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Game journal – Jul 28

July 28th, 2015

I’m almost up to another holiday – this has been a light otome game month for me, mostly because Vamwolf Cross got pushed back and so my whole monthly shipment hasn’t come yet (urrghghghhgh). But it’s not like I have a shortage of games to play, so here’s a few I’m trying:

Possession Magenta – this is the new game from Comfort, the same team that did Arcana Famiglia. The art’s great, much more colourful than AF. It starts off with a mildly boring intro (sorry, I’m so impatient) and then comes a shock plot point of having a student’s extremely weird death (it’s not proved as a murder but it totally is) happen. There’s a lot that reminds me of Persona 4 (not as well-done though), but the pacing is still pretty slow so far. And it has some gameplay but I’ve only used it once so far in about 5 hours…meh. Still, it’s early.

Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen – I’d roughly translate this as Absolute Hierarchy Campus, and that’s a pretty accurate description. It’s set in one of those ‘children of the rich’ high schools where it’s all about status, but there’s a bunch of differences – it’s set in a somewhat dystopian future, and there is something seriously wrong going on in this school. Pretty good so far, I’m probably going to do a comparison post between this and…

Walpurga no Uta – I got this a few months ago, and was SO excited about it, but didn’t have time. It’s by the writer and artist from Sangokuren Senki, which I love. I can’t make a final judgment on this one yet either, but I’m writing a post as I go. Very pretty art, the music is done well but chosen poorly for each scene. More to come!

Phoenix Wright vs. Professor Layton (or vice versa) – I finished this a while ago but discovered the special episodes, so I played through them all over a couple days. Lots of fun, Barnham is pretty cute in these.

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