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Bakudan Handan – Halfway through!

July 23rd, 2012

I’m actually having no trouble getting through Bakudan Handan – my first playthrough I was wondering if I could last, because I was really tired and had a hard time paying attention to the mystery and puzzles. But I got through it quite well (no guide!) and am now on my fifth character.

Let me step back and explain the plot a bit. The heroine, Saki, is a normal, intelligent high school student, who’s looking forward to the opening of a new amusement park, Blossom Land, which her uncle designed/produced/something. Her uncle is the well-known game producer Inafune Keiji (who also did most of the art for Mega Man.) She’s going to the exclusive opening party, which for some reason is only open to close family and the press (this confused me; since amusement parks are pretty much the biggest venue you can have, why not let people bring as many friends as possible??) Anyways, she has to go alone to the opening. During the opening ceremony, her uncle is making a speech when suddenly the mike goes dead, and the stage is hijacked by someone in a weird pig suit, calling himself World Boo. His minions take the people on stage hostage, and he announces that he’s starting a game for the hostages’ survival. At first the crowd thinks it’s part of the show, but when an explosion brings down the ferris wheel, they panic and start to flee. World Boo says he’s going to pick 7 ‘heroes’ to try and clear the ‘game’ and save the hostages, and Saki volunteers to save her uncle.

One thing that’s good is that the prologue/intro isn’t too long – you jump right into the ‘7 days of life-threatening puzzles’. You get minimal dialogue of Saki getting ready to go to the amusement park and then the action starts with the opening ceremony.

Every day, the 7 heroes have to visit a certain attraction and ‘clear’ it – usually with two or three stages each. They’re all really different, and all based on fictional video games. One of the characters is a game otaku who explains the background of the game, which sometimes help them figure out what to do. And there’s an interesting gameplay feature, where often they’ll have to figure out what they missed, and Saki has to review the game explanation and point out what was missed. It’s pretty simple – you can choose up to three things from about 8 possibilities, and as long as the right one is chosen it’s all good. There’s one other bit of gameplay that’s different from a normal visual novel – at certain point during the storyline one character or another (even World Boo sometimes) will say something that’s so wrong and/or harmful that Saki will get mad. At this point, you can choose to tell the character off or hold in your feelings. I always tell them off, it often results in an affection increase (they appreciate your setting them straight, I like that in a man ^_-), and it never seems to be a bad choice. And it feels like I’m playing Phoenix Wright – it has a scene like the ‘Objection’ scene, where Saki poses and huge text of “Donna handan da!?” (What kind of decision is that!?) appears against an exploding background. It might just be for fun, but I like it.

Other than that, though, it’s just a visual novel. I was really hoping for more gameplay, especially since several of the games they have to clear are literally videogames – there’s a shooting aliens game, a go-kart driving game, and an avoid zombies game, among others. It would have been fantastic if they put in minigames for these – although I’d want them to be easy :P However, compared to most otome games Bakudan Handan has more gameplay than usual already, so I won’t fault it too much.

Bakudan Handan art

Then there are the characters. The art in this game is not pretty otome/shoujo. It’s clean and attractive, but the character designs are far from typical otoge. Subaru is the only character I could see as the typical hero, and maybe the idol Wakasa, although even his design is far from the normal ‘cute younger guy’ look. But they definitely stand out, and after playing through Subaru’s route, I was quite happy to jump into Ryuusei’s route (yay, a host who looks like an MMA fighter, with long pink hair!). Their personalities are all well-developed, but there’s not much romance, which I’m not sure how I feel about.

Overall, I’m enjoying it quite a bit. A lot of the plot is about the group working together and growing as a team, and finding out the background of this whole situation. If you’re feeling a bit of overkill from otome romance melodrama, this might be just the game for you.

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Bakudan Handan

July 10th, 2012

I finally got in a shipment of games, and Bakudan Handan is one of them! The only totally new game for me actually, so I’m going to play that first probably.

And someone sent me a very nice email yesterday that prompted me to post, thank you! I’ve mostly been playing FF6 lately and catching up on loose ends in stuff so not much news, although I might do some posts about them sometime. I’m mostly keeping a lookout for news on the upcoming games like Issho ni Gohan!

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Midweek vids

May 16th, 2012

Because I’m tired! And I’ve been meaning to post PVs for the last couple weeks and I keep forgetting…

Brothers Conflict is finally out, I might get it next week.

Toki no Kizuna!! Not a PV just the opening, but it’s the first vid I’ve seen for it. It’s SO PRETTY. And the heroine has a hawk! Can’t wait.

A gameplay vid of Black Wolves Saga. Rejet has a bunch up. I’m afraid to play this…

Hana Awase!! It says near the end that there will be three volumes at only 1470Y each, for Mizuchi (the eyepatch guy), Himeutsugi, and Karekurenagi/Utsutsu. Does this mean that Iroha (guy with the blue background) doesn’t have a route??

And a very well-drawn fanvid for TMGS3 (Seiji), no words:

Man, there are so many Tokimemo videos, I could do a whole post on them. Good time-wasting.

Jyuzaengi. The first 45 seconds are just announcing the seiyuu, so skip over that to get to the real PV (although honestly it seems like they’re mostly making really sure we see that the CGs have flowing hair and blinking eyes). I dunno about Ishida Akira’s character, his little kid voice here sounds pretty annoying.

And finally, Bakudan Handan:

Which I’m definitely getting, although I have a feeling I’ll end up only doing about half the routes.

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Weekend videos

March 17th, 2012

Some new vids out:

Vampire Sweetie, the R18 game from Sugar Beans that looks really sweet (I’m hoping it actually is)

Arabian’s Lost – it’s all showing CGs. I wonder if they removed the gameplay T.T

Kami-sama to Koigokoro – the new game from Takuyo where you’re a novice and fall for priests-in-training (and one actual priest I believe)

Bakudan Handan, coming in June about the niece of Inspector Layton(IIRC) and a bomb scare in an amusement park.

Jyuzaengi! Cat people in ancient China! And look, the PV has some animation. I think I’m pre-ordering this.

The new R18 game PersonA based on Phantom of the Opera.

Hitofuta Kihyou coming from Profitrolle March 28 for the PC.

Brothers Conflict Passion Pink, for the first half of the new stepbrother romance.

And finally, one adaptation, I want to get this but I have the PS2 versions…

Scarred Rider Xechs + fandisk portable

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Sep 2011 Otome News

August 30th, 2011

I got the latest magazines, and B’s Log came with a Starry Sky bag! It’s so cute!

Anyways, lots of news, some I’m not sure if I’ve said before, so here it all goes:

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