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Sawato-senpai! and Takuyo games

January 11th, 2009

Yay, I finally finished Sawato-senpai’s route in Little Aid! I found this guide to work just fine, the only change is that the last decision is on the 21st, not the 22nd.

It’s interesting, Little Aid, actually all the Takuyo games, seem to kind of be interconnected. The first one I played was Panic Palette, where Sawato-senpai is a side character. Looking at the Takuyo website I recognized him in Little Aid. And now playing Little Aid, several side characters seem like they have a backstory of their own (that you don’t find out about in Little Aid). After doing a little digging, I found out that Little Aid is set at the same high school as e’tude prologue but one year later! So now I have to go and order e’tude prologue – stuff like this always pulls me in even if the links are pretty weak.  I guess it’s a good thing that companies keep adapting their old games for new systems, because e’tude prologue first came out in 1998!!

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My new games…two new and one oldie!

December 9th, 2008

RR banner
My Real Rode should be here any day now, squee! I’m very very excited for this game, not just because I’m an RPG geek, but because this looks like it could actually be a well-done RPG otome game, and those are way too rare. In fact, the only ones I can think of are Harutoki 3 and 4 (do 1 and 2 count? hmm…) Some games have RPG elements (like stat-raising through fighting a la Mizu no Senritsu 2) but not enough that I’d consider them RPGs. Koiyuuki tried hard…but wasn’t successful.

And also, I’m FINALLY, after several *years*, getting Little Aid! I was looking back at my old B’s Log from last year, and found a guide to Panic Palette, which I had mostly done but not totally, and I got the two characters which I wanted but missed the first time, Nainagi and Nuinuma. They’re the sempai guys who are friends with Sawato (the dancing sailor fuku guy from Little Aid), and a lot of their events include Sawato. They also talk about a lot of people from Little Aid as well, so it’s good timing that I’m finally getting it and can see who all these people are. I should get it in time to bring it home for Christmas holidays (it’s on PSP).

And lastly, I ordered True Fortune from Enterbrain. It’s been out a few months, and seems to be popular so I thought I’d give it a try. Another school romance! Real Rode will be a nice change between playing Panic Palette, Little Aid and True Fortune.

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