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Weekend Videos

February 4th, 2012

I couldn’t get these up yesterday as I had important things to do *cough*Assassin’sCreed2*cough*, but here are some videos for upcoming games. OH, and I found out that Diabolik Lovers, the vampire drama CD series, is being made into a game by Rejet and Otomate.

Midnight Bells & Cinderella

Hakuouki Bakumatsu Musouroku

This one is pretty good for showing the action gameplay, although it doesn’t seem as if there’s any otome stuff in it unfortunately. You do get to play “What if” scenarios where historical enemies like the Shinsengumi and Joui Shishi team up, or the Shinsengumi and Chikage (not historical but enemies in the original) join forces.
At the end of the vid they show what you get with the limited edition, and it includes a little fake katana! Or maybe it’s a wakizashi, I can’t tell the difference.

Atelier Elkrone
Uh, I found a PV of this and thought it would be great to have some gameplay info, but this looks like any visual novel PV, there’s no gameplay shown at all. I hope some comes out soon…

Ouma ga Toki
It’s a visual novel, but I’m excited about it because the characters and setting sound really good (high school = ok, supernatural high school = much better!). Look at the homepage, right up in the left corner there’s a girl holding her own head.

Harutoki 5 Fandisk
I wish #4 had gotten a proper fandisk, but oh well. I’m sure I’ll get this sometime.

Strobe Mania
And lastly, I never put a Strobe Mania vid up, so here’s one – looks like there’s a bit of detective gameplay and I just ordered it, yay!

Kimi ni Todoke – I was catching up on the manga a few days ago (how can it be so long and not feel like it’s dragging yet??) and wondered what the game was like so I found this vid – it looks like you can get events, and maybe endings?, with not just Kazehaya but Ryuu and Kento too. I wonder if it would feel wrong not going for Kazehaya.

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Sep 2011 Otome News

August 30th, 2011

I got the latest magazines, and B’s Log came with a Starry Sky bag! It’s so cute!

Anyways, lots of news, some I’m not sure if I’ve said before, so here it all goes:

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