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Koezaru First Impressions

November 1st, 2012

Hey everyone! I wrote this two weeks ago and forgot about it, so since I have no time right now to write a post (though I really need to do a news post!!) I’ll put this up. This game is R18 so beware.
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Ozmafia release date!

October 4th, 2012

I’m almost done 24ji no Cinderella (on thw last character, Linus), and I was just checking out online stores to see what I could order, and Ozmafia is scheduled for Dec 21! It always was listed as 2012 but honestly I didn’t think it would be released until next year. Since it’s a PC game, I can only get it through amiami, so I ordered it. And the website has voices up!

Also, CDJapan has a sale on now, a bunch of limited edition games are 30 or 40% off – it makes me want to buy some, like Mahoutsukai PSP and the Miyako fandisk (even though I haven’t even finished one route!)…and FFXIII-2.

Now off to finish 24ji! I’ve been a little distracted by Persona 4 and overtime at work, but I’m definitely doing a post this week on it. And I’m planning on playing Koezaru this weekend for sure!

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Moujuutsukai to Oujisama

April 14th, 2010

The newest PS2 game announced from Otomate for a June 24 release, Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama (The Beastmaster and the Prince) sounds like my dream game when I was a kid. Princes who turn into animals in a fantasy setting, what’s not to like?

The heroine, Tiana, wants to be a beastmaster like her mother, using a special flute made by her father, but hasn’t found any good animals to train. One day she’s at the market and finds four animals, a lion, a wolf, a duck (it looks like a goose though), and a rabbit, for sale. She trades a valuable brooch for them and takes them home. When she starts feeding them, they act strange, and then they start to talk to her! They explain that they’re actually princes from a neighbouring kingdom and were travelling by ship when an explosion occurred. When they woke up, they had been transformed. Tiana decides to help them get back to their true forms, but doesn’t realize that this their enchantment is only the beginning of trouble that will overtake the whole continent…

The princes are:

Mateus (lion) CV: Midorikawa Hikaru – The oldest brother, he’s very popular with women, but doesn’t chase them – they come to him (probably being a prince helps)

Afreto (wolf) CV: Toriumi Kousuke – the second oldest, all he cares about is getting stronger. He’s a better swordsman than even Mateus.

Rushia (duck) CV: Shimono Hiro – he talks a lot and is kind of lazy. He’s the same age as Tiana.

Eric (rabbit) CV: Kaji Yuuki – The youngest, he’s very cute and often acts childish.

Other characters:
Kraus CV: Yasumoto Hiroki – Tiana has known him since she was a child, but they’re not really friends. Kraus has made Tiana cry often with his harsh words.

Silvio CV: Terajima Takuma – He works at the village medicine shop and is very cheerful and honest with his feelings.

I’m loving the art for this game(I’m a sucker for cute animals and bright colours), and I’m definitely getting it.

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