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Japanese Games for Girls

February 28th, 2014

[EDIT: This was the first, or one of the first, posts on my old blog at (blech)IGN. I took them all down a while ago, and it was a pain let me tell you, but thought some might be interesting to post again here. So here's the first one, from SEVEN years ago, geez I've been doing this a while.]

This is an intro blog for what will probably be my main blog topic – japanese videogames for girls. Why am I focusing on those? Well, I?ve become kind of a collector of them, and I haven’t found much else online about them, so I thought it would be an interesting focus.

The Japanese market for female-targeted videogames is so much more developed than the western one. Remember about 10, or even 5 years ago, when comic books for girls were almost nonexistent in English? Back then, the western fanbase of Japanese comics for girls (shoujo manga) was small, but it grew and grew until finally English publishers took notice and started translating some titles, and now the whole genre has exploded – go into almost any bookstore and you’ll see at least 20 titles available. Well, it’s kind of like that for videogames now.

I don’t think the explosion will be as big as the comics boom, partly because there are already several games here that girls love, and partly because the genre even in Japan is much smaller than its manga counterpart. But I do think it will happen – especially since there are so many games that have corresponding comics series that are getting popular. And let’s face it, haven’t you thought that there’s gotta be something in videogames, besides Barbie, just for girls?

[EDIT: Well, we still haven't gotten the big boom, but otome games are definitely picking up steam, and even if we don't get most Japanese games over here, there are lots of mobile games being translated, and lots of original English games being made as well.]

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September 2013 News!

September 27th, 2013

Man, I’ve been horrible at the news lately! I just read the August entry (really July news) and noticed it cuts off after three items >.>;; . My only excuse is work, that thing I do to be able to afford buying all those magazines and otome games. Keeping up with my day job and Chromatic has been so busy that I have no energy to blog even when I have time.

So, what did I miss between then and now? Well, sit down, because there is lots of news to tell!

Minus 8 – I was surprised to see  that this was from Otomate, becuase it seemed like a quirky indie game. But Otomate, for its faults, are always up for trying a new gameplay dynamic and artstyle. In this game, there are eight heroes, who all have some sort of complex.

And now the September news:

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Fall Game Videos

September 23rd, 2013

LAst post I did was a preview of fall games – and here are their ads and/or OPs in case you want to see what they’re like! Some didn’t have much choice – Hanasaku Manimani I couldn’t find a good video for at all unfortunately.

EDIT – Can’t believe I forgot Dot Kareshi II!

Meiji Tokyo Renka

Thu 9/26/2013 – Seishun Hajimemashita!

Hyaku Monogatari

Fri 9/27/2013 – Exorcism of Maria Complete Edition

Dousei Kareshi Butterfly Lip

Kamigami no Asobi:

Diabolik Lovers Fandisk – More, Blood

New Edition Heart no Kuni no Alice

Glass Heart Princess: Platinum

Snow Bound Land

Jewelic Nightmare:
This might my favourite video of the bunch!

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Fall 2013 Preview

September 5th, 2013

Lots of games coming out this fall and leading up to New Year’s!

First, the BIG release of this summer for any otome game fan who can read this blog (i.e. English speakers!) – Aksys Games, who previously adapted Hakuoki for the PSP, are releasing an English adaptation of Bakudan Handan, calling it Sweet Fuse At Your Side. I really enjoyed this game - although the art style is really different from many otome games out there and not as ‘pretty’, all the characters were very distinctive (no worries about mistaking one for another if they change their hairstyle!), and I found the story to be engaging when I played it last year. Plus the gameplay is pretty fun – it’s not as difficult, but kind of in the same vein as the Ace Attorney series. It was released a couple weeks in the US, and (in my local store) just got to Canada last week, so go support English otoge adaptations! You can also buy it on the Playstation Network Store (I think).

September has several long-anticipated games, Seishun Hajimemashita! from honeybee [EDIT: This is now being released in October!] and using the same artist as Starry Sky, and Brothers Conflict Brilliant Blue, which I wouldn’t be surprised if it does a lot better than Passion Pink because of the anime (though it’s not on Crunchyroll, which I thought it was, huh). There’s also Meiji Tokyo Renka, which started from a drama CD series and is set in historical Edo. And I can’t leave out Uta no Prince Sama Music 2! It’s out tomorrow!

For October, Kamigami no Asobi is probably the biggest title this month. How long have we been waiting since that first video showed up? Two years? It’s the first game Hakuoki artist Kazuki Yone is illustrating since Hakuoki/Hakuouki, and her art is beautiful so everyone’s very excited. Most of the character designs aren’t my cup of tea (still beautiful though), but the seiyuu are really good (Hosoya Yoshimasa as Loki!) and I’m definitely going to pre-order this and play it as SOON as I get it.

Diabolik Lovers FD More, Blood – For the fandisk there’s a new group of vampires in town, the Mukami brothers – even hotter than the original guys!

Alice in the Country of Hearts – New Edition – this is the new prettied up andsomewhat simplified first game of Alice, in a pure visual novel style that doesn’t require 100+ turns. I say bring it on!

And November has a bunch of releases too, so first the new titles:

Snow Bound Land: The beautiful new otome game from Otomate that takes the heroine, Gelda, through several fairytale based lands to save herself, her childhood friend Kai and three other men who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time when Kai tried out a mirror that could ‘grant wishes’ which caused them all to change in different ways.

Hanasaku Manimani: The heroine is a high school girl who time slips into the Edo period, and meets people as she works at a pleasure house. The stories are full of bittersweet love, and may not necessarily have happy endings? It’s coming out for the PSP and the PS3 from 5pb.

Jewelic Nightmare: On a moonless night, the heroine visits an old castle in a ‘dream’. There she finds five jewels in the form of young men, and is told to find the jewel that suits her by the next full moon. Unfortunately, the men all have bad personalities. At the same time, in the waking world, the heroine meets five young men who greatly resemble the jewels, but have totally opposite, wonderful personalities. Are they the same people or not? If they are, which one is the ‘true’ personality?

Glass Heart Princess: Platinum, the fandisk for GHP, is out this month too – I loved the original and am definitely buying this!

I’m thinking I should do a video post soon, and gather all these together, hmm…



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O*G*A Mini-review

August 7th, 2013

I’ve played through O*G*A a couple times now, finishing one route. Overall I’d say it’s fun, but definitely on the short side.

The time period of the game only really covers a few days at school where the heroine is recruited as manager, and then a week of training camp on an island (hence the game’s name, The Hunter Falls in Love on an Island.) When you’re on the island, there’s another school team of three guys who your team has already beaten (in one of the drama CDs I think), who are there to help you train, as well as a mysterious pair of twins who don’t belong on an official team but are obviously very good, and a top player from a pro team.

The love system is pretty unforgiving – because I made one wrong choice near the end, I got a generic ending the first time. Though to be fair, there’s often one crucial decision near the end of a route, I also didn’t have full affection because of only one other decision I made wrong earlier. It’s made harder because you should win all of your games (except one near the beginning that’s a forced lose) to get the best ending.

The minigame of oni-gokko is not too difficult once you get the hang of it, although sometimes you get bad luck. You pick three players (one site recommends using the same team throughout for some reason related to extras), and your target should always be on your team (since he gets stronger as his affection goes up, it makes sense anyways). You first choose the players, then four strategies that can be switched between during the game using the right keypad. You can customize these, but don’t forget to have at least one where the players are resting (otherwise their energy never refills and they get really slow). The four actions that can be done are attack(red), defend(green), support(purple), and rest (blue). Oh, and a match is called a “Hunt”, and all the players are Hunters.

Every day you choose where to go and who to talk to, have an event with them where you usually have a Live2D chat with them which can increase your affection level, then meet up with everyone and play a game. If you win that game, you get an evening event with the whole group.

The last game of the camp is against the twins and the pro. I won it pretty easily the first time but lost the second time – but then got some extra dialogue which basically had me win anyways. I’m not sure if I would get anything extra if I won fair and square.

There’s no epilogue back at school or anything, so the end feels a bit abrupt. You do get some extra scenes by doing challenges in the ‘Special’ section – I haven’t played any yet.

Since I’ve only done one route I won’t comment on the characters. I will say that the Live2D for the one guy I finished, Ougaki, was a bit creepy – but I think it’s because of his character design. He’s the one with huge eyes and bags, which are emphasized even more in Live2D.

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B’s Log News

August 4th, 2013

For whatever reason all the news was pushed back past page 90 of this month’s B’s Log but hey, whatever!

Shinobi Koi Utsutsu Situation CD Cover

Shinobi Koi Utsutsu Situation CD Cover

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Sweet Princess News!

August 2nd, 2013

Usually Sweet Princess doesn’t have much new stuff, but this month it did!

Sanzen Sekai Yuugi Multiverse Myself, the 18+ PC sci-fi game from girls dynamics, is coming August 30! That seems fast, especially since the scenes they show are just line art…

The other news in Sweet Princess is that there’s a new 18+ label, As’Ring, and they’re making a game called Onedari Sharemate. It’s tentatively scheduled for next spring. The heroine, Ayumi, is a 25-year-old teacher who wants to be like the inspiring teachers in dramas (I hope she wants to be like Kumiko!) and has almost no experience with boys because in school she was plain. She had an older sister who died in an accident, and Ayumi’s first love was this sister’s fiancé, Kai Shintarou. She moves out from her parents’ house into a boarding house owned by Shintarou and is dismayed to find it’s all guys.

The characters are:

The creators say they want to make various types of relationships possible, from just enjoying living in the same house as your boyfriend, to stirring up trouble in a love triangle, to a harem, etc.

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O*G*A Preview

July 31st, 2013

O*G*A has a few drama CDs out already, and Otomate just released a game for PSP, Onigokko Royale, Hunter wa Field de Koi o Suru. The premise is that Onigokko (hide and seek) is now a sport. The heroine enters high school and is recruited to be the OGA team’s manager. OGA stands for Onigokko Grand Athletics.

Characters (this link has all the chara pics, and their names are in English as well so you can see who they are):
Ogaki Ayumu (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) – A first year. He easily melts into the background, so much that it bothers him. Though he’s new to OGA, this talent is serving him well.

Tendou Ran(CV: Morikubo Shoutarou) – A first year in OGA, and a rookie. He’s been watched since he was in middle school, and definitely has skill, but also has a lot of pride and hates to lose.

Kishiro Daichi (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) – A third-year, and the head of the OGA club. He makes decisions coolly but has a strong fighting spirit. He has a habit of seeing what’s in someone’s heart by their smell. He’s also called Oni no Daichi.

Tamabuki Fusanosuke (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa) – A third-year, and vice-head of the OGA club. He’s very stylish and has a lot of female fans, but always goes at his own pace. His nickname is “Kirakira Tamasama”. His favourite drink is “Dorodoro Peach Au Lait”.

Kagami Ginji (CV: Mori Shingo) – A second year who doesn’t talk much. His forte is gathering and analyzing data. His nickname is the “Ningen (Human) Computer”.

Mitsurugi Kanata (CV: Kamakari Kenta) – A second year and moodmaker, he’s always carryinh sweets. Perhaps because he has several younger sisters, he’s very good at looking after his kouhai. He often teams up with Ginji.

Kagami Shidou (CV: Wada Daisuke) – A first year in the news club who’s very curious and lively, he commentates the OGA matches and is called the OGA-DJ. He’s Ginji’s little brother and Ayumu’s best friend, and often visits the OGA club.

During the regular part of the game, you choose where to go twice a day. You can see where the characters are. Along with the regular love events, when you win a match, you get special team event scenes. There’s also a conversation part which uses Live2D, called Heart Hunt. You have to respond to the guy’s comments and his heart gauge will go up or down accordingly.  This part will affect characters’ affection levels so it’s important.

The way you play OGA is you have two teams of three in a field. At each end of the field there’s a Treasure Pole. You get points for touching the pole in the opposing team’s area. If you’re touched by an opposing team member, you have to leave the field for a while.

O*G*A Match System

O*G*A Match System

Before each match you’ll discuss strategy, and then during the game you can tell the team members what to do, such as special attacks. Also, characters who have a high affection level will get increased stats as well.

I just got the game in the mail and haven’t played it yet, but I wanted to get this post out first! Yay for otome games with gameplay!! I hope it’s fun and not too hard…

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Girl’s Style News!

July 30th, 2013

Man, it’s been too long. Now that Sparkler Monthly #1 is launched, I’m determined to do some blogging here! I missed it.

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Old? July news

July 29th, 2013

Hey, I had written this a long time ago but it was offline so I never posted it. Some news from last month! And this month’s will be up this week as well, though first I am finishing the O*G*A post which I started long ago and never finished.


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