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Top 5 Upcoming otome games!

July 8th, 2009

Since I’m still in a lull (since my games still haven’t come yet!! :P) I thought it would be good to do a Top 5 Games preview list for the rest of the summer and fall!

1. Lucian Bee’s – I just can’t wait for this, the ‘undercover’ plot and gameplay look really fun!

2. S.Y.K. – in this game I’m looking forward to the characters the most, even just in the screenshots I’ve seen their interactions look pretty funny.

3. Souten no Kanata – and for pretty art and (hopefully) the epic storyline, I really want to play this. However, it might have to wait a while, since it’s for the PC and I’m trying to save money by not buying PC games…but I dunno, it’s very tempting…

4. Shin Tamayori-hime Denshou HnK 4 – new art, pretty much new story – can’t wait to see how holds up to the first 3.

5. Death Connection – I’m interested to see how this game develops; the premise is definitely new, and the setting too, the game in total could be really cool.

I’m going to do a couple posts on the last two games later (probably when I get next month’s mags with more piccies ^_^), which also happen to be the latest releases. I ordered the list according to which I’m looking forward to most and it’s completely subjective – how does your ‘Most Wanted’ list compare?

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Death Connection: Set for December

July 3rd, 2009

Yup, I thought it was scheduled for October,  but it’s now officially December. I don’t mind, the fall has quite enough money-sucking games already!! Oh, and the site is now open. The Story and Information is up, characters are coming soon.

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New games!

June 7th, 2009

Yikes, I thought I wrote about the several new games in the June mags, I guess I just updated the calendar.

Well, there are several:

PC games
Dare ni Demo Ura ga Aru – from Amedeo, this (all-ages) game has two sisters as the heroines, a perfectionist teacher and her little high school student sister.

Bloody Call - from icingCandy (a label from Interchannel), a supernatural game set in a world where humans live alongside hanki, similar to humans but with superhuman abilities. More on this later, since my description started to take up several paragraphs!

PS2 games
Death Connection – the newest title from Otomate, with the artist from Kanuchi. This title is in a totally new direction, it’s set in 1960’s Italy, and…most of the characters are dead – but more on that later. the main character Amelia is an orphan that was brought up by a priest with Joshua, who is like her big brother. One day, she gets thrown in the middle of a Mafia war, and the priest is killed. Joshua and she run away, and Joshua gives her a jewel and tells her to use it to summon a spirit to protect her. The four spirits she summons are Vicious, Luciano, Gloria, and Nicole (who is a transvestite). Unfortunately, the summoning wasn’t perfect, and the spirits can only protect her by doing the same kind of sin that led to each of their deaths (if I read correctly).

That’s it for now, I’m working on scanning some pics and going more in-depth on these and all those other upcoming games I’ve been ignoring for too long!

Vitamin Z status: Done everyone, working on perfect and zapping :D
Little Anchor: Done everyone except Violet, who will come after VitaminZ!

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