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Tokimemo GS3 – Skinship/Approach Mode/Date Communication

November 28th, 2012

That’s a few words meaning similar things.

Fans of Tokimemo 1 and 2 DS will probably recognize skinship as the extra minigame added to use the DS touchpad and stylus.
Since the PSP doesn’t have those, they adjusted it. Now when you’re on a date and the guy is talking, you’ll see something like this:

Seiji date in Tokimemo GS3

The little flower in the top right corner means you can ‘approach’ him, by pushing the analog stick up (the heart shows how tokimeki he is). Once you do that, you’ll see the following:
Kouichi date - approach mode Tokimemo GS3
As you can see, from the left there’s a square, triangle, and a white circle button. Also, you see a heart in the top left corner, and it will be ‘beating’. What you want to do is choose an action and have it go off at the moment that big heart is at its largest (this helps get a ‘critical’). This will then increase the number at the top right, which is pretty much a tokimeki meter.

Now it took me an amazingly long time to realize that in order to be able to use the square and triangle button in addition to the circle, you have to keep pushing the analog stick up and you’ll slowly move closer. And you can choose to either push a button once, or hold it down, changing the action (circle changes from nikkori to mitsumeru (from smile to look at), triangle from fureru to te wo tsunagu (from touch to hold hands), and square from itazura to ijiwaru (from tease to ‘mean’). When you first start on dates, guys often won’t let you get any closer than the circle range, and the square range takes a while to get to.

If you do this enough, eventually (it will take several dates) you’ll go into Date Communication Mode. These arelittle ‘vignette’ extra stories where you have to pick the right approaches to keep the scene going. It looks like the pic below, with screen bars and no text window.

Not too much happens (at least that I’ve experienced), but you get extra dialogue and it shows that your relationship is progressing. Date Comm can also happen at certain spots/times when you see a square button onscreen, like at cherry blossom viewing.

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Tokimemo GS 3 – Preferences

November 23rd, 2012

Each guy has their preferred clothing style, date spots, parameters, clubs, and/or part-time jobs where you can work with them. If you wear their preferred clothing on a date, they’ll mention it and you’ll get extra tokimeki points (unless there’s an event like being hit on, or it’s too warm or cold for the season). Though apparently if you wear a particular style enough and they like you, their tastes will change! Pretty neat.

Ruka and Kouichi
These two brothers are the first two fellow students you meet, and they’re also friends from your childhood. Ruka is a playful daredevil, and Kouichi is a scary-looking tough guy who’s a quintessential big brother. Raka works at a flower shop, while Kouichi works at a gas station.

Ruka Preferences:
Clothes: Natural, Ultra Natural and Girly (Cute and Natural)
Places: game centre, amusement park, aquarium
Gifts: Hotcakes, Dolphin stuff, Gacchi Red Ranger mask, santa boot of candy
Valentine’s: Use the dolphin topper
Colour: Aqua

Kouichi Preferences:
Clothes: Vivid, Ultra Vivid, and Wild (Vivid and Sexy)
Places: amusement park, bowling, the farm, the motorcycle show at the museum
Gifts: a dartboard, antique radio, motorcycle B-movie poster, tiger object
Valentine’s: Use the candy cane or whiskey bonbon
Colour: Orange

Fujiyama Arashi
Arashi is a classmate that you meet once your fitness is over 60. He recruits you to be the manager of the judo club (of which he’s the only member), and he’s extremely tennen – he says exactly what he thinks, hides nothing, and is a little dense. If you want him you should really join judo. He works as a lifeguard.
Clothes: Activ,e Ultra Active, and Sporty (Active and Vivid)
Places: Physical activity (swimming, skating, skiing, etc), the balcony of the old castle
Gifts: Carved wooden (bearcat? raccoon?), Protein, a lily, an old scroll 書軸, alpaca stuffed animal
Valentine’s: Use the cookie #1
Colour: Blue

Niina Junpei
Junpei is a year younger than you, so he doesn’t enter Habataki High School until the second year. However because his hobby is picking up girls, you can meet him earlier when you’re out shopping if your fashion is high enough. He wants to be a playboy and admires Hazuki Kei. He works at a convenience store, and you can make him join the judo club if you’re in it.
Clothes: Sexy, Ultra Sexy, and Koakuma (Sexy and Cute) (also Wild)
Places: pretty much anywhere other than dark or high places (no planetarium!)
Gifts: a poster of Kei, lava light, sparkly strap, Ko-Nami elephant toy
Valentine’s: Use the sexy girl topping
Colour: Pink

Konnou Tamao:
The student president who’s always serious, nice and polite, and has a bit of an inferiority complex. He’s a year older so he graduates after your second year, but you can still go on dates. He’s in the student council but has no part-time job.
Clothes: Cute, Ultra Cute, and Older Sister (Cute and Chic)
Places: skiing, amusement park, farm
Gifts: Steam engine (ブリキの蒸気機関車), mini globe, a head mark (no idea what this actually is), alarm clock, scale model of Habataki Castle
Valentine’s: Use the cupid topping
Colour: Green

Shitara Seiji
A rich kid student one year older than you who’s a bit famous for his piano skills. He’s pretty rude and doesn’t have much common sense, but he’s got amazing hair and I find him kind of hilarious. Of course, he doesn’t have a job.
Clothes: Chic, Ultra Chic, and Mode (Chic and Vivid)
Places: Planetarium, aquarium, nowhere he has to exercise unless he already likes you
Gifts: Magic lamp teapot, tiki doll, old sheet music, sand picture, toy termin (qu’est-ce que c’est? I dunno)
Valentine’s: The music note, duh.
Colour: Purple

In addition to the regular six guys, there are three (or four) hidden characters which require specific events/stats/actions for them to appear, and are pretty hard to get endings with.

Tomorrow or Sunday, magazine news!!

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Tokimemo Premium Girls Side 3 – Basics

November 11th, 2012

The basic goal of Tokimemo GS is to have the guy you like confess to you at your high school graduation.
Each guy will require different stats to get his ‘best’ ending, and other endings.

Roughly, in Tokimemo GS3, the most strict requirements are:
Ruka: Studying 150 Athletics 150 Consideration 150
Kouichi: Art 150 Consideration 150 Charm 70
Arashi: Athletics 200 Consideration 150
Niina: Fashion 200 Studying 150
Konno : Studying 200 Consideration 150
Shitara: Art 200 Charm 150

There are several things that can reduce these stats requirements. Going on lots of dates (more than 40) will reduce them by 20. The guy being at ‘tokimeki’ level of affection will reduce it by another 20.

The basic screen of Tokimemo Girls Side 3, and all the Tokimemo GS games, is the following:


In the background you see your room (you can choose the style and it will affect your starting stats). On the left you see your current stats, they are:

Stress Money
Studying Art
Athletics Consideration
Fashion Charm

On the right, in blue and green, are the actions you can do that day/week, which will raise some stats and lower others. On a Sunday or holiday there will be two more buttons for calling someone and going shopping (or going on a date if you’ve set one up).

From the left, the blue buttons are:

Rest Study Art Club
Exercise Fashion Charm Miyo

You can guess what these do. You can only join one club, and it will raise different stats depending on which one you pick.
Hanging out with Miyo will raise consideration and (I think) studying), and hanging out with Karen will raise consideration and fashion.

The orange buttons don’t take time away when you choose them. They are:

Outfit Internet Settings
Calendar Messages Save/Load

One of the most important things to do all the time is check your horoscope on the internet. The other important things to do all the time is save.

When you choose the computer and go to the horoscope page, this is what you’ll see:

The left is just a table of contents for your report, and the right shows what you’ll have the most and least luck in doing for the next four weeks. From the top, they are: Studying (this includes Art), Fun (covers Fashion and I think Miyo and Karen), Health (Exercise and Sports clubs), and Love (Charm and maybe asking guys on dates). At the bottom it also lists your lucky item for the season (in this case, a sun visor).

Using the horoscope will make raising stats much easier. When your desired stats are hard to get, that’s probably a good time to rest and reduce your stress.
Also, don’t be afraid to reload and try a week over – I’ve had weeks where I failed three days, then reloaded and got it perfect on the next try.

This is the basic setup of the game, but there is SO much more to it. Next time I’ll cover each guy’s preferences and talk about fashion styles, clubs, and part-time jobs.

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Tokimemo Girls Side Premium 3rd Story

November 3rd, 2012

One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging much lately is that I’ve been sucked back into Tokimemo GS3 for the PSP, and though it’s really fun it takes a looonnng time! I don’t know if anyone’s interested, but I might do some short posts on tips I’ve learned, since there are so many seemingly random parts that aren’t, and so many things to keep in mind. Even though there are great wiki guides for the games, they’re in Japanese and I think they might be hard to navigate for the average English-speaking player? If not just let me know.

I think I might first do an intro post on the PSP version and what’s different from the DS games, and maybe show the guys and their basic info. I’ve posted a bit on that before so I might link back to that as well.

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Tokimemo GS3 PSP!

April 21st, 2012

I got it a couple days ago and am going for Ruka first. I never finished his route on the DS even though I like him quite a bit – I always seemed to get pulled into love triangles and then go for Kou :P

Skinship is pretty different here – all the guesswork is taken out, but instead there’s a timing challenge to get more hearts, which I actually find kind of harder than the DS version. I haven’t gotten to the point where I can choose koakuma or angel yet, but I can’t wait – I hear the angel side is similar to the DS so I’ll probably do mostly koakuma (like I wasn’t going to anyways).

The animation does make it feel much more interactive – character expressions match what they’re saying really well (I think better than the DS version…) and of course the better picture and sound of the PSP helps a lot as well. The CGs are so smooth!

I haven’t seen the new guy, Hasumi, yet – I think he might only transfer in for the last year.

Oh, and one last thing I’ve noticed – the birthday presents are different! Not too hard to guess though.

I’m not even done my first year, so still lots of playing time to get through and see what’s different.

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Tokimemo GS 3!

July 11th, 2010

It finally appeared in my mailbox, and I am now playing through Tokimemo GS 3!! There is so much to do here, even more than previous games, and it’s a lot of fun to just play through, but I thought since it’s got a lot of features, I’d use my otome mojo (ahem, look through otome mags and websites) and explain some aspects that beginners might find useful, especially for non-Japanese readers.

OK, well one great thing about Tokimemo is that the gameplay is pretty self-explanatory as far as the sim part. You choose what to do during the week and weekends/holidays, and these raise your stats. You can also work part time to earn money (and spend time with the character you like) and buy clothes to wear on dates. There are also several school events that have special minigames.

Some things that a first-time player might wonder about:

Dates and ‘skinship': This strange word means touching a guy. There’s a tutorial at the beginning (which is pretty funny, it made me laugh), here’s the summary:

There are 5 places to touch: Hair, eyes, mouth, body, and arm.

There are 3 ways to touch: A light tap, a pull, and a long touch. The long touch has to be used carefully, because it’s pretty bold, so you need to have a high affection level with a guy, and have the ‘mood’ be right, to get it to work well.
If you’re having trouble or think it’s a pain, don’t worry! It doesn’t affect affection levels, it’s just for fun and to get ‘daisekkin’, which is basically an ultra-skinship event (remember kids, this is a PG game, nothing risque here!).


This is the computer report that shows your luck in various areas through the weeks. You should use these as a guide for what to focus on. From top to bottom they are:

Benkyou (Study): Good for studying, geijutsu (the painting), and culture clubs
Gyouraku (Pleasure): Good for fashion and doing stuff with Karen or Miyo
Kenkou (Health): Good for exercise and sports clubs
Renai (Love): Good for Miryoku (the liptstick button) and asking people out on dates

For more specific info, including date answers, I found this wiki really helpful.

I’ll post more if anyone’s interested, right now I’m in a love triangle with Ruka and Kouichi :D

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Prince of Tennis Doki Doki Survival ~Umi~

July 2nd, 2009

I had heard about Prince of Tennis from otome game fans, but for a long time I wasn’t sure if it actually had otome games, or whether people just liked some regular games (maybe with some love thrown in) because it’s such a popular series – especially with otome fans, since we love all those bishounen ;). But recently, someone told me that they DO have some otome games in the franchise, so I used La Primavera to figure out which one to buy, and settled on Prince of Tennis Doki Doki Survival ~Umibe no Secret~. It’s goes with ~Yama no Mystic~, and I think you’re supposed to play that first, since the series’ main character is there, but I didn’t know, so oh well. I don’t think it makes a big difference.

Anyways, here’s the story: you and a friend are going to an island down south for summer vacation, but there’s a mix-up with the travel arrangements and you couldn’t board the ship you had booked. So your friend’s father, a ship captain, is taking you along on a chartered ship with all (ok, 40) of the characters in Prince of Tennis. They’re going to be dropped off at a different island to do a special training camp, which is why players from several different schools are going. However, as you get close, a bad storm comes up, and you and your friend join some of the players on a lifeboat, eventually ending up on the camp’s island. All the players are accounted for, but none of the coaches or your friend’s dad are around. So you and your friend, along with the players, have to survive on your own until the adults or found, or someone comes to rescue you.

The first thing that happens is that the group splits into a mountain side and an ocean side. Your friend goes to the mountain side and you stay with the ocean side, thus Umibe (Seaside) no Secret. From then on, you go through the days choosing who to help with survival activities like finding food and water, and tennis practice as well. When you do so, you get some dialogue and maybe a question, and your affection with that guy will go up. To successfully finish a route, the guy’s heart (shown at the top right of the screen) needs to be at least 70% full, and for him to confess (as opposed to you confessing) it needs to be totally full. You have 4 days to do this, and if you stick with the same guy, it’s not that hard. There are a few events that you need to get, and there are also some ‘conversation topics’ that you can pick up from other guys to increase the dialogue and get more points.

I’ve never read or watched Prince of Tennis (well, I read the first chapter and wasn’t hooked), but this game is pretty fun. With 20 guys in this game, and 20 in Mystic, the routes are not that varied, and there aren’t very many CGs. There’s also not much romance – but it makes sense, since these guys are supposed to be in junior high (junior high!? I mean really…they all look and act and SOUND at least high school age). However, there a huge number of good seiyuu – in this one there’s Suwabe Junichi (Atobe), Takahashi Naozumi (Bunta), Ishida Akira (Mizuki), Ueda Yuuji (Akutagawa), Namikawa Daisuke (Ootori), Oda Yuusei (Saeki), Hiyama Nobuyuki (Jackal), and Yoshino Hiroyuki (Hirakoba) – plus several others, and the characters all have fleshed out personalities.

The minigames are also kind of fun, and apparently if you collect all the prizes from them, you get an extra – we’ll see if I ever manage that. A couple things to keep in mind before buying – if you’re not already a Prince of Tennis fan, check the character art first – it’s not awful, but it’s not romance-pretty either. Also, if you like a deep story in your otome games, this ain’t it.

However, with all the fun and good seiyuu, added to the fact that these two games are old enough to be out in budget form ($35USD at Play-Asia), I think they’re a good deal.

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