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March 28th, 2012

Not too many new games this month:

The seiyuu for Confidential Money were announced:
Kirishima Shun (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) – A genius with a 190 IQ who leads the group. He’s Japanese.
Daniel Johnson (CV: Miki Shinichirou) – A natural athlete who’s good with guns and joins the group to pay his friend’s medical bills, who protected him and got hurt instead
Allan Morris (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) – The quiet and serious treasurer, he’s a former air force member and can pilot anything.
Michael Watson (CV: Nojima Kenji) – a genius programmer and hacker
Raymond Davis (CV: Kawada Shinji) – a perceptive conman with a poisonous tongue
Luke (CV: Tokumoto Yukitoshi) – The coldhearted, do-S sniper who’s trying to get money to escape his criminal group, he’s also the resident pervy guy.

Other than that, there was some more info on Koi Sentai Love & Peace The P.S.P., which I’m really looking forward to, and lots of pages on drama CDs, which are great, but I want more games! Also several pages on Ai wa Kat-tun, which I’m pretending not to have seen.

I also heard a rumour that Kazuki Yone (Hakuouki’s artist) is being hired by someone for another game! That would be awesome.

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Weekend videos!

February 18th, 2012

I’ve been so focused on Hakuoki (one friend already downloaded it and is playing through it intensely, I love it), I haven’t been doing too much new gaming, though I picked up Uta no Prince-sama again and am finally working through Otoya’s route. I tried to find a PV for the new game coming up, Debut, but couldn’t find any. Oh well! Since I did upcoming PV’s last week, I thought I’d put up some vids that are a little different.

Party games! I’m thinking of putting out my only “party” otome game (now I wish I’d bought the Hakuoki one!) but I’ve never actually played it.

First, Hakuoki Yuugiroku – after the 1.5 minute mark it shows more of the games:

And B’s Log Party, which I have:

Hah, does anyone remember Hanayoi Romanesque Ai to Kanashimi: Sore wa Kimi no Tame no Aria? It was interesting.

I thought Takuyo Mix Box would be good too, but it seems that it’s only an intro of several of their games. Too bad, because their games have some fun mini-games.

Speaking of Hiiro no Kakera (you watched the last vid right?), my friend reminded me of the futuristic Hiiro no Kakera last night. For anyone who’s played Hiiro no Kakera, the seiyuu for #1 and #4 are the same, but they REALLY change their voices (except Sugita, his is similar ^_^). I remembered a vid I saw that actually shows their voices to compare – I wish the clips were a little longer, but it does the job.

Hiiro no Kakera Koe Kurabe

Lastly, did anyone ever watch Rurouni Kenshin? It was one of the first anime I really got into, and I got ALL the fansubs – way back when they were on VHS! Picture my shock when I hear that, after all this time, they’re making a live-action movie for it. And even more shocking, it looks like it might be decent!

Kenshin movie trailer

I also found a bunch of Hakuoki fan vids, I might put some up later, although most require Japanese ability to understand.

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Tidbits (mostly about Oomi in HnK1)

November 23rd, 2009

Wooo what a productive weekend (in gaming terms, not so much in, say, cleaning terms, or getting organized terms)! Even though I was pretty mad on Friday because my website was down when I wanted to write about the SYK fandisk – it’s happened before, and if it happens again, I might change my hosting sevice.

Anywyas, I finally finished the original Hiiro no Kakera – I had never done Oomi’s story, so I did that and his bits in ~Ano Sora no Shita de~. Hmm, I tried to take it slow and read everything, but I got impatient sometimes because the story is so long, and near the end it’s like, okay, I know he does this, I know this happens, hurry up and do it and get to the ending battle! It was satisfying to finish though. I was surprised that his guardian backstory wasn’t anything special, I guess one good thing about having an older character is that you can have their issues coming from their current life instead of a past one, heh. I think his storyline was also one of the sadder ones (not necessarily for his story, but for what happens to other characters in it).

Anyways, I think I actually like the ‘Oomi’ storyline better in the new Hiiro no Kakera. In the original, for me, a lot of the suspense and drama was diluted because I’d done all the other storylines and knew most of the plot points already. In the new one, it doesn’t depend much on plot, it’s more of a character struggle, so it works even if you know the basic story.

And another milestone – I finally got the real Tomomori ending in Harutoki 3 Izayoiki!! I had the ‘fake’ one, and was disappointed, but went online to check, and found out what I had to do. It only took a few minutes, I should have done it a long time ago. Ah, Tomomori ~fans self~ Anyone thinking Edward Cullen is the ultimate in sexy bad boys should play Harutoki 3 – Tomomori blows him out of the water.

Now I’m playing Lucian Bee’s again trying to finish it – I had two characters done when my save file got corrupted, so I had to erase the whole thing and start over (yeah, I was NOT happy). But now that releases have slowed down for the winter, I can finally go back and finish stuff! My orderly Excel-spreadsheet* loving side is very happy! Maybe I should make another To Do list…hmmm…

* Some of you might know, I keep track of my otome games in an Excel spreadsheet, and have a percentage complete as well with lists of endings to check off. Yeah, I’m a list person…

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Shin Tamayorihime – Hiiro no Kakera

November 3rd, 2009

I’ve been playing the new Hiiro no Kakera, and it’s good, although it doesn’t have the same punch as the original…I guess it would be tough to, since most fans are familiar with the storyline. I was really impressed with the seiyuu though – I totally forgot that they were all the same as the original! Except Touma, he sounds almost exactly like Takuma (has he ever done a very different voice?)
So far I still have Touma and Shun to do, but I’m taking a break so I don’t get bored. And their personalities are totally different too.

The six guardians are, of course, descendants from the original six, except for Shirou, who (though he may be descended from Ryou since he has the same last name) was more made into a guardian rather than being one naturally. There are two enemy groups trying to control Kanna City’s source of (spiritual) power, one being the Tenyakuryou (sp?), whose head scientist raised the heroine, and the other being the Teni, a religious group whose leader says she is the Tamayorihime. Half of the guardians have connections to the Tenryakryou and half to the church, and depending on whose route you go into, the ending ‘boss’ will come from one of these groups. Then there are the mysterious twins Kyousuke and Teppei (both acted by Ueda Yuuji), who act as both deus (dei?) ex machina and comic relief. I really like them, and almost wish they could have more part in the story.

The story isn’t as angst-filled as HnK1. Each route has its intense moments, even happy-go-lucky Shirou, but they’re not drawn out for long (IMO Shinogu’s is the most angsty so far). Also, at least so far, there’s been no route where it’s the heroine + 1 guardian against the rest, so the story’s atmosphere isn’t as oppressive as Hiiro no Kakera 1 was. Overall, whether these changes are good or bad is a matter of taste. Personally I think I’d like to have seen some more story for each guardian where it’s just him and the heroine – one of the downsides to having the guardians on your side is that there’s a lot of group scenes and not too many one-on-ones. And the scenarios for each character could, I feel, have been explored more. It is ‘easier’ to get through the story though – in the original sometimes I wanted Tamaki to just run away, the whole village (including her grandmother) seemed horrible :P

How do you guys like it? Which do you like better, and why?

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Top 5 Upcoming otome games!

July 8th, 2009

Since I’m still in a lull (since my games still haven’t come yet!! :P) I thought it would be good to do a Top 5 Games preview list for the rest of the summer and fall!

1. Lucian Bee’s – I just can’t wait for this, the ‘undercover’ plot and gameplay look really fun!

2. S.Y.K. – in this game I’m looking forward to the characters the most, even just in the screenshots I’ve seen their interactions look pretty funny.

3. Souten no Kanata – and for pretty art and (hopefully) the epic storyline, I really want to play this. However, it might have to wait a while, since it’s for the PC and I’m trying to save money by not buying PC games…but I dunno, it’s very tempting…

4. Shin Tamayori-hime Denshou HnK 4 – new art, pretty much new story – can’t wait to see how holds up to the first 3.

5. Death Connection – I’m interested to see how this game develops; the premise is definitely new, and the setting too, the game in total could be really cool.

I’m going to do a couple posts on the last two games later (probably when I get next month’s mags with more piccies ^_^), which also happen to be the latest releases. I ordered the list according to which I’m looking forward to most and it’s completely subjective – how does your ‘Most Wanted’ list compare?

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Hiiro no Kakera Day, October 1 2009

June 24th, 2009

OK, let’s lay it all out on the table: The first day of October this year is now officially Hiiro no Kakera Day.

Why? Well, let’s take a look…

  1. The newest installment in the series, Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayorihime Denshou (New Tamayori-hime Legend) is released for the PS2 – 7140¥. One thing I just noticed, the Hiiro no Kakera is in katakana for this game, whereas in the original and #2 it’s kanji/hiragana.
  2. Hiiro no Kakera Aizouban, the original Hiiro no Kakera game and Ano Sora no Shita de, along with the extra scenes and events added to the PSP version, is released for the PS2 – 5040¥.
  3. Shin* Hisui no Shizuku ~Hiiro no Kakera 2~ is released for the PS2 – 6090¥. Several, even most aspects of the game are being improved or simply re-done. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this before: the voices have been re-recorded (with the same seiyuu) and the soundtrack has been re-done as well. Also, there are ‘added special effects'; I have no idea what this would involve, hopefully they’re not too cheesy. There will also be new scenes and CG’s, and while that’s normal for a re-release, the amount sounds like more than usual, and each character will have more ‘action scenes’ in his storyline. A staff member says that the whole story and each route will also be more dramatic, and responding to fan requests, even the characters themselves have been improved.

I’ll be very interested to see what this will turn out like – it was actually Hisui no Shizuku that really got me into the Hiiro no Kakera franchise. For some reason, though I had the original, I didn’t get into it, and really just rushed through one route without really understanding or appreciating the story. I think it might have been timing, and the fact that it was the first long, straight visual novel I played. Hisui no Shizuku, for some reason, was easier for me to get into (knowing the basic plot from HnK helped a lot), and motivated me to go back and play HnK 1 again (though I still need to finish Shinji and Suguru, eheh).

So, with three games from the same franchise coming out ON THE SAME DAY (oh, did I mention the twin pack of HnK Aizouban and Shin HnK 2 coming out as well?), I’m just going to call October 1 Hiiro no Kakera Day.

Now whether I’ll buy these is a good question…I’ll pay close attention to further updates on what the changes to HnK2 will be, maybe I’ll play it again to try and figure out the differences between it and HnK1, which was, and is, so popular – even now, 3 years after it was released, Takuma and Mahiro are STILL in the top 10 characters, and the game currently sits at #2 on B’s Log popularity poll.

I think I’ll probably get the HnK2 remake, and of course I’m planning on buying Shin Tamayori-hime Denshou. But the Aizouban…I dunno. I already have the original and Ano Sora no Shita de…is it worth the 5040¥ for the Christmas event and a few new scenes? If anyone has the portable version, is there enough extra for the money? Hmmmm……

Anyways, just for fun, here are the original promo videos for

Hiiro no Kakera

Edit:the vid has been removed, I could only find the OP for the DS version :(

and Hisui no Shizuku Hiiro no Kakera 2

No vids that I could find yet for Shin Tamayori-hime Denshou!

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New games for fall!

June 24th, 2009

Whee, several more games announced in this month’s B’s Log and Girl’s Style!

Fall 2009

Winter 2009

Lots of news about other, not brand-new games as well, including…a Hiiro no Kakera 2 remake!!! Not a port or adaptation, this is a pure remake…I might do a post on this later. In fact, just look at all those HnK releases – I think I’ll name October 1 Hiiro no Kakera Day!

Other news on release dates and adaptations:

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Geekout! Otome game figures

September 14th, 2008

ZOMG! I finally found the figures, and they’re pretty awesome. They’re being released 2 at a time, and right now the first 6 can be seen here. The details are really nice, the only thing I didn’t love was that their heads often seemed a little too small (I mean, Kurou’s bangs are big, but not bigger than his face). They’re each 6930Y, not cheap, but if I had more room I’d definitely be tempted – heck, I’m tempted now!

Harutoki 3 Hachiyou Figures

Release dates:
End of December: Kurou and Masaomi
February: Benkei and Hinoe
April: Yuzuru and Kagetoki
They don’t have Liz Vaan and Atsumori up yet, but I’ll post again when they are.

Hiiro no Kakera figures:

I also found the Hiiro no Kakera figures, they’re SD and very cute. They come in a pack of 9 for around 5200Y.

Looking all this otome fanstuff, I came across a bunch of Harutoki (anime) trading cards and Harutoki 3+ Izayoiki-based cards…I can feel myself reverting to my college days as we speak, when I used to work for merchandise in lieu of payment from an anime store (would I have bought it with real money? I don’t know…). I think I still have Kenshin cards hidden somewhere in my parents’ house, I should really get rid of that stuff on ebay or something.

Between these and playing Ukihashi, I think I’m in an Izayoiki mood tonight – I’m off to attempt Shirogane once more!

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