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Kamigami no Asobi – Preview!

September 6th, 2012

Kamigami no Asobi has voice actors, what looks like cover art, and the main characters are all announced! Here’s a preview.

The heroine, Kusanagi Yui, is a normal high school girl approaching graduation, and is starting to get worried about her future. She’s a little more traditional than most other girls due to her upbringing at a shrine. She is chosen as the one human to attend a school for gods who have grown distant from humans. She’s now responsible to teach gods about being human, and about love.

~~~Greek gods~~~

Apollon Agana Belea (CV: Irino Miyu)
God of the Sun
Keywords: Son of Zeus, glory, prophecy

The son of Zeus, the founder of the school. He seems perfect in every way, an excellent student and athlete, willing to go the extra mile for other people, but perhaps because of all this, he has few friends and is lonely.
Music is his hobby, and he loves celebrations. He can pull people along with him in his drive to achieve. He tends to say things twice.
He’s in the student council, he’s skilled at fortune-telling, and his gem is peridot.

Hades Aidneus (CV: Ono Daisuke) (the opening song is by him as well)
God of the Underworld
Keywords: Realm of the dead, solitude, fertility

Because he spent so long in the underworld guarding it, he has a dark personality. He controls the power of earth. He has a reputation for being scary, but he actually understands emotions deeply and his hobby is gardening. He tries awkwardly to make the atmosphere more peaceful by making bad puns.
He’s in a club, he’s good at cooking, and his gem is garnet.

~~~Japanese gods~~~

Tsukito Totsuka (Tsukiyomi) (CV: Uemura Yuuto)
God of the Moon
Keywords: Spiritual, opposite to the sun, and quiet

Usually emotionless and oblivious to most things, though he has little opinion or ambition he’s very helpful and will do anything asked of him perfectly.
He’s so much of a night person that he will stay up and watch the moon; in contrast during the day if he has nothing to do he’ll fall asleep immediately.
He’s in the student council, doesn’t have any particular skills, and his gem is amethyst.

Takeru Totsuka (Susano-o) (CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki)
God of the Sea
Keywords: Rough, active, shounen

Though he seems to be lazy, he’s actually kind and will show deep tolerance to people he accepts. Perhaps because he controls the sea, his hobby is collecting seashells.
He’s Tsukito’s younger brother and trusts him unconditionally. He also cries surprisingly easily.
He’s in a club, he’s good at swordfighting, and his gem is aquamarine.

~~~Norse gods~~~

Balder Hringhorni (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi)
God of Light
Keywords: Immortality, intelligence, natural

He’s very popular with the other gods, but is kind of clumsy and oblivious. He even falls often during his favourite activity, dancing, and opposed to his outward stylish appearance, likes uncouth things like meat. He’s in the student council, he’s immortal, and his gem is diamond.

Loki Laevatein (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa
God of Fire
Keywords: Pranks, mercurial, cunning

The god of fire, who innocently plays nasty pranks. He’s flighty and will boldly approach people he likes, but will also pull worse and worse pranks on them. He’s always building something or in costume for playing jokes, and is so good at lying no can see through his falsehoods.
He’s in a club, he’s good at building things, and his gem is opal.

~~~Egyptian gods~~~

Anubis Ma’at (CV: Kaji Yuuki)
God of Death
Keywords: Soul, guidance, seclusion

He speaks his own language that only Thoth can understand. He’s extremely shy and doesn’t show up at school much, but he gets along with animals very well. Because of his position as judge of the dead, he’s seen the worst of humanity and is very guarded and untrusting of them. However he’s also very naive and once you gain his trust he’s very open.
He’s good at making mummies, often hides in shadows, and his gem is opal.

Thoth Caduceus (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki)
God of Wisdom
Keywords: Knowledge, study, arrogance

A genius who works as a teacher in the school after being commanded by Zeus, but he has no interest in teaching and would rather spend his time on research. He’s very confident and looks down on almost everyone. He’s an expert at analysis and his gem is lapis lazuli.

So far there’s not much info on the game system or anything else, so still lots to come, but for now enjoy the beautiful character designs!

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Kamigami no Asobi

April 23rd, 2012

Got all the mags in tonight! There’s a bunch on Kamigami no Asobi so that’s tonight’s post – tomorrow or Wednesday I’ll do a news summary.