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Ishin Renka ~Ryouma Gaiden~

July 2nd, 2010

As ‘Bakumatsu’ is used to refer to the period right before the Meiji Restoration, ‘Ishin Shishi’ were the people trying to achieve that restoration. One of the major players of this period was Sakamoto Ryouma, who died in 1867, the year before seeing his dream of imperial power restoration realized. This new game from D3 Publisher, Ishin Renka ~Ryouma Gaiden~ focuses on Ryouma and some new faces. Okita Souji is also a main character, as he was in the original Bakumatsu Renka. It’s set for fall release on the PSP.

The art design is quite different from the other games; characters are a little more realistic looking.

The characters, other than the heroine (that I know of) are actual historical figures:

Sakamoto Ryouma: Originally he was in favour not only of restoring the emperor’s power, but expelling foreign influences from Japan. He was convinced by Katsu Kaishuu, who he was actually sent to kill, that Japan needed to modernize in order to survive as a sovereign nation, and became a key figure in the Meiji Restoration. For example, he was the person who negotiated a truce between two enemy clans, the Choushuu and Satsuma. He was a very good swordsman, but carried a gun as well.

Okita Souji: A well known member of the Shinsengumi who was a genius swordsman, in real life he died of tuberculosis alone in Tokyo after the rest of the Shinsengumi had left for battles elsewhere.

Kawakami Gensai: Another member of Ishin Shishi, Kawakami was an assassin who favoured violence as the method of restoring the emperor. He was short, and was bullied as a child. He was enrolled in sword fighting by his sister. In the game, he’s apparently been mistaken for a woman because of his delicate appearance.

Takasugi Shinsaku: A member of the Choushuu clan of relatively high birth, he used to steal away often to the Shoka Sonjuku (a private school) and study with Yoshida Shouin, a scholar responsible for teaching many Ishin Shishi. He was a dynamic leader who formed a modernized militia that beat the shogunate forces in a key step on the path of Meiji Restoration. In history, he died in 1867 at the age of 28 from tuberculosis.

Nakaoka Shintarou: A member of the Tosa clan and another Ishin Shishi, praised as a prodigy in martial arts. His meeting with the game’s main character is when he decides not to let other people’s opinions of him influence what he does. In real life he died from the same attack that killed Sakamoto Ryouma in 1867. In this game? We’ll have to wait and see.

The heroine in this game, Sawa Nanoka, grew up in the same household as Ryouma, after he found her alone in the wilderness. Her mother died when she was very young, and her father took her into the mountains to try to escape his master. Unfortunately they were found, so her father sacrificed himself and told his daughter to live free.

This series is fairly historically accurate, so until now many of the storylines have been in the ‘romantic but tragic’ category. But they do often use any uncertainty about a character’s death to get creative, so it’s hard to say what the endings to this game will be like. In any case, it will be interesting to finally play a game focused on the other side of the Bakumatsu from the Shinsengumi.

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New games announced!

March 27th, 2010

I don’t like having my scanner broken! But I promise, if you want to see the pretty art for the games I talk about, the links have them!

anyhoo, there are a couple new games announced this week from Otomate and D3P.

The first, Natsuzora no Monologue, is set for the PS2, seems somewhat like a light novel, in the example screens the text covers most of the space available. This makes me less interested in it, as I’m not a fan of light novels, although I guess this has voice and character pics too so it’s not like a regular light novel.

It’s based on a time loop, and set in a town near the sea. The heroine’s name is Ogawa Aoi, and she has amnesia. She joined the chemistry club at school, but it’s being cancelled.
July 29 is the day before it’s supposed to be disbanded, but on that day, she hears sound from a 30-year-old skyscraper in town called ‘Tree’ (the description says the building sings), and the time loop begins. One major decision is that you can choose to escape the time loop, or stay in it.

This setup reminds me of Sorayume’s final route, it will be interesting to see how they treat it.

D3’s new title, Ishin Renka Ryouma Gaiden seems like it might be an alternate history from its Bakumatsu Renka titles, which were great but (since they followed known history closely) could be somewhat…depressing (yes, I cried sometimes, it was sad!!). It seems the story is based on Sakamoto Ryouma. The platform and dates are still a mystery.

C’est tout for tonight! I’ve been busy with other stuff, but I have some posts in draft about the new Moujuutsukai game, and I think I should edit and re-publish what I wrote a million years ago about Mizu no Senritsu 2….

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Storm Lover Characters!

March 6th, 2010

Just a little cast, character and story summary to tide you over. I was hoping to get Corda 3 today but no luck :( Should be here on Monday though! Since all my recent posts got erased, I’ll be doing some updates on games that I may have already mentioned (not that I can remember because my memory is like a sieve!)

Storm Lover
Scheduled for Summer 2010 release on the PSP by D3P
Set at St. Louis High School, the heroine transfers here because of her father’s work. The school is pretty liberal, and perhaps because of this, she meets lots of people with very individual styles and some quirky personalities.

Uzuki Yuuto CV: Hatano Wataru
The confident, charismatic student president. He’s a bit arrogant, and tends to view anyone who stands out or is more popular than him as a rival. His family is rich, so he doesn’t really understand regular folk.

Mikoshiba Kyousuke CV: Terajima Takuma
Though he’s hot-tempered, Kyousuke has the top grades in the heroine’s class, and can’t leave people in trouble without helping them. He hangs out with Yuuto a lot and their nickname is the KY Combi, though he dislikes it.

Toratani Rikka CV: Kaji Yuuki
A younger student who uses his innocent looks to get away with pranks and teasing. However, he doesn’t deal well with being teased himself. He’s popular but hasn’t dated anyone, apparently he’s quite shy about the topic of girls.

Mishiro Takumi CV: Miura Hiroaki
A classmate who is repeating the grade. He’s hard to figure out, and seems to enjoy confusing people. He’s rumoured to be involved with a bad crowd.

Tatsuhara Souya CV: Miyano Mamoru
Dedicated to music, Souya is alive. He loves surfing and biking. Not great at school, but his open personality makes him popular with everyone. He sings for a popular indie band.

Ikawa Mio CV: Namikawa Daisuke
Even more puzzling than Takumi. He talks at his own pace, and is often told that people can’t understand him. He sometimes forgets to eat, but when he does start, it’s impossible to stop him. He uses polite language with everyone but doesn’t like it being used with him.

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Cast announcements!

August 19th, 2009

Seiyuu info on Kurayami no Hate de Kimi o Matsu (coming out for the DS) has been announced:

Aoi Mio CV: Takahashi Hiroki

Sakuraba Katsumi CV: Iwata Mitsuo

Kazano Tarou CV: Fujiwara Yuuki

Honami Yousuke CV: Saiga Mitsuki

Akiyama Tomo CV: Sakaguchi Shuuhei

Kousaka Takahiro CV: Narita Ken

And Signal also has its cast out:

Nakazawa Artur Kouga CV: MIdorikawa Hikaru

Fujimiya Rui CV: Ishida Akira

Takashima Hayato CV: Morikubo Shoutarou

Toudou Yuuki CV: Miura Hiroaki

Houshouin None Yamato CV: Morita Masakazu

Iwato Kazuhiro CV: Satou Michiru

Oda Jin CV: Nakai Kazuya

Kuromine Touya CV: Kondou Takashi

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Kazeiro Surf!

July 9th, 2009

Yup, I finally got that shipment of games! After playing Kazeiro Surf for a couple hours (ok maybe 3), here are some initial impressions:



Not sure yet:

Now I have to decide whether to keep playing this game, or try Himehibi 2….hmmm…

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Survival Suspense Otome Game!

June 11th, 2009

Dengeki Online just announced detailed info on a new otome game from D3 Publisher, and it’s in the survival suspense genre! It’s not a horror survival like Resident Evil (thank God because I don’t think I could play it), but the premise is that the heroine gets stranded in an old school building in the middle of nowhere with several male students, a teacher, and a teaching student, and has to find her way out while a killer calling himself “Kamen no Shinigami” (The Masked God of Death) starts to attack them.
Kurayami no Hate de Kimi o Matsu is slated for a fall release for the Nintendo DS, and seems to have a puzzle component as well. To get out of the old building, you have to solve some puzzles using the touchpad and collecting items with one of the six guys you were stranded with. To make things even more nerve-wracking, the killer is one of the six guys you can choose!
The site has character info, and the Dengeki site has a bunch of screenshots showing the setup.

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Random Tip – Love Revo Ichinose Ren

June 9th, 2009

Someone asked me a while ago about Love Revo (sorry it took so long!), and specifically about Ichinose Ren, whose route is the hardest to finish.  I thought some general strategy might help – now this is from the PS2 version, but AFAIK it still applies:

1. The first month, spend as much time as possible on Research. Get it up to 100, it will make everything you do more effective.
2. Starting the first weekend in May(the second month), start inviting the guy on dates every week. Save and reload as many times as you need for them to agree – it will take several times at the beginning.
3. When it’s time for the guy to ask you to come along on his vacation (July 1), his heart should be green.
4. For Ichinose, you also need to be at least 90-95kg by that time.
5. Buy the CD of soothing music 『 ヒーリングミュージック集 』 ASAP – when you’re getting hungry, you can use it to reduce hunger without snacking. The sauna suit 『 頑丈なサウナスーツ 』 is also very effective – I think you can only buy it on the weekend.

Hope this helps!

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