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Tokimemo GS 3 – Preferences

November 23rd, 2012

Each guy has their preferred clothing style, date spots, parameters, clubs, and/or part-time jobs where you can work with them. If you wear their preferred clothing on a date, they’ll mention it and you’ll get extra tokimeki points (unless there’s an event like being hit on, or it’s too warm or cold for the season). Though apparently if you wear a particular style enough and they like you, their tastes will change! Pretty neat.

Ruka and Kouichi
These two brothers are the first two fellow students you meet, and they’re also friends from your childhood. Ruka is a playful daredevil, and Kouichi is a scary-looking tough guy who’s a quintessential big brother. Raka works at a flower shop, while Kouichi works at a gas station.

Ruka Preferences:
Clothes: Natural, Ultra Natural and Girly (Cute and Natural)
Places: game centre, amusement park, aquarium
Gifts: Hotcakes, Dolphin stuff, Gacchi Red Ranger mask, santa boot of candy
Valentine’s: Use the dolphin topper
Colour: Aqua

Kouichi Preferences:
Clothes: Vivid, Ultra Vivid, and Wild (Vivid and Sexy)
Places: amusement park, bowling, the farm, the motorcycle show at the museum
Gifts: a dartboard, antique radio, motorcycle B-movie poster, tiger object
Valentine’s: Use the candy cane or whiskey bonbon
Colour: Orange

Fujiyama Arashi
Arashi is a classmate that you meet once your fitness is over 60. He recruits you to be the manager of the judo club (of which he’s the only member), and he’s extremely tennen – he says exactly what he thinks, hides nothing, and is a little dense. If you want him you should really join judo. He works as a lifeguard.
Clothes: Activ,e Ultra Active, and Sporty (Active and Vivid)
Places: Physical activity (swimming, skating, skiing, etc), the balcony of the old castle
Gifts: Carved wooden (bearcat? raccoon?), Protein, a lily, an old scroll 書軸, alpaca stuffed animal
Valentine’s: Use the cookie #1
Colour: Blue

Niina Junpei
Junpei is a year younger than you, so he doesn’t enter Habataki High School until the second year. However because his hobby is picking up girls, you can meet him earlier when you’re out shopping if your fashion is high enough. He wants to be a playboy and admires Hazuki Kei. He works at a convenience store, and you can make him join the judo club if you’re in it.
Clothes: Sexy, Ultra Sexy, and Koakuma (Sexy and Cute) (also Wild)
Places: pretty much anywhere other than dark or high places (no planetarium!)
Gifts: a poster of Kei, lava light, sparkly strap, Ko-Nami elephant toy
Valentine’s: Use the sexy girl topping
Colour: Pink

Konnou Tamao:
The student president who’s always serious, nice and polite, and has a bit of an inferiority complex. He’s a year older so he graduates after your second year, but you can still go on dates. He’s in the student council but has no part-time job.
Clothes: Cute, Ultra Cute, and Older Sister (Cute and Chic)
Places: skiing, amusement park, farm
Gifts: Steam engine (ブリキの蒸気機関車), mini globe, a head mark (no idea what this actually is), alarm clock, scale model of Habataki Castle
Valentine’s: Use the cupid topping
Colour: Green

Shitara Seiji
A rich kid student one year older than you who’s a bit famous for his piano skills. He’s pretty rude and doesn’t have much common sense, but he’s got amazing hair and I find him kind of hilarious. Of course, he doesn’t have a job.
Clothes: Chic, Ultra Chic, and Mode (Chic and Vivid)
Places: Planetarium, aquarium, nowhere he has to exercise unless he already likes you
Gifts: Magic lamp teapot, tiki doll, old sheet music, sand picture, toy termin (qu’est-ce que c’est? I dunno)
Valentine’s: The music note, duh.
Colour: Purple

In addition to the regular six guys, there are three (or four) hidden characters which require specific events/stats/actions for them to appear, and are pretty hard to get endings with.

Tomorrow or Sunday, magazine news!!

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Tokimemo GS3 -Clothes and Date spots

September 3rd, 2010

For my new friend Lianne, here are some more tips for Tokimemo GS3! :D

Each guy has a clothes style, colour, and date spots he likes. Asking him to these spots will be more successful, and you’ll get tokimeki points for wearing the right clothes (you also get them for wearing what’s in fashion according to the computer report).

Colour – Aqua blue
Clothes – Natural
Places – Game centre, castle (天守閣), aquarium (dolphin show)

Colour – Orange
Clothes – Vivid
Places – Bowling, museum (vintage bike exhibit), Rinkai Park (煉瓦道)

Colour – Blue
Clothes – Active
Places – Skating, zoo (alpacas), castle (天守閣), farm

Colour – Pink
Clothes – Sexy
Places – Game centre, zoo (dog&cat), amusement park (merry go-round)

Colour – Green
Clothes – Cute
Places – Skiing, sea (winter walk), event hall (comedy show)

Colour – Purple
Clothes – Chic
Places – Mt. Habataki (fall), planetarium, aquarium

Let me know if this is useful, because I could do a whole series of little posts just on GS3 tips! ^_^

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Tokimemo 1 – Full Voice!

January 19th, 2009

Is coming to the Nintendo DS!
Famitsu announced today that Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st Love Plus will be released March 12. It will also include the ‘Album Mode’ that was in the PS2 version, where you can look at memories ‘with the character’ and listen to their comments.

Haha, I should really play that again, right now I’ve only gotten one character…I am too easily distracted…

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