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Vampire Sweetie – Sugar Beans

September 4th, 2010

Sugar Beans has opened a site for its newest R18 title, Vampire Sweetie. It will be full-voiced including the heroine, and is scheduled for F2010 right now (probably no earlier than November). I’m kind of looking forward to this, the main character Yuuri doesn’t look like a doormat the way whatsherface from Ijiwaru My Master did, hopefully she will actually have a personality and not just be an annoying victim! Yuuri is taking care of a summer home that her family owns, including four renters staying there. The four renters also happen to be brothers and high-ranking vampires!

The cast is:
Faust: Sakiware Spoon : The oldest brother, he likes drinking and is quite old (vampire and all that)
Mikhail: Sakura Hiroshi : The second oldest, the element of darkness is very strong in him, so he’s weak against light. He doesn’t show much emotion.
Yuuri: Toomi Haruka : She’s cheerful and takes care of people, and has a strong heart.
Aron Valente: Kijima Uta : The third brother, he’s strong with light, so often spends time outside.
Joshua Valente: Yuuki Takuto : The spoiled youngest brother. He can talk to animals.

Of course, these names are R18-specific names, if you want to know who they really are you’ll have to search a bit ^_^ But some hints: Sakiware Spoon was Asou in Jingi Naki Otome, and Kijima Uta was Yuki in Sumire no Tsubomi. I actually don’t know the other two at all, so if anyone knows, please leave info in the comments!

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