationships possible, from just enjoying living in the same house as your boyfriend, to stirring up trouble in a love triangle, to a harem, etc.

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O*G*A Preview

July 31st, 2013

O*G*A has a few drama CDs out already, and Otomate just released a game for PSP, Onigokko Royale, Hunter wa Field de Koi o Suru. The premise is that Onigokko (hide and seek) is now a sport. The heroine enters high school and is recruited to be the OGA team’s manager. OGA stands for Onigokko Grand Athletics.

Characters (this link has all the chara pics, and their names are in English as well so you can see who they are):
Ogaki Ayumu (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) – A first year. He easily melts into the background, so much that it bothers him. Though he’s new to OGA, this talent is serving him well.

Tendou Ran(CV: Morikubo Shoutarou) – A first year in OGA, and a rookie. He’s been watched since he was in middle school, and definitely has skill, but also has a lot of pride and hates to lose.

Kishiro Daichi (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) – A third-year, and the head of the OGA club. He makes decisions coolly but has a strong fighting spirit. He has a habit of seeing what’s in someone’s heart by their smell. He’s also called Oni no Daichi.

Tamabuki Fusanosuke (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa) – A third-year, and vice-head of the OGA club. He’s very stylish and has a lot of female fans, but always goes at his own pace. His nickname is “Kirakira Tamasama”. His favourite drink is “Dorodoro Peach Au Lait”.

Kagami Ginji (CV: Mori Shingo) – A second year who doesn’t talk much. His forte is gathering and analyzing data. His nickname is the “Ningen (Human) Computer”.

Mitsurugi Kanata (CV: Kamakari Kenta) – A second year and moodmaker, he’s always carryinh sweets. Perhaps because he has several younger sisters, he’s very good at looking after his kouhai. He often teams up with Ginji.

Kagami Shidou (CV: Wada Daisuke) – A first year in the news club who’s very curious and lively, he commentates the OGA matches and is called the OGA-DJ. He’s Ginji’s little brother and Ayumu’s best friend, and often visits the OGA club.

During the regular part of the game, you choose where to go twice a day. You can see where the characters are. Along with the regular love events, when you win a match, you get special team event scenes. There’s also a conversation part which uses Live2D, called Heart Hunt. You have to respond to the guy’s comments and his heart gauge will go up or down accordingly.  This part will affect characters’ affection levels so it’s important.

The way you play OGA is you have two teams of three in a field. At each end of the field there’s a Treasure Pole. You get points for touching the pole in the opposing team’s area. If you’re touched by an opposing team member, you have to leave the field for a while.

O*G*A Match System

O*G*A Match System

Before each match you’ll discuss strategy, and then during the game you can tell the team members what to do, such as special attacks. Also, characters who have a high affection level will get increased stats as well.

I just got the game in the mail and haven’t played it yet, but I wanted to get this post out first! Yay for otome games with gameplay!! I hope it’s fun and not too hard…

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Girl’s Style News!

July 30th, 2013

Man, it’s been too long. Now that Sparkler Monthly #1 is launched, I’m determined to do some blogging here! I missed it.

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Old? July news

July 29th, 2013

Hey, I had written this a long time ago but it was offline so I never posted it. Some news from last month! And this month’s will be up this week as well, though first I am finishing the O*G*A post which I started long ago and never finished.


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May 4th, 2013

It’s the weekend!!! This has been a long week, so to help relax I found some videos of upcoming otome games. These are my favourite type of posts (and the fastest to write!).

Tiny x Machine Gun coming out May 30! Set in NYC and with a voiced heroine who’s a young police officer with Vaneast (which always makes me think of Vancouver), Tiny Mc(Mac?)Daniel (CV: Tamura Yukari). It was a long time in development but I can’t wait to play it. The website is also very cool for a Flash site.

Princess Arthur

Yeah, it’s out already, I’ve finished it, but I loved it, so here it is! The music is great and I loved the characters.


Toki no Kizuna Fandisk

Toki no Kizuna Hanayui Tsuzuri comes out July 25, and like the original looks to have gorgeous art. I didn’t think the romance was done that well, but it’s very dramatic and the characters themselves were pretty good (I’ve only done two routes so far.)



Coming out very soon, May 23, there’s lots of excitement about this one! The overarching plot is still mysterious (to me anyways), I hope the story is good. Norn9 also has three voiced heroines!


Shiratsuyu no Kai

Kind of horror, kind of supernatural? The heroine is taken to an overnight ‘kimodameshi’ at a remote shrine by the guys, planning on telling ghost stories until the sun rises. But they find something really old and terrible through a hidden door to the underground, and though they leave, it leaves a mark on the heroine, bringing the guys back, pulled by their ‘destinies’. Interesting to see something where the atmosphere is this creepy; the only other otoge I can remember trying this psychological horror is Kurayami de Kimi o Matsu (which btw, I think would be right up Aksys’ alley if they wanted another game to adapt.) I think I’ll play this one during the daytime only.


Urakata Hakuoki

Finally a totally new Hakuoki! New characters, new heroine (YAYYYYY!), new artstyle. Comes out May 30; that reminds me, I need to order it!


Getsuei no Kusari

This is the first new game from Takuyo in almost a year, the art is really interesting. I got the game (actually I mistakenly ordered two copies…anyone interested in buying it from me?) but haven’t played it yet.



I think this one is fairly straightforward; a game to enjoy the purity and innocence of your first boyfriend (or what you nostalgically remember as purity and innocence perhaps, lol)


0 ji no Cinderella

I’ve been anticipating this one since October when I finished 24ji. I like all the sisters, and Elise seems to have hidden depths. I’m having a hard time deciding who to go for first though – would Halloween ruin me for other routes?? Would Ralph be too straightforward? I might do Elmer or Astin just to see what the game is like, then enjoy my two favourites at leisure :D These games are fairly short so I don’t think I’ll have a problem finishing them.



Yes, it was pushed back to June 28, but just look at how cute those character designs are! I am going to play this ALL THE TIME as soon as I get it. There’s a demo available for download now, just click the pink button!


Dot Kareshi

Mostly a situation CD series with a little game added on (I’m not sure how it will be sold), it’s about old-school RPG characters that ‘went wrong’ after you played the game – from being neglected or just from falling in love, I’m not sure. I hope the game is at least medium-sized, the idea is just awesome. It would be amazing to play an old-school-type Final Fantasy where the characters interact with you between fights and while you wander and stuff (but still using the 8-bit world map etc.!)


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May News!

April 23rd, 2013

Some new games announced for May!

Anything you want more info on? I’m working on an O*G*A post since that’s coming out soon, but there’s also:

Also, a new English release from Aksys! They’re adapting the 3DS version of Hakuoki. Thanks to @Ayreesa for the news! Don’t forget, they also picked up Bakudan Handan (Sweet Fuse in English) and it’s coming out this summer!

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Princess Arthur review

April 12th, 2013

I’ve finished all of Princess Arthur! Not the bad ends though, I might do those when I have extra time sometime, but I don’t like doing them too close to the true ends.

Anyways, I really liked it. It takes a while to get going, and I enjoyed the playthroughs better when I could skip all the common stuff, but that’s pretty standard. I played Gawain’s route first (Taniyama Kishou, who could resist?), but if I played it again, I think I’d go something like: Mordred, Galahad, Tristan,  Lancelot, Gawain, and Merlin.

The game starts with Aru, who’s the daughter of a retired knight, practicing swordsmanship with someone – her father teaches people how to swordfight. Something is mentioned about her brother Kei, who’s a Knight of the Round Table, who hasn’t been around much lately. Aru feels bad because he’s been acting weird ever since he fought with her once and lost. At the castle there’s an event going on to decide the next king, since the last one, Uther, died a month (or so) ago. Aru goes up to the castle to watch.

Of course she gets lost, and ends up 1) being hit on by some weird dude in a purple robe open to his bellybutton (Merlin) and directed to the right place by a handsome knight (Lancelot.) When she finally reaches the courtyard, she sees Kei trying to pull the holy sword out of a big stone and failing in front of a big crowd. However, he won’t give up, and Aru gets upset and tries to convince him to stop. Somehow Aru’s hands end up on his, and he’s able to pull the sword out. Kei holds the sword up triumphantly and announces that he’s the king, but someone (Merlin IIRC) asks him to do it again. Once again he can’t do it until Aru helps him. Then Aru pulls the sword out all by herself, and amid the crowd’s astonishment, Merlin announces that the new king has been found, and it’s Aru. Kei leaves in a huff, and Aru’s father saw what happened as well, and though Aru tries to deny it, he accepts her fate and leaves her to Merlin’s care.

It takes Aru a while to accept that she is the next king, and that she has to work hard to be accepted by her subjects and by other countries. There’s also at least one person trying to intimidate and/or assassinate her, as she finds a poisonous snake in her bed one evening. Some people, such as Uther’s sister Morgos, are openly scornful of her, and soon there’s war brewing as other kingdoms don’t accept her as king. ONe of the most important points of the intro is when Aru has to decide whether she’s going to war with the knights – if you say you’ll wait for them, you get a bad end. If you go, you win the battle but Aru kills someone, her best friend’s fiance dies, and Aru has to learn how to deal with the emotional weight of war.

Once she’s recovered from that, there’s a ball held to celebrate. Depending on which character you have the highest affection with, around here (choosing who will escort you to the ball) will decide on the route you go into and change the rest of the plot. 

Mordred (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa):  His story has little to do with the overarching plot of being accepted as king, but clears up a couple of incidents. I love his voice actor (any Tenipuri Shitenhouji fans out there?), and he’s not in many games. Hopefully this will change soon!  His story was pretty bittersweet and I think his character is one of the most realistic and complex – he’s flawed and knows it, but can’t get past the problems his upbringing left him with until the very end. I also think his art, the CGs and tachie, are the most consistent, and his design is one of the most attractive.

Galahad(CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko): I thought in the intro that I wouldn’t like him much,but he was SUCH a classic tsundere and you don’t see them often anymore (now they’re all Do-S jerks), that I really enjoyed his route. He has a lot of really cute moments. And his story is pretty touching as well, he’s not used to feeling much so he’s awful at expressing how he feels. When he can’t hold it in anymore, it’s pretty intense and awesome. He’s also the youngest of the knights (younger than Aru even) so he’s a bit immature and that’s written well, including a bit of a complex about being young (and short).

Tristan’s (CV: Koyasu Takehito) route annoyed me, as Aru had to be not only naive and trusting, but also throw away her developing friendships with the other knights before Tristan even showed any romantic interest in her. To get his happy end Aru has to lie to all the knights, flat out deny their help, and pretty much become an outcast of her court by the end. And though I enjoyed all the scenes with Percival and Merlin to make up for Tristan being absent for 75% of the story, it didn’t really make for a good romance. They actually had to add vignettes into each chapter to go through his backstory etc. because it’s not explained in the story until the very end. I also really didn’t like Aru in this route. Tristan calls her actions stupid and she often agrees with him, but she just cant seem to help herself. And to top everything off, at one point Aru wears a disguise that’s even worse than the ‘ball gown’ worn before. This time its for a good reason, but the cg of it looks…like its from a galge. Did they really have to show it from a crotch up angle?  And that’s obviously the point at which Tristan becomes interested in Aru as a woman, which makes me think of him as an old lech. But I had to get through it to get to Merlin’s route, so I used auto a lot and surfed the net.

Lancelot( CV: Ono Yuuki): Probably the most typical ‘shoujo’ route. I put him near the middle because while I really liked him, and there wasn’t as much Guinevere drama as I was afraid of, his route is not that sweet.  He’s always polite and pretty much the ‘parfit gentil knight’, in addition to being the strongest of all the KotRT. Most of the emotional angst comes from Aru not knowing if he actually cares for her or whether he’s just doing his duty. Normally I would be annoyed by this, but he has a really really good reason to hide any romantic feelings. It was possibly the most dramatic at the very end, in a Sailor Moon kind of way. I don’t want to put spoilers in so you can judge for yourself if you agree, but I thought his was the best story in terms of integrating the character’s plot with Aru’s plot.

And I would put Gawain (CV: Taniyama Kishou (for some reason I mixed up his name with Tachibana Shinnosuke, why am I doing that??) last before Merlin, because his route is just really sweet – he’s already past the tsun stage by the time the intro’s over. But because he’s a not a ladykiller type (I affectionately call him a meathead), he’s awkwardly endearing most of the time as he unsubtly tries to spend time with Aru and impress her. The romance gets resolved before the climax, so there’s not as much tension, but after Tristan who has almost no romance, I think it works. Now if I could just figure out what thing he wears on his head is…

Gawain smirking (he’s a big softie really)

And last is Merlin (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou) – you have to get an ending with each character before his route opens up. This is where you see the resolution of all the storylines (though it kind of contradicts a couple other plotlines, but oh well). Merlin is a total lech, flirting  with Aru and making suggestive remarks, until she starts to take him seriously.

“Hmm, do you doubt me? I’ll have to take my time flirting with you later…when we’re alone somewhere.”

Then he backs off and starts treating her like a child (since he’s actually much older than he looks, I don’t think this is much of a spoiler).

“I’m sure all the young knights of the round table fell for you all over again.”

This route is fun in that it’s a reversal of the usual pattern, with Arthur pursuing Merlin and him trying to brush her off lightly, and then trying to find other ways of discouraging her like treating her as a child and trying to scare her off. He goes back and forth between acting like he doesn’t care and showing that he does, but it’s obvious enough that I enjoyed it rather than was frustrated with it. Also, the Lady of the Lake, Nimue, plays a big role in this route and is pretty awesome. She sees right away that Aru loves Merlin and advises Aru, and she explains Merlin’s inconsistency as it happens as well. The climax leaves a little to be desired, as you don’t really get Merlin to admit how he feels until it’s all over, and in my biased opinion his confession could use some more passion, but looking at the route as a whole there are quite a few romantic moments.

So I really liked Princess Arthur, and I’m glad I got the limited edition. I’d say the story and characters were really good, but the climax of the plot wasn’t as dramatic as it could be in most cases. There was a lot going on (in addition to each of the knights’ problems), like Aru’s brother Kei’s subplot, Morgos and Medorauto, rebellions, a shadowy mercenary force, and a couple other things. The character routes weren’t always  integrated well with the larger ‘being accepted as king’ plot, though they did try – nothing felt tacked on at the end, there was foreshadowing all the time, it just seemed weird that several of the same enemy characters would have completely different schemes, alliances and sometimes motives depending on which character route you were on. On the other hand, if they didn’t change things up, the same plotline would have to be recycled every time, just dropping a different hero into a blank slot.

Other stuff – I wasn’t sure about the art at first, as it’s not as ‘pretty’ as a lot of otome games, but in some ways I liked it even better – the characters look like real people, and the guys definitely look like they could be real knights (i.e. they have muscles! they wear armour!). Though there were some odd costume designs, I liked most of them barring Aru’s ‘trying too hard to look sexy’ ball’gown’.  Of course the voices were great

The music is really good, especially the opening theme – it really amps up the suspense and feeling of epicness during the ‘king’ scenes.

I feel like there’s a lot that could be done with the other characters that were only in subplots or only had minor roles – Kei, Aru’s friend Elaine, Medorauto, Bowls (Bolls?), and Percival. I’d love to see bigger storylines of theirs in a fandisk. I really hope Princess Arthur does get a fandisk, as I’m not sure how well it did for sales.


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News for April!

March 26th, 2013

The biggest news is Quinrose’s new title, Romeo vs Juliet. It’s set in Verona, where Juliet wants to become a vampire hunter  because her parents were killed by vampires when she was small. Romeo and his friend Mercutio are vampires, but they keep saving Juliet from vampire attacks (from the description, she doesn’t seem that great at vampire hunting…). You can choose between the vampire route with Romeo and Mercutio, or the hunter route, with your mentor Lawrence Groves and your fiance Paris Verona.  There’s also the duke of Verona Eskaras Verona, a ‘good’ vampire, Benvolio Montague, a doctor William Shakespeare, and Tybold Capulet, Juliet’s stepbrother.

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